1. B

    Viparspectra P600 - Personal Recommendations for Dimmer and Height Settings?

    Hello Guys & Gals! :D I've just bought a P600 and I already germinated some seeds with the light 12 inch above the seedlings and running on 20%! The manufacturer's guide says 20-24 inch above the plant and on 60%, but i also read about people using it on 100% straight from the start with...
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    GIVEAWAY | Christmas is coming! ViparSpectra is offering $250 cash!

    Hello Growers, We know that you love seeds, soil, nutrients, grow lights, grow tents, grow bags, carbon filters, fans, etc... :grin: We know that you love everything about growing. That’s why ViparSpectra designs, manufactures and distributes excellent performance LED grow lights for you...
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    【Early Black Friday Deals: Up to 36% OFF】

    ViparSpectra greet to every excellent grower! "Early Black Friday Deals" is going now, Nov 15 - Nov 21(US time).⏰ In ViparSpectra US Amazon Store: P1000 100W : 20% Off P1500 150W:18% Off ---------------------------------------------------------- And, don't miss the "Black Friday Deals", which...
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    From seed to harvest Under XS2000 LED Grow Light

    It's like an art. XS2000 LED Grow Light
  5. ViparSpectra

    How do you like XS2000?

    Here is a video for you to get more information about the XS2000 LED Grow Light.
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    Winner of #Halloween Giveaway | P4000 LED Grow Light #ViparSpectra

    Congratulations to our winner, @Dr.Amber Trichome :leaf: :leaf: :leaf: :leaf: :leaf: :bigjoint: Please send me the following information for shipping: (Via PM) Name: Street: City: Postal code: Country...
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    Installation tutorial: ViparSpectra XS2000 LED Grow Light

    GROW 100x100x200 CULTIVO INDOOR Official Website:
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    It's time to start growing! #ViparSpectra

    It's time to start growing! How do you let the seeds germinate? Welcome to share your experience with us! #Always Growing
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    P4000 Par Test and usage| #Halloween #ViparSpectra |Get the details in advance

    Viparspectra XS4000 and P4000 Par Test and usage P4000 LED Grow Light:
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    Par Testing the P4000 from Viparspectra! | Heat Test | NEW Tent!

    Par Testing the P4000 from Viparspectra! | Heat Test | NEW Tent! P4000 LED grow light:
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    Which photo do you like best? #Halloween #ViparSpectra

    It's time to vote the winner!! So excited!!! :D :D :D Everyone could Let read this contest rule again here! We have 6 participants in this contest, who will be lucky to win P4000 LED grow light...
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    #ViparSpectra Unboxing a Pro Series 4000 #P4000

    ViparSpectra LED grow light, take 10% OFF with coupon "Vipar10" on the official site: We will have a lucky to win a P4000 LED grow light, welcome to vote for them.
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    Harvest time! Under XS4000

    Harvest time! :weed: :weed: It's time to have a harvest for autumn! Save 10% OFF with code: VIPAR10 on the US official site for the XS series lights!
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    Viparspectra Pro Series Vs XS Series! What's best for your garden?

    We compare the P2000 & XS2000 outlining the differences between the Pro Series light and the XS Series lights. For more details, please watch the video below!
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    Viparspectra P-1500 Review

    The ViparSpectra P1500 is really a great little light. I was prepared to not like it but, I found little not to like. It is a high efficiency fixture that is small and easy to use. I think it could be a great lamp for many home growers. The P1500 is part of ViparSpectra’s “Pro Series”. It is a...
  16. luxonator

    Anyone with SANlights?

    I've been trying to find information about the differences of the "old" SANlight Q series and the new EVO series. Anyone here with experience with either one or preferably with both? I'm going to upgrade from 600W HPS in a 4x4 to a LED setup and the SANlight EVO is one of the top choices at the...
  17. JohnnyDaManiac

    JDM's Indoor '21 // edit: moved to Grow Journals

    The plan is simple enough. Pop a few seeds and see what happens. Hopefully get some healthy mothers going and cut clones for some sort of SOG or perpetual grow. If things go well, get a few clones nice and bushy and send them outside come spring 2022. I'd also like to collect some pollen and...
  18. Lockedin

    Herijuana reg seeds in a 2x4 with 2 Viparspectras

    09/06 - New grow, new journal. Feel free to chime in! As the title says - I'm vegging 9 regular Herijuana seedlings; seeds started on 08/25; expecting some males that I'll cull on this round. Vivosun 2'x4'x5' -- (2) Viparspectra V-600 -- (2) 6" circulation fans -- (1) AC Infinity T6 Temps have...