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    What's up everyone, I'm still on my first grow about 2-3 weeks left until harvest (hopefully). I am using a 900w led from dormgrow with 2 red ufo boosters on 2 sour tangies. These are the best pics I could take with my old ass iPad I will try and get better ones this week, but I'd like to know how do they look? I don't mean to come here asking this when I know there's a newbie section but this is about LEDs and I'd just like an opinion since my second go is already started and if I need to make changes or I read something I'd like to try I want to do it this grow I just started. image.jpg image.jpg
    Thanks in advance you guys or girls always help.
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    For your first plants I think they look great.
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    Thanks AllDay, that's good to hear. nobody has seem them besides me and being new I don't know how they looked so that helps and let's me know keep doing what I'm doin. Also I'd like to say with my boosters I set them on a timer 6-8 mins before my main lights come on and 8-10 mins after my lights turn off. Just something I thought would help with stress on the plant from bright to complete dark or vice versa.

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    This is me!!! From way back!!! :)
    This thread did well eh!?!
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    Looks fab My friend!!!!! I actually am the original creator of this thread. I've been on hiatus for years now, but I'm back! Lots to learn, lots to share! Keep it up my friends!!!
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    Lumigrow ES-330

    Just noticed a few LEDs are OUT! Wtf!

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    The new COB based units are self serviceable by the owner without having to send the unit back! Photo evidence and they send the part!No more down time! Here are some results during my testing of the optic 200watt vero29 3000K EmeraldMtn Blueberry Headband! Just waiting to receive the new heavenbright model V6 for testing? It should be a ultra High Efficiency unit with even canopy coverage.>Monos will be obsolete in 2 years< And companies that don't switch over? Will be gone fishin! Here is pic of the V4!

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