DIY 4x12 3500K/5000k lm561c two channel board

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    VegasWinner Well-Known Member

    I have been discussing with a manufacturer in China about a two channel 384 lm561c led panel 4" x 12". Each channel is 50w for 100w board capacity. Various meanwell constant current drivers work. Very flexible in opetation. The manufacturer wants $800 for 13 boards, but I do not need that many boards and thought about sharing. If anyone is interested in a CO-OP just send me a pm. The cost is $60/board plus shipping. No money in my pocket.
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    VegasWinner Well-Known Member

    Update. The gerber file is completed and forwarded to the manufacturer for review and manufacture. All CO-OP participants will get a copy of the gerber file, a copy of the quotation minus names and addresses and the contact email to the manufacturer for open environment, as well as the ability to negotiate further arrangements with the manufacturer. There are NO profits to be made, just some boards if others are interested and a willingness to work together. I am not going to sell any boards now or in the future.

    I initiated this activity, to open the door to DIY by anyone with any reputable manufacturer in he LED market. If not enough folks show an interest, I will not pursue this any further. This is an opportunity to get your hands on some Samsung boards 100w per board 50 watts per channel. The 5000k and 3500k were chosen for their performance I have observed over the last year and a half experimenting with these differing spectrum. I have found together they create great vegging and and also great bloom. I developed the design for veg capabilities and toi run the boards in series with channels run in series, controlling either both channels or either channel directly with potentiometer dimming or PWM dimming.

    VegasWinner Well-Known Member

    Update. Forward Voltage Vf is 92.8v per channel for a total Vf of 185.6v. A board can run with any C1050 driver or below either on one channel or both channels. One channel can be run by a 120H and two channels can be run by a 185H meanwell driver. All Constant Current.
    So far 6 boards have been claimed. Only 7 more boards left.

    NoFucks2Give Well-Known Member

    Here I am from the link below. You did not interrupt me I was being trolled.

    How can I help? If you can, zip up the gerbers and post them so I can take a look at the layout. Or if you have images or whatever where I can get a feel for how it looks.

    If that price of $800 for 13 boards includes assembly and the cost of the LEDs it's a good deal.
    If it is for blank PCB, it is NOT a good deal.

    I owned a manufacturing business for 18 years. I did my own purchasing. I am a tough negotiator when buying. Those boards should be half that if they are FR4 rather than MCPCB.

    I have a way where FR4 can be better than a MCPCB.

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    Nugachino Well-Known Member

    I'd love to get in on this Vegas. But, I'm currently low on funds. I can't even finish my grow cab right now. Other wise I'd have jumped on it when you mentioned it the other day.

    Seriously. They seem like really good boards. Especially with the 3500's and 5000k chips together.

    BobCajun Well-Known Member

    Isn't 185.6v x 1.05A 194.88w? Or did you mean 100w per board when run soft, like dimmed to 500ma? Are you sure it's not 92.6v total, both channels?

    VegasWinner Well-Known Member

    The diodes are being driven at lower mA about 160mA so the total wattage is lower. Each channel has 192 diodes, at 2.9v with 32 diodes in series equals 92.3v. There are six parallel strings of 200mA each totaling 1.2mA which with a 1050mA driver will drive the channel at 166mA per diode vice 200mA driven softer and similar5 for lower rated drivers. Each channel has 192 diodes with 32 diodes in series and six strings in parallel. Thanks for checking in. appreciate the insight.
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    VegasWinner Well-Known Member

    I get you. I have been experimenting with this mix and I find it quite productive for all phases. I started this because I believe in group sourcing to reduce costs. If you can find enough for one board USPS priority is only $13 plus the $60. I know funds are tight as we all feel the new economy. i9 love this spectrum mixture and I figured others would too, plus sharing is so much more fun than selling, in my opinion. I have fun. But I have to say the hours spent building the pcb and circuits is very time consuming and tedious especially for these older eyes.
    namaste brother
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    Moflow Well-Known Member

    @VegasWinner , have you thought about adding 660nm to the boards or is it an unnecessary addition?
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    VegasWinner Well-Known Member

    I wanted to keep the concept simple. many folks already have boards with Far Red etc. a picture of the gerber file output
    namaste GrowGreenSamsungLM561c.png

    BobCajun Well-Known Member

    Pure reds are inefficient anyway. Wouldn't it actually have been cheaper to just buy commercial strips and mix em together? A 66w board is like $30 isn't it? Maybe that was the smaller ones. Probably about the same as yours. Actually here's one. Yeah at 1050ma it would be about half the wattage of yours so about the same price I guess.
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    Gromax 3590B

    Gromax 3590B Active Member

    the leds are not placed in an even grid and why 6 strings of 3500K and then 6 strings of 5000K. Why not 1 string 3500K and then 1 string 5000K and then 1 string 3500K and then 1 string 5000K.......
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    BobCajun Well-Known Member

    Yeah might as well be 2 commercial strips side by side.

    VegasWinner Well-Known Member

    This used to be a place of sharing now it is a place of criticism of others and nothing of your own to share just others objects to sell and make a commission. Sorry for your poor outlook on others efforts and freedom.

    What's really SAD is how you work SO HARD against others efforts but do NOTHING yourselves but say buy this buy that from my friends. I stay away because you guys are so obvious and negative to anyone except your fan club. narrow minded you both are. Please stay away if you have nothing positive to say. But hey KARMA is a bitch and she bites hard. your choice make bad causes or good causes. you choose what you get in life from your own behavior not my behavior. reflect on YOU not ME.
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    coreywebster Well-Known Member

    Nice board
    Looking forward to seeing the results Vegas.

    VegasWinner Well-Known Member

    thanks. I studied a few other folks and their use of Samsung chips. The belief is to get the chip around 150-175mA of drive current by design, so matter what driver yiou use, the chip will deliver in the 190-200umol range, the peak for the diode to perform. I am already expectant of the outcome based on chilledledgrowlights boards, whcih I am currently running in place of COB's and enjoying the reduction of heat, power, etc, in a space twice as large as the COB's were in and everyone is happy. I want to provide a cheaper version of that. If you want all four channels buy from @Vitally, his is the best. I am looking for a good veg, clone and bloom light set. I have been experimenting with the strips at the same volt/amps and love the results, which is why I decided to make a pcb too. I figured if I anted to do it others would too. I am going to place the gerber file on my github account so folks can get it and modify it for their own use too.
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    BobCajun Well-Known Member

    Uh, it's a discussion forum. I think you were looking for eBay. Interesting that you perceive the posting of anything other than "hell yeah, I'll take 10" as offensive. Your little designing project did give some Chinese people some work though, so it wasn't entirely pointless.

    Danielson999 Well-Known Member

    I like the idea of a DIY QB type board but for this price a person might as well get a QB since you have the added benefit of their support/warranty and grow threads.
    I like your resourcefulness though. Even if you don't save alot of money going this route, you can call it your own and it's going to produce similar to any other board with 561's on them. I'm going to hold off buying strips or boards until Cutter gets their Sol-Skin to market. His has 540 pcs S6 LM561C in two channels 3000/4000k with a 3rd channel of deep red to turn on at flower they and run at 54v , heatsinks too.

    Good luck with your project.
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    VegasWinner Well-Known Member

    revised gerber files for making the board can be found here ->
    pcb circuit design for online pcb fabrication ->

    link to manufacturer fabricates and assembles the pcb ->
    I spoke with the manufacturer this morning and they have reviewed and begun fabrication. The real issue with the board was the numbering of the diodes. During development, I deleted a diode and added one making thbe count off. I had to correct the count so the last diode is numbered 384 :O, while performing this task, I also aligned the columns. Beware easyeda online version does not snap well and is difficult to use. you can download a free program I am sure that does the same. I have inkscape, but I do not have time to learn it right now. When I update my laser I will use inkscape then.

    Get copies of the Samsung board with two channels driven at 50w each and build your own boards with your friends in the spirit of DIY. that is what I am doing. It is not difficult and if you need the contact for the supplier just hit me up and I will share the email address. I already spoke with them and they are looking forward to more interest in their fabrication. They already have the gerber files and will modify for a fee and use any gerber file you provide. enjoy DIY Samsung style.
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    VegasWinner Well-Known Member

    Update. I made another revision working with their engineers, regarding trace width. I started with a narrow trace of about 25mm. After some circuit analysis I decided to increase trace width to .65mm which will carry about 200mA current one inch. Here is a trace calculator program on a blog I use to determine proper width of traces for current flow.

    In the end we agreed to make the traces 1mm as wide as the diode allows for best performance and long lasting. Working together with their engineers regarding efficiency of work and components, balanced against durability and performance, a balancing act. Providing a factor of safety is a part of god engineering, generally 20% is acceptable FOS for most designs.

    I reviised the Gerber files and posted the updates on my github account

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