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    Welcome to Enter the Scrog, an open thread for all to do with Scr.O.G. or Screen of Green.

    After much reading and following other pages related to the topic, I wanted to create a Scrog place for all.

    Everyone is welcome, everyone is welcome to post.


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    cut and paste, thanks to 420info!


    Published at 2006-06-13 in Growguides ยป Indoor growing

    The screen of green (SCROG) method is also used when height and wattage are a consideration. A screen, usually of netting, screenwire or chickenwire, is attached at a desired height above the plants. This allows the growing marijuana plants to begin to grow horizontally after reaching the height limit, thus keeping the canopy, or height, at an even level, which allows consistent light penetration into the growing plants. Many growers have a consistent high yield using this method.

    ScrOG is like a SOG grow except that fewer plants are used in conjunction with a screen to fill the grow area with heavy top colas � hence its name, ScrOG or Screen of Green. The screen is simply a large wire mesh placed between your light and the plants. Again, clones from a female plant are used, but we allow at least one square foot per flowering plant in the ScrOG method. The plants aren’t flowered until they have covered the entire mesh with green. As the plants grow up through the wire mesh they’re trained and worked around the netting to form a very even canopy. The top colas and side branches are all trained under the screen.
    There are many variations of the above two methods, yet they all utilize the same principles. SOGs and ScrOGs were originally developed to get the most out of poor quality fluorescent lights. The grower would line the roof of the shelf or box with fluorescent tubes to try and get the most out of their grow. Today’s growers, using good HID bulbs, have taken these setups to a new level: pushing their buds to the limit. Some people even grow top colas that are the size of large corncobs or soda bottles! ScrOG Growing by Real High Real High is a ScrOG lover and has been growing ScrOG style for some years. He has added a bit to the ScrOG method through his experience with the process. This should help you understand more about the ScrOG method and what people have learned with this new technique.
    My setup is like a SOG growing, but a screen is used to train the plant to grow horizontally, creating a canopy of buds beneath the light. The screen is simply made from chicken wire or nylon poultry fencing, or you can use hooks and 20 Ib. fishing line to make the net. This picture shows a ScrOG variation. II Is a small SerOG setup for a cabinet growing. Tins picture also contains a homemade octagonal vented hood for a 250-watl HPS light. Picture by foi.
    The screen is installed at a fixed height above the plant medium. For Indica varieties the screen does not need to be much more than 8 inches above the pots. Indica Saliva hybrids need about 12 inches white Sativa plants tend to have longer internodes so you may have to use a screen that is about 18 inches above the pots. If your strain is a pure Sativa variety, like Haze or Thai, you may have to raise your screen to around 24 inches. This space allows the base of the plant a certain amount of vertical growth before branching occurs on the clone. The clone should start to branch just under the screen but if it does not do not worry because you are going to be training them anyway. The light should be suspended by adjustable chains so that it can be raised if necessary.
    ScrOG growing doesn’t require as many plants as SOG (allow at least one square foot per flowering plant), but takes anywhere from one to three weeks longer per grow because we will be in the vegetative growth stage longer than a SOG grow to allow the plants to fill out.
    The plants are trained to grow horizontally under the screen until they’re two weeks into the flowering cycle, at which point you let the tops grow vertically through the screen. You should always train the main growing tops from the outside of the screen moving inwards so that the colas are focused as closely as possible on the light dispersed from the bulb. You will not be able to get all of them centered under the light, but you should aim for this shape. As the tops grow vertically, push the large fan leaves down under the screen, allowing the light to get to all the developing bud sites.
    If leaf growth is excessive, you can first cut fan leaves in half making a shorter leaf and allowing light to get to the bud site. Leaving half the leaf on the plant still allows it to make energy for the plant to grow. Taking a whole fan leaf away in one go can stunt growth. In about a week, you can take off the rest of the leaf. Some people don’t remove the leaf at all, but I do it to help with air movement, reduce the chance of mold or fungus and to allow more light to penetrate the bud sites. Just remember to remove a little at a time if you do remove leaf mass.
    At this point flowers are forming and growing vertically, creating a carpet of bud above the screen. Now we go below the screen and remove all the lateral branches and stray bud sites. The canopy has thickened enough that light is blocked from reaching this lower growth. It’s only diverting your plants’ energy away from the buds. You can remove all branches that haven’t made it to the screen and the stray bud sites but you may experience stunting. Although you want the plant to concentrate all of it�s grow energy on the developing flowers above the canopy, removing too much leaf mass and branching can prevent additional flowering.
    The three main differences between a SOG and ScrOG grow are the number of plants grown, the use of a screen and the slightly longer grow cycle of the ScrOG. Both methods can be done under the same light and in soil or with hydroponics. There are many variations of the ScrOG grow � including V-ScrOG, Stadium ScrOG, Flat ScrOG and Cylinder ScrOG � but they are all based on the same principles. They work essentially the same way but use different shapes.
    One of the best strains available for your ScrOG garden is C99. You will find that a pure Indica or Indica dominant cross will produce the best in a ScrOG grow. A good ScrOG grow will average two ounces of bud per square foot of screen, but you can’t expect this the first few grows, because it takes proper timing and the correct strain to accomplish this.
    ScrOG was originally designed for grow areas limited in height and lit by fluo-rescents. Today’s growers are using HID lights for growing ScrOG. They’ve taken it to the next level with these lights and are generating far greater results. Today’s grower is always trying something new to improve the production of their favorite plant. So there we have Real High explaining how he has worked with the ScrOG system. As you can see, he’s added more to the basic ScrOG grow. With experience, practice and experimentation, you too can create your own customized grow.
    Some Notes on SOG and ScrOG Growing

    Even though M H and H PS lights can be used in conjunction with ScrOG and SOG grows, most ScrOG and SOG growers will use HPS because of the short vegetative period before flowering. Sometimes growers use smaller wattage HPS lights like the 250W and 400W series to keep the cost of electricity down and bud production within an acceptable range. In fact, ScrOG grows are so dense that smaller lights are sometimes more cost-effective than lights in the 600 to 1000W range, but again this depends on your strain and level of experience. If you get it right you can effectively direct 95% of available light onto your bud. The end result is like a canopy of pure bud with the light belting down on top of it all for 12 hours a day.
    Some ScrOG growers like to tie the center of the screen down to avoid it being pushed up by the center of the bud production, which should be the most vigorous since it is directly under the light. If the plants were to push the screen up it would affect the overall results because the light would not be able to reach all the bud areas. The pushing effect could also cause stems and branches to break.
    You should not leave your plants growing in vegetative growth for too long because this causes more leaf matter to develop than bud which will make our SOG or ScrOG grow less effective. Also watch out that you do not crush or pinch the stems as this will cause branches to develop at those areas or close to them. Branch development means that plant energy is being used in leaf and branch promotion rather than bud production.
    You can experiment with different shapes of ScrOG to see how it affects your overall yield. Some ScrOG growers even advocate a dome shaped screen to match the curvature of light dispersal patterns � however it must also be said that the differences between shapes in the final yields is not always significant and the overall effect is more exciting looking than anything else.”

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    I'll be using a scrog with my setup. I know, I know.... I've been saying that for two weeks.... I just am at a point where things have slowed. I'll be up and scrogin here in another several days. SCROG from my previous experience is the best way to maximize space, wattage, and yield.

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    Now of course we can not all agree with every piece of information presented before us, this cut and paste gives a general description of the method that can be easily used as a starting point reference.
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    Who's got a new idea?

    No one has seen it all when it comes to screens, and there always seems to be new ideas when you simply ask for them around here.8-)

    I personally would like to see someone shape a scrog into something creative. Even if there is not practical benefit. I have thought of bidding off a scrog design logo.

    What do I mean?: making the shape of the scrog say something or create an image once filled. I am sure you may have seen this idea done with other plants...;-)

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    :blsmoke:SCROG DESIGN TIP: Building with cedar not only looks nice and makes your grow room smell GREAT!, cedar is also a natural pest resistant wood!
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    Day One of Scrog
    After One hour, photos were taken. These are the results.
    Attached Thumbnails [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


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    Hilarious, tell every one to feel free to post and...... yeah.....LOL, common damn pass me the bong or somethin'!

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    Awesome pics woodsman. Getting ready to start building my first screen in a week or two, just a litttttle more bushing and trimming left to do first. I like the cedar idea too, I think that's what I'll use.

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    Attached Thumbnails [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    Attached Thumbnails [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    Attached Thumbnails [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    Thanks, well if you do a build be sure to photo and post!

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    very shortly woodsman, I kinda rushed myself into the grow iv got going atm so I got a bit of time yet before harvest. got some good clones this time around though for round 2. This will be a great test to see what I yield with topped plants vs ScrOG.

    Should be building the frame for the screen and the ebb&flo table next week but dont expect to put it to use for another couple months. Will post some pics when the table is together and testing

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    nice pics woodsman. :lol: How tall did you let your girl before you put screen down? i don't know how high a plant should be b4 it goes into the screen? does it matter? All help appriciated:bigjoint:

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    The methods, techniques, styles, what have you etc. are all different when it comes to scrogging. The point is to reach your goal what ever it may be. There really is no wrong way, only better ways maybe to reach what your striving for.

    So as for height of the plants before screening, it would depend. I am running a 24"H screen and allowed my plants to be 24 inches tall before placing the screen. This was an appropriate height for the size pot that I am using. It allowed the plant to sit about 4 inches over the height of the screen and just prior to placing the screen I "over" bend the already LST'd branches as to allow them to fit well until untied. (using stainless wire) I then remove the wires and allow the branches to press against the bottom of the screen at the place where they would want to push through. I spend some time then carefully pulling the tops through in the locations that best suits the symmetry of my screens design. I keep a circle shape to my placing of branches untill the two circles within the square meet. At that point I train the brances to simply fill in the remainder of the screens open holes. Due to the dementions of my design, if the plants are at 36 inches in diameter when entering, they fit well into the 3 feet of width of the scrog. They take nearly a week to do most of the filling 90% (strain dependant). Flowering begines and fills the rest of the scrog within another week or less. The rest of flowering is spent above the screen with a whole screen full of vegitative plant that is then allowd to stretch into large long colas.

    I chose this height in lue of the the strain that I am using. Jacks Cleaner 2 tends to strech 3 times in flower and this allows 36 inches of height between the top of the screen and 12 inch mark before the lights. If the tops begin to reach the lights "burn mark", I switch to cool tubes. (another beauty of tent and scrog) As you will notice the scrog fits just inside the dementions of the upright polls. It is also set on a sheet of plastic egg crate which is set inside a removable floor. The floor slides out, scrog and all and allows me to enter the tent to make adjustments, changes etc. without leaning over all the plants. :!:
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    I have read a lot of posts and guides about scrog,but i still dont understand how you train the plants and how you fill all the screen holes.Maybe cause of my bad english..

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    As the bud sites emerge through the screen you pull them back down & force them to grow horizontal (sideways) to the next hole. Do this over and over to allow lower growth to reach the screen. When most of the lower branches reach the same height as the main cola you just let them grow !
    The additional screen holes get filled up with lower growth that catches up and with side branching that flourishes due to being exposed to more light (because the main colas are laying sideways).
    Does that help?
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    Thank u very much for the info.So this is all about scrog's training ?Also we stop training after the 2-3 week of flowering right?(till the plant stop stretching)

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    Well its like: Some of us like cars, some love em. Some love to have them, while others like to have them to love them and make them better and watch them get bigger than your buddy grows em and more buds cause it looks ridiculous like fine art and....oh...

    Well I guess were the gurus of growing, or maybe its..., but of course you wouldnt know....or would you?:blsmoke:
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