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    I've been reading about led lights for quite some time, is there anyone can tell me what does UVB mode use for? And what's the function for UVA and UVB leds? I only know UV is an effective insect deterrent. It is deadly to small pests that like to damage plants.:confused:
    Nenea Iancu

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    Wanted to show you my results so far.
    Space is 60x60cm. Lights are 2 x CXA 3070 (100 W).
    The girls are 2 Auto NL on the left at 55 days and on the right Girls Scout Cookies - 2 weeks into flowering.

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    Jamie Starr

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    Google search for a thread called.."UVB VS NO UVB Side by Side" its on another forum

    or pick up the infamous book.. Marijuana Botany: An Advanced Study, by Robert Connell Clarke and read about how UV-B light and how it is important for creating a "fully realized" cannabinoid profile.
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    Thank u for your kind advice
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