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Discussion in 'Advanced Marijuana Cultivation' started by woodsmantoker, Dec 11, 2009.


    0321Marine Well-Known Member

    Which strains? And looking good!

    swaggersDlite Well-Known Member

    Diesel, Fire alien super skunk, wifi og, pre 98 bubba, and an old indica skunk plant.
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    David Music

    David Music Active Member

    Hey everybody this is my first scrog its at 35 days in bud and i love scrog!!!! So im getting ready to upgrade from my current 5x5 ft screen to a 5x9 ft screen so my question is do you guys think the plants would unbend or do you think they would keep there uniform shape. If i can remove the screen i can build my new screen now and be ready to veg right after harvest
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    0321Marine Well-Known Member

    I would not mess with the screen, while you are that far into flowering.. just be patient and wait. You cant use a screen immediately anyhow, your new plants will take time to grow up to it.. giving you time to make it then. :)
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    EveryBlueMoon Active Member

    In sure somewhere in these 300+ pages someone has asked about how to SCROG a dwc setup. If anyone can tell me how if really appreciate it. Thank you for your time .

    Nugachino Well-Known Member

    I imagine about the same as you would coco or soil. Just that dwc grows a bit quicker.

    Pick a height at which you wish for your canopy to spread. Then drop your mesh into place around that height. You can either top your plants to increase bud sites. Or just bend them to get similar results.

    It's basically a game of keeping all foliage at around the same height. That way no one bud takes dominance.

    EveryBlueMoon Active Member

    The problem for scrogging a dwc setup is that I need to be able to remove the bucket lids/plants to do nutrient swaps/adds and to clean my equipment .. The only solution I can think of is to build a system that attaches to the lids.

    Nugachino Well-Known Member

    Hmmm. Yep. Didn't think of that. Sorry man.

    EveryBlueMoon Active Member

    NP bro... Tbh I think I might just be lazy to do it. I know it's possible but it'll be a huge pain even after they're built.
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    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Ive done it and sure its a little bit of a bitch

    Thats why youll build it then youll be like fuck that ....then youll build an rdwc so you can fill and drain easily

    i have not come across a setup thats completely
    Negative free in 15 years thers always something to improve or make differnt

    But if thats all you can do do it.

    I have run a scorg with regular dwc

    Your right you need to attach it to a lid

    Sorry i dont have pics of any of those setups anymore

    But its not the hardest thing.....thats when you got a FULL bush and you cant really move the lid anymore lol

    Only tils i can give are to buy a tiny cheap submersible pump you can just leave in the bucket with a line coming out to pump old nutes.

    Then you do the same to fill it.
    This way you dont need to put in uni seals

    It actually works pretty good but not if your doing more then 4 plants then it becomes a pain in the ass lol

    As usual these are just my 2
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    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    When ever i design a system now my first things on the list is
    how will i fill it.
    How will i drain it.
    How big of a bitch is it to clean.
    Will it have leak potential

    Then you can figure out the other tweaks and mods

    JimmyTheNewb Well-Known Member

    Don't take the screen off I did that last round and instantly regretted it. You would think they would stay just like they are but they don't they still try to raise up towards the light and they get all messed up it's a nightmare

    Nugachino Well-Known Member

    I'm learning to be like that with building my cabinets.

    Where do fans, lights and vents go. How many spaces can it provide. And with what types of containers.

    Others are. Do I have space for timers/controllers. Or do they need to be externally mounted. Are the fans just high cfm. Or are they high pressure too. And how the f#ck am I going to screw that in there?
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    EveryBlueMoon Active Member

    I'll drop a pic of my current method later today when the lights are on. Essentially I'm just trimming to get even level instead of SCROG. If I was to SCROG it would be much easier to keep level though. I'd also be able to get more heads in direct light giving me larger yields too.

    EveryBlueMoon Active Member

    This is my method for now.. .The lower branches will stretch faster than the tops making them about equal around fattening time...

    Really trying to get some seeds off of these young ladies.. . Using guardian of eden colloidal silver. . Really didn't do well on the laser pointer test but I'm hopeful. The weird thing is the company themselves recommended using a laser pointer as a testament to its contents.. .

    Checked out a lab report on the company and they say it's kosher .. It tastes metallic when I consumed a few sprays .. Idk gonna have to see. .

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    charface Well-Known Member

    Im thinking about only using my hps next time even in veg as an experiment.

    Im using these mh bulbs and the tight node spacing is making my sd crawl the net really slowly.

    I get that most people want that tight spacing but I don't need it.
    I just need all those plants to get moving.

    But this just something Im tossing around.

    Any thoughts?

    Again with 5 or 6 plants under a 5x8
    I think i will end up with plenty of bud sites and actually cut veg time a good bit by using hps instead of mh.

    EveryBlueMoon Active Member

    Is been done before .. Check out highlowgrow he's been using only hps for years .. He's a minimalist type grower uses only GH 3 part in small pots and never uses anything other than ipower hps bulbs. He gets pretty good results for such a method. He's been doing this for a long time and has experimented with almost everything you can think of.. He's got a great page on making feminized seeds too. It's under "bkr project let's roll".
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    charface Well-Known Member

    Nice, ill look for his scrog.

    Sirtwistsalot Well-Known Member

    Nursery 28 days
    20180411_130127.jpg 20180414_091942.jpg
    GG3 day 103ish
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    EveryBlueMoon Active Member

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