【Early Black Friday Deals: Up to 36% OFF】


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ViparSpectra greet to every excellent grower!
"Early Black Friday Deals" is going now, Nov 15 - Nov 21(US time).⏰
In ViparSpectra US Amazon Store:
P1000 100W : 20% Off
P1500 150W:18% Off
And, don't miss the "Black Friday Deals", which will come soon! On Nov 22-Nov 28

Warm-up: Offer for US, UK, DE users, up to 36% off, more models you can choose!

Welcome follow us, get the discount information on time!

Happy growing together!


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Plenty of light for flowers under P1000 :weed: :weed:
"Definitely provides enough light to grow flowers, 100% satisfied."bongsmiliebongsmilie
Go to our Amazon Store to get your discount and your light! Entrance :D