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    Has anyone had any experience with either budmaster or grow northern led. Interested in other brands but must be from the UK or at least shipped from the UK.

    Neither are the cheapest but quality comes at a cost.
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    You should check out the Autoflower Network site, they tend to cover that stuff more than we do.
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    Still waiting on that link my friend. I would like to try to replicate it.

    On a separate note, has anyone used vapor chamber heatsinks to passively cool or to actively cool and drive a COB a little bit harder? The idea is cool but I'm not sure if it is very practical.
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    That was certainly a nice way to put it.:cool:

    Ben Youmans is a scammer. His reputation is well know on this and other forums. He actually threatened to call the local police on me when I questioned his policy for returning a defective light. He used several email addresses and pretended to be someone else, although there was no doubt that I was dealing with the same jerk. He admitted this when I called him out. Hydroponics Hut lights are junk and many good people have warned others about dealing with Benjamin Youmans.

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    U have to take #s with grain salt! Its the eye test for me! My last run with 200watts got 214g and I agree most grows are what u see IMO? .8-1.2g per!,but man the buds are greasy!

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    Wow congrats. Well you know platinum offers the "most powerful led grow lights".

    So youre getting good results with about 20 par watts! Another platinum led miracle!

    What size is your footprint?
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    @Halfanimal did you go on the log I pm you? You have to know that this guy grew hemp since a very long time and he use the same materials and product since a long time too,hydro S.T.G and G.H.E tripack + others things in foliar.And made the gpw with his 600hps.Maybe that is why he pulled this weight.
    Have a great day™
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    Yea, I got the pm, I just haven't had the time to look through it yet. Thanks for sending it. At first when I found it, I couldn't see any of the pictures. Did I find the right one?

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    You need to create an account to be able to see the pictures.
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    Hey everyone. I'm on my fourth grow, always shadow forums and decided to get a little more involved. I grow small scale indoors, run t-5s for veg and a DS200 and BDmicro-U for flowering. I've been lst'ing for a somewhat even canopy but I'm in the process of converting to a scrog. I'll post a pic of my sativa strain that's about to finish out in the next few days.

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