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    I call it a new board because i haven't seen any other posts about it and the manufacturer said I was the first to receive them and a few other people were sent samples. I found the name of the sales guy for the factory that built boards for all the other QB style boards available online (I know...some are moving production to the US). I currently have two 3x3 lights with four Sunboards each from Photon Fantom. I asked the sales guy if he had any colored boards with colors like the Wavy Board from Photon Fantom because they were sold out at the time. These Chinese guys will rip off anything right? He said he could not sell me anything like that because he was bound by a NDA to not sell boards like that. Wow. That's not what I was told by the Internet how the Chinese acted! Anyway, several days later he told me he had these boards available soon. I pulled the trigger on eight of them. So here are the details.
    336 Samsung LM561C S6 Bin
    68 volts
    12 inches x 14 inches
    2100mA max

    These were really appealing to me for a couple reasons. There were $35 each and ended up being $45 each after paypal fees and shipping. The LEDs are spaced in such a way that the heat is spread more evenly. The Photon Fantoms have a similar layout and I am able to run them at 2100mA without a heatsink. I have a fan pulling out the top and with the airflow they don't get hotter than 110F. Honestly, I'm vegging with those now and I keep them turned down quite a bit. These appear to be on a slightly thicker PCB than the Photon Fantoms but I don't have calipers to verify that. More coverage too.

    I hope to build this light over the next few days. The frame of the light will be 4x4 and I will fit all eight of them in that frame. I will be running them with four Meanwell 240H-C1750B drivers.
    I know that buying straight from China can be a contentious issue and I understand the debate about the origin of these LEDs on a PCB. I think think this is a new design from a reputable seller/manufacturer. The sales guy has been great. We had a snow storm in Michigan yesterday and delivery got pushed back a day. He emailed me to see if things were OK. Shipping from China took four days but should have only taken three. I'm hoping this will stay on topic and not get too heated. Just really wanted to share my experience. I'll post pics throughout the build. These boards are great. So easy to DIY.

    IMG_3033.jpg IMG_3034.jpg
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    Another cool thing about this build. Each board is 168 square inches. Multiply that by eight boards = 1344 square inches of board covering the 4x4 area. 48x48=2304 square inches. So more than half of the 4x4 space will be have a LED Board right above it.
    Also, ordered four of the far red initiator pucks that I'll be adding to this.

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    What kind of coverage for those 8 panels?
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    We'll see but I plan on it covering a 4x4 area minimum. I currently have two 1000 watt HPS in my 4x8 tent. I plan on taking them out and putting this in the middle. I don't expect it to be able to reach the far ends. I have a Kill-A-Watt and a Par meter and I'll provide reading at different areas and take temp readings of the boards.
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    Besides the fact, that these probably aren't samsung diodes. This guy is known to rip off people.

    chuckduck Well-Known Member

    Interested in seeing some evidence of that. Can you point me to a thread that shows that? I'd love to dig into that. Is there a way to verify the real thing?
    How would anyone really know that they got a real samsung diode?
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    Red shif pcb in ig disappeared with these same tables not pay nda.

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    Definitely interested to see what sort of output you will get.

    Samsung diodes are made in parts in Korea and assembled in China. The diodes are literally either in the same factories or in a factory down the road. With a magnifying glass and some calipers you can quickly figure out if they are real, potentially real, or fake. Those diodes are like $0.15 or some shit. Most factories won't even bother trying to swap fakes.

    Anyway, I'm not here to bicker, I'm interested in seeing the progress.

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    @CobKits tested some boards manufactured by this company. Look at his thread or just ask him.
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    Can you do a macro shot of one of the diodes? They are slightly different to for instance Epistar 5630.
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    Danielson999 Well-Known Member

    After zooming in on those boards the diodes look exactly like Samsung LM561C S6. Not that it matters. Their output and your grow results are the only thing that matters.
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    Hmm! The dot where the ESD device is placed looks a bit different to me. It's only slightly visible on LM561c. But the image is not that sharp so maybe I'm wrong. Therefor I had ask for a macro shot...

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    wow shipping only took 3-4 days from china to US and only cost $80 including import duties??

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    I think you missed the point of my comment. Im not interested in hearsay, but rather what's in front of me. Numbers don't lie. That's all Im trying to say.

    Like I said, Im not here to bicker, just observe.
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    i don't doubt they are LM561C and i don't doubt you could request another diode and have it done as well

    see4 Well-Known Member

    Indeed. I just purchased 12 boards of 304, mixed 50-50 of 3000k and 4000k on each PCB. Slapping a 240h-c1050a on every two boards and putting 4 boards per 2x4 tent.

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    We really need some guys with PAR meter...
    One (cobkits) is not enough. I don't trust to only one.
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    I think everyone should have one. one of the most useful tools a grower could have
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    I just bought a bunch of 304 piece lm561c s6 boards, I also bought a lm561c diode from digikey to compare physical appearances to see if they are fake, I know if they look exactly the same that doesn't necessarily mean they are the same but if they look different then I know they are fake. I wanted to buy a QB304 or at least a QB288 and test par and lumen output but I can't find either available. Cobkits did tell me however that 4x citizen 1212's were roughly equivalent to a QB304 so I guess I could rig up 4 of my 1212's and do a side by side, or maybe @CobKits would be willing to test a board for me himself? I'd pay for your time of course..
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