Growing My Own Cocain Plants.

Discussion in 'Gardening' started by FireBud325, Jan 4, 2010.


    FireBud325 Member

    how would i make this happen? lol but serioulsy

    GypsyBush Well-Known Member


    Snowchild Active Member

    :hump: lol, hilarious link gypsybush! :hump:
    Don Gin and Ton

    Don Gin and Ton Well-Known Member

    to make enough to make it worthwhile you'd need a field, but the seeds are easy enough to get

    MoN3yb4Gs Well-Known Member

    HAHA that's tite...

    ur a fuckin geek though...



    MoN3yb4Gs Well-Known Member

    You can't grow enough to make it worth it.
    My buddy grew some for recreations, and told me to try it raw... I did...
    dumb mistake..
    made me want to vomit... Harsh shit..

    smppro Well-Known Member

    Just pick up some cocaine plants from home depot and start growin.

    WusSupHoez420 Active Member

    hope you gotta lot of land to grow all those coca plants cuz if u want any kind of weight not to mention good luck making it correct. but yea if u gotta alot of acres go for it.

    JazzCigarette Member

    Not worth it unless you own land. Plus, why grow the white whore when you could spring some green or mushies?

    andar Well-Known Member

    it would be great but this is not going to happen. everybody would do it if it were easy . you need a good background in chemistry to make cocaine from the plant. there would not be a huge violence problem in north and south america if you could do it. and if you did get caught the boys in blue woulds show no mercy

    FireBud325 Member

    i think im gonna stick to growin the Green. lol it would be alot easier to grow bud, sell it and then buy coke lol

    estesj Well-Known Member

    They only grow at high altitudes anyway. Thats why south America is the only place they grow because they have the right elevation and temp.

    NOWitall Active Member


    i hate to burst some bubbles here, but theres a wide veriety of coca plants in the family erythroxylaceae, with a wide veriety of growth ranges.

    it was imported and grows wild in some parts of Hawaii. and given the right soil conditions it can grow in almost any climate as long as the temp doesnt get too close to freezing.

    it is a very slow growing shrub though, so its more one of those long term hobby projects. doesnt even really begin producing internal alykiloyds untill theyre a few years old.

    it is NOT hard to extract pure cocaine hydrochloride from raw leaves, it does not take complex chemistry. and technicly isnt much harder than making rock candy.
    this is all just academic u understand, im a knowledge feind, i like to have a broad base. but from what ive read its easier than making meth. and if im remebering its almost the exact same process they use to refine sugar.

    depending one the genus used dry leaf cocaine content varies between less than 0.3 to 1.5%, averaging 0.8%

    meaning if you saved 100 lbs of BONE DRY leaves and achieved 100% extraction, you could manage at best 1.5 lbs pure coke, .3lbs at worst.

    but i always thought raw leaves is the way to go. screw shoving dehydrated acid up your nose. (did you know that once it hits your mucus the hcl breaks off the alkaloid, the alkaloid is absorbed into the bloodstream, and the hcl bonds with other things and makes a variety of low grade acids, salts, and salt acids.)

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    greenesthaze Well-Known Member

    you seem to know your stuff man. i'd like to know where you found all your information on things. i am too a knowledge seeker!! an this post believe it or not that little bit of info made me want to learn so much more! ah!

    estesj Well-Known Member

    Not to bust your bubble bro but I am a man of research. The right kind of coca plants you need to make good cocaine only grow high above sea level such as south America. Its not a cowincedence that 85% of the worlds cocaine comes from there. Also and please feel free to google this for yourself, It would take 297 lbs to make 1.5 lbs of cocaine not 100. It takes 297 dry grams to make 1 gram of coke. I live in Florida and have sold this shit for a decade and is were possible and easy to grow it anywhere everybody would be doing it! You would be WAY better off growing weed and buying cocaine with your weed money.

    12268 Member

    what about growin poppied for opium and heroin? more feasible?

    estesj Well-Known Member

    Way more feasible! You can grow it anywhere but you do not get allot off it but you can get high. My brother ordered some dry poppy bulbs online and ground them up and made tea and it was great!

    NOWitall Active Member

    like i said theres alot of members of the coca family, with a broad range of alkaloid contents and growth conditions.
    and the ratio you have, puts the dry leaf content at around 0.0033%. which would put it at some of the lowest alkaloid containing coca being grown.

    and the reason it isnt grown in large patches all over is cuz Columbians dont like competition. if you dig deep enough online you can buy coca seeds there was a site called sacredplants i think that had some.

    and being from florida you might not know this, but america actually has some fairly high hillocks located here and there.

    and no it wouldnt be easy, but it wouldnt be any harder than keeping any tropical plant alive in a northern climate.

    and id imagine that if the cops did arrest someone growing a field of coca in the U.S. i dont think they would issue a press release. i think they might wanna keep that under wraps.

    as to poppies. hella easy to grow. easy to get high opiate content poppy seeds.

    they are easy to identify. but as long as your not aiming for comercial production you can keep small patches. the latex is easy to collect, its insanely easy to process into smoking opium. and if you want to turn it into heroin. you can straight up go fuck yourself

    SmokeyMcChokey Well-Known Member

    uhhh first off in the us its illegal to possess coca plants or to transport coca plants between states. Also its nearly a full year until a plant is mature enough to harvest and 2 years to mature enough to produce seeds for future crops. You could make it happen with about a 55 gallon drum full of leaves. so thats what maybe 50 plants or so. And even then you may only pull one kilo of base. Not too mention the chemicals used in the acid base extractions are fairly expensive and i believe controlled in large quantities

    estesj Well-Known Member

    Yea dude its not going to happen. Ive been around for a while and have never heard of anyone growing and making there own coke. Not to mention with the war on drugs in mexico which is south americas port the wholesale prices are sky high right now!

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