Growing My Own Cocain Plants.

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    I considered a visit until the out lawed prostitution. That is sorta like Amsterdam without pot. Why bother. They have a country polulation smaller than at least 8 states in the USA. Hell, Los Angeles is almost as big as Sweden in population. Don't really care for log throwing, rock lifting, Lutefisk or stocky women. My Great grand parents were 100% Swedish. They moved to the American Midwest and never looked back or went back. Brought every relative to the states within 10 years of their arrival here. That tells me a lot. Lousy weather. To cold and wet. Not true cold, just sissy cold. To northern to be warm, too southern to be really cold. Plenty wet though. Good Viking country as nobody would bother going up there to cahse them down after they pillaged and plundered. It is easy to see why most tourists are just from neighboring countries or the English.

    If I was to fly half way around the world I can sse no reason to make Sweden the destination. Don't care for Volvo, Absolut Vodka, Saab, the Nobel Prizes mean little any more and I definitely do not like ABBA. Not even ice skating or sking. Definitely not a drug decrimilization country. Socialized medicine. Wow I bet that draws top physicians. Not. I do not care for socialisism, Marxism or welfare states ideology. But thats just me. I'm just a mutt puppy American and I am proud to be a veteran for a country that fights for democracy not socializm. Last I heard U.S. citizenship is still the most sought citizenship in the world.
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    Wow, that is old. Older tham a large number of the forum readers likely. Cocaine came out in 1975 if I remember right. Right after he quit heroin and went head over heals into alcohol and coke.

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    Good Times...:lol::razz::mrgreen::blsmoke:

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    Oh...I didn't know you have to grow cocaine...I thought these are manufactured. lolz!!!!!

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    It pretty much is manufactured...but there is nothing wrong with chewing on some coca leaves dude.

    My father in law worked throughout the Amazon...from Peru to Brazil. He said dudes would chew on the leaves all the time. They ate every other day or so. The coca gives them energy and controls their hunger.

    These dudes also walked in flip flops for many weeks at a time in the Amazon. We would all fucking die dude.

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    Yeah, but have you ever seen their smiles? They are lucky if they have two or three teeth.

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    Like the Brits? Oh wait, they have teeth, just really bad teeth :shock:

    These guys were so poor I'm sure all of them had bad teeth anyway. Might as well chew (sort of)on some coca. :hump:

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    Cocaine plantations are generally established on the drainage moderate wet and dry climate all year round. And the composition of the soil is neutral, not acidic or alkaline. This year I am also planning to have cocaine plantation.

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    you would need alot of land for that my friend you need like a thousand pounds of leaves to be able to produce a kilo of coke. so basically for u to get a gram of coke you need to produce a pound of leaves. not worth it just grow some weed. you grow it, dry it, then smoke it no need for ether and acetone and all that other shit they put in coke.

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    Opium and cannabis is very delightful.

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    this is a bad idea.

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    You got that right!

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    This is what happens when you go yo a marijuana forum and ask about cocaine. 700 experts whom all of which are right.
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    hahahahah that be some shit... going to home depot.. askin "excuse me where are your cocaine plants at??"

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    No doubt. Tweekers (abusers) give everyone who uses any sort of drug (even weed) a bad name. The behavior exhibited by folks who steal from their FAMILY to get high ruin things for recreational users

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    That's it. Raise the dead, its Halloween.:fire:

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    I tried to grow some coca plants and it was an absolute failure. I was using my cannabis soil, and it was all wrong for them. I would love to know the long as we're raising the dead! :?:

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