1. Budzbuddha

    Final Review : Vipar Spectra XS1500Pro LED grow Light

    Vipar Spectra XS 1500 pro : Here is my review : First of all , this light can do it all. I managed to test this light under various grow conditions, which included germination - vegetation - flowering and perpetual style grows. Highlights : This light is built to very high standards...
  2. shnkrmn

    Super Silver Haze to Flower and Seed

    I cracked 10 SSH seeds on July 29th. Vegged for 3 weeks and flipped because why not. So far, 3 females have shown themselves and I removed them to my late flower tent with my last remaining NL5, which should be chopped within a week. Hoping to get a couple more females to leave with whatever...
  3. B

    ViparSpectra KS5000

    So I ordered the KS5000 for my 4x4 tent , 1st the driver is little over 2’ long and it sits up top outside of tent . The light pretty much takes up all of the tent leaving hardly any shadows . The plant is starting week 3 of flower so we will see how the light does thru this flower . I paid for...
  4. shnkrmn

    Northern Lights 2023

    5 plants just going into flower. Cloned from the 3 seed plants finishing up for a couple more weeks. Original seeds were derived from AG Seed Company stock. They came to me from a Secret Santa and I lost no time germinating them. I grow in 4 gallon pots of promix hp and feed entirely with...
  5. Jjgrow420

    Viparspectra ks3000 3x3 grow

    Welcome to the grow!. Just getting things going with the @ViparSpectra ks3000 in here so stay tuned for some updates in the comming days. In the meantime, you can check out the light here; ViparSpectra KS/XS/PRO Series Lights: Coupon Code: Jjgrow420 Amazon US: US...
  6. Budzbuddha

    Vipar Spectra XS 1500 Pro ( 2023 model )

    Introducing the Newest led grow light from Vipar Spectra - XS 1500 PRO LED grow light. :weed: I am grateful that the team behind Vipar Spectra reached out to me to run a sponsored grow using their latest gear . I will post a grow running this rig here in this thread. Thank you Again to...
  7. UnholyFire

    ViparSpectra P2000 Grow

    Hi RIU friends. This is a journal for the @ViparSpectra P2000 that I won in the Christmas New Year Giveaway and thank you @ViparSpectra I'll update once a week. The plants that I'll focus on will be six autos. They are already on day fifteen. One pot has three plants that are regular auto...
  8. B

    Viparspectra P600 - Personal Recommendations for Dimmer and Height Settings?

    Hello Guys & Gals! :D I've just bought a P600 and I already germinated some seeds with the light 12 inch above the seedlings and running on 20%! The manufacturer's guide says 20-24 inch above the plant and on 60%, but i also read about people using it on 100% straight from the start with...
  9. ViparSpectra

    GIVEAWAY | Christmas is coming! ViparSpectra is offering $250 cash!

    Hello Growers, We know that you love seeds, soil, nutrients, grow lights, grow tents, grow bags, carbon filters, fans, etc... :grin: We know that you love everything about growing. That’s why ViparSpectra designs, manufactures and distributes excellent performance LED grow lights for you...
  10. ViparSpectra

    【Early Black Friday Deals: Up to 36% OFF】

    ViparSpectra greet to every excellent grower! "Early Black Friday Deals" is going now, Nov 15 - Nov 21(US time).⏰ In ViparSpectra US Amazon Store: P1000 100W : 20% Off P1500 150W:18% Off ---------------------------------------------------------- And, don't miss the "Black Friday Deals", which...
  11. ViparSpectra

    From seed to harvest Under XS2000 LED Grow Light

    It's like an art. XS2000 LED Grow Light
  12. ViparSpectra

    How do you like XS2000?

    Here is a video for you to get more information about the XS2000 LED Grow Light.
  13. ViparSpectra

    Winner of #Halloween Giveaway | P4000 LED Grow Light #ViparSpectra

    Congratulations to our winner, @Dr.Amber Trichome :leaf: :leaf: :leaf: :leaf: :leaf: :bigjoint: Please send me the following information for shipping: (Via PM) Name: Street: City: Postal code: Country...
  14. ViparSpectra

    Installation tutorial: ViparSpectra XS2000 LED Grow Light

    GROW 100x100x200 CULTIVO INDOOR Official Website:
  15. ViparSpectra

    It's time to start growing! #ViparSpectra

    It's time to start growing! How do you let the seeds germinate? Welcome to share your experience with us! #Always Growing
  16. ViparSpectra

    P4000 Par Test and usage| #Halloween #ViparSpectra |Get the details in advance

    Viparspectra XS4000 and P4000 Par Test and usage P4000 LED Grow Light:
  17. ViparSpectra

    Par Testing the P4000 from Viparspectra! | Heat Test | NEW Tent!

    Par Testing the P4000 from Viparspectra! | Heat Test | NEW Tent! P4000 LED grow light:
  18. ViparSpectra

    Which photo do you like best? #Halloween #ViparSpectra

    It's time to vote the winner!! So excited!!! :D :D :D Everyone could Let read this contest rule again here! We have 6 participants in this contest, who will be lucky to win P4000 LED grow light...
  19. ViparSpectra

    #ViparSpectra Unboxing a Pro Series 4000 #P4000

    ViparSpectra LED grow light, take 10% OFF with coupon "Vipar10" on the official site: We will have a lucky to win a P4000 LED grow light, welcome to vote for them.