DIY 4x12 3500K/5000k lm561c two channel board

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    Moflow Well-Known Member

    Perhaps someone could calculate how efficient the board is at 151watts 0.68amps..?

    Moflow Well-Known Member

    The circle of black tape around the 2 x 2 square gave a reading of 200 on the apogee.
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    VegasWinner Well-Known Member

    350w of GrowGreen 200w boards. Three boards with channels wired in parallel at 100w ea. 340w max with deep red royal blue and uva 385nm far red turned off

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    VegasWinner Well-Known Member

    Those numbers are real nice. Thanks for the data sharing
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    grisbi Active Member

    hello everybody! thoses growgreen board looks very nice! you thinks they can ship that to europe?
    thanks you a lot! much apreciate!
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    Moflow Well-Known Member

    Yes. Contact @VegasWinner for details ;)
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    Moflow Well-Known Member

    Here is a Paradise Seeds Wappa , 65 days in flower.
    Feed was Tomato food. Biobizz light mix soil.
    Directly under a GG board
    Defoliated of fan leaves and ready for the chop yesterday.
    Now hanging up to dry.
    First time using those Airpots. Not the easiest to hand water so I'll be using vermiculite in the mix on the next run.

    20180116_124427.jpg 20180116_124503.jpg 20180116_124620_001.jpg
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    VegasWinner Well-Known Member

    real nice looking. looks nice in the snow.
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    Dave455 Well-Known Member

    Tomato food.....nice plants.....
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    Moflow Well-Known Member

    Sensi Star2.
    I chopped the Wappa and 2 SS2s yesterday, this was the last one .
    Just needs hung up to dry.
    20180117_140343.jpg 20180117_140240.jpg 20180117_152814.jpg
    All my plants are grown in extreme conditions of cold from rooted clone to finish and they do great. Tomato feed for the win! Lol

    ANC Well-Known Member

    IMG_20180117_190045s - Copy.jpg Nice flowers.

    I made a little progress in assembling my strip fixture today.
    I just need to do the wooden endcaps still as most of the nasty wiring will be hidden in a pocket inside it.

    the threaded rod is like a dollar for a meter and saved quite a bit on the construction material costs and weight.
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    HamNEggs Well-Known Member

    Very cool, that is what I did. Works real well for eb strips. Left myself a bit of room too for more strips later. ebstrip1.jpg
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    VegasWinner Well-Known Member

    nice setup. real diy
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    grisbi Active Member

    tank you for you answers! ill definitly come to you vegaswinner!
    just have to know how many pcb of your growgreen ill have to take to get the perfect and optimum covering of my room (my limite is 1000watt)
    my room size is : 35,4331inchs (90cm)width x 78,7402inches (200cm) length x 72,8346 (185cm) height
    cannot wait for your advise, and wish you a good day/night!
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    VegasWinner Well-Known Member

    thank-you and you have a good evening as well.
    For a 1000w cover, I would recommend four 200w boards @ 200w each for total of 800w will cover a 4x4 very nicely. I also use six boards running at 100w each to cover a 4x4 with lower power and higher lumens. The light rig above is one of two I would run in a 4x4 grow area.. That is about 700w for six boards running with three 240h-C1050b drivers. For four boards, four 1685H-C1050b drivers will work also. At 100w heat sinks are cool to teh touch. At 200w passive cooling is recommended.
    than ks for inquiring.
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    VegasWinner Well-Known Member

    I have been working on controllers again. I have a new controller out, not even advertised, but a customer has one now. This controller is designed to work with strip light MW drivers that have a 5v on/off signal control. I call my new Controller the GrowGreen 2x6 as it has six channels of pwm signals and six channels of 5v Solid State relay on/off control with independent schedule controls for on/off times. I am also working on a wifi version with an app to check on schedule from anywhere in the world, and adding a remote view camera all without any other equipment just the GrowGreen controller running with Arduino and ESP8266 for wifi access and an inexpensive IP camera.

    The GrwoGreen2x6 is available now, the wifi version in another six months.
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    grisbi Active Member

    thanks you very much vegaswinner, but i dont have a square suface but a rectangular surface, i m thinking about taking 8 of you pcb and put it 2 by 2 . 4 row of 2 pcb at 100w each for a 3x7 surface i think its the best solution?
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    Nutria Well-Known Member

    Do you have a picture?
    So it does have 6 outlets controlled by relays and 6 more pwm slots to attach mw B drivers? Or..?

    VegasWinner Well-Known Member

    GrowGreenCopntroller3.jpg The GrowGreen 2x6 is the same as the other GrowGreen Led controller. The difference is it has a second outlet plug with six connectors for relays to control MW drivers with 5v on/off like the HLG-600H-54B style drivers used for most of the hard strip light and QB fixtures.

    The original code started with DMX to shut down 240v Solid State Relays, SSR , quickly. The original code would dim the fixture to 5% and than shut it down to get the effect needed, as well as turn on, so that you get a snap to the light. I modified the code to work in my led controllers, as well, except they do not dim to a range and shut down. The PWM signal does that and I use a 10v driver circuit to dim MW drivers that need 10v dimming all the way to off for the newer drivers.

    I also have overheating to dim code that I have tested but not yet implemented. The code reduces the light levels by 25% until the heat reduces to a level acceptable to the user set level. it continues reducing light levels until it turns it off before it burns out.

    I stay busy. I was meant to stay busy.
    Here is a picture of an eight channel unit made in clear acrylic The plug is on top. For the 2x6 there are two plugs on the right side, one marked relays, and one marked dim.
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    conversekidz Active Member

    VegasWinner do you have any experience with 6500k led grows?

    About to place my next Alibaba order for some 4,000k, 5,000k and 6,500k strips.

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