1. JohnnyDaManiac

    JDM's Indoor '21 // edit: moved to Grow Journals

    The plan is simple enough. Pop a few seeds and see what happens. Hopefully get some healthy mothers going and cut clones for some sort of SOG or perpetual grow. If things go well, get a few clones nice and bushy and send them outside come spring 2022. I'd also like to collect some pollen and...
  2. Lockedin

    Herijuana reg seeds in a 2x4 with 2 Viparspectras

    09/06 - New grow, new journal. Feel free to chime in! As the title says - I'm vegging 9 regular Herijuana seedlings; seeds started on 08/25; expecting some males that I'll cull on this round. Vivosun 2'x4'x5' -- (2) Viparspectra V-600 -- (2) 6" circulation fans -- (1) AC Infinity T6 Temps have...
  3. ViparSpectra

    Labor Day: Enjoy 15% off on all XS&P series products with coupon "LABOR15" on Sep. 3th-8th.

    Summer is ending soon, and Labor Day is coming! Let us celebrate it together! Enjoy 15% off on all XS&P series products with coupon "LABOR15" on Sep. 3th-8th. Take 10% off with the coupon "VIPAR10" for the summer sale. And welcome to share journeys with us to gain vouchers.
  4. ViparSpectra

    VIPARSPECTRA XS Series LED Grow Light First Look

    It’s really solidly constructed, with large aluminum heat sinks. It’s still warm to the touch while operating, but not nearly as hot as some other lights we’ve tested that don’t have finned heat sinks. We’ll report back after we’ve had more time to test it on our hot pepper plants.
  5. ViparSpectra

    How Far Should LED Grow Lights Be from Plants?

    :leaf::leaf::leaf: It is important to understand that there is no universal rule for how far to place LED lights from plants in each phase of growth. Different manufacturers construct their LED lights in different ways. There are multiple details to take into consideration, such as the power...
  6. ViparSpectra

    Win P1500 led grow light from ViparSpectra

    Dear RIU Growers:D :weed: :weed: ViparSpectra had joined RIU for months, we get good feedback here, and it could be better. To show us more power of ViparSpectra lights, welcome to join this giveaway contest. Activity Time: 28th May- 12th June Prize: P1500 led grow light Participate Rules...
  7. ViparSpectra

    5 Factors Affecting Plant Growth

    1. Temperature 2. Light 3.Water 4.Nutrients 5.Soil With a basic understanding of environmental factors, you can manipulate plants to meet increased fruit production demand. Before starting indoor planting, please clearly understand that plants' needs are vital to the growth of healthy...
  8. ViparSpectra

    Youtube Channel - ViparSpectra

    Hey guys, There is a ViparSpectra's Youtube Channel. New videos will be shared weekly. If you are interested in this kind of content, support us by leaving a like, comment, share our videos, and of course, SUBSCRIBE to the channel. If you have any suggestions for future videos, feel free to let...
  9. ViparSpectra

    Best LED Grow Lights 2021 - ViparSpectra XS Series

    XS series is Vipar's latest led grow lights in 2021, which is a kind of QB LED light with high performance. XS series contains three types of models in wattage, featuring in Samsung LM301B diodes, Mean Well HLG driver, XS series improves plants' yields. It has high efficacy PPE. The PAR value...
  10. Dreminen169

    Auto tent with the Viparspectra XS1000

    I will be showcasing my 2.5’x2.5’ auto tent under the brand new XS1000 in this thread. I want to thank @ViparSpectra Grower for the awesome giveaway & letting me test the new XS1000‼️ I decided to put the XS1000 in my 2.5’x2.5’ instead of the new 60”x48”x80” tent because the footprint on the...
  11. H

    Autoflowers in week 12 not all flower mature?

    Hi, I currently have 12 plants 4x watermelon zkittlez x wedding cake auto 3x wedding cake x gelato auto, 3x purple lemonade auto & 2 blackberries auto. I am currently pulling out 850w from the socket using only various LEDs. I am currently using coco and feeding Advanced nutrients sensi grow and...
  12. Lockedin

    Herijuana and Strawberry Kush - 4x8 LED Soil grow

    As the title says - I'm growing Herijuana (Steve Tuck version), and my standard Strawberry Kush (I still have a lot of these) Heri - 11/11 germed, 10/11 are getting their second true leaves now (1 damped off) --- Bottom two rows in the wide shot. - so far the Heri is more vigorous out of the...
  13. weRideVRods

    Don't miss! $350 Viparspectra 420 Giveaway with New Release XS1000 Grow Kit

    Member 58 minutes ago Edit bookmark #24 Don't miss! $350 Viparspectra 420 Giveaway with New Release XS1000 Grow Kit hopefully I did this right so my current grow tent consists of the following :1) ViparSpectra p4000 grow light :1) 8ftx4ftx6.5ft tent. :1) 10,000 btu a/c/dehumidifier :2) Zittles...
  14. Rolla J

    ViparSpectra Grow Series 4 Giveaway

    Hello all! This thread is for the giveaway hosted by @ViparSpectra Grower for the ViparSpectra Grow Kit Series Giveaway. Here are my 3 girls in a ViparSpectra 3x3 Grow Tent thank you all for stopping by. Hope to see some new faces!
  15. Jjgrow420

    #viparspectra contest

    im accordance to the rules on the @ViparSpectra Grower contest ill be posting some developing bud shots on this thread. more detailed journal under jjsripperrun
  16. Rolla J

    2021 3x3 Flower Tent Grow Season

    We are closing in on the 2nd Week since the flip to flower. As of now there are 2 cultivars flowering. Blueberry Twist from Advanced Female Seeds, and a Kosher Kush x GG4 cross from 3Thirteen. I have other cultivars in the veg box that will be joining in 1 by 1. Hope you enjoy!
  17. Campbelljay2

    5 day old seedling under a 150 watt LED.

    Honestly I'm just wondering if I looks like it's growing at the right pace. It's a purple hindu kush seed.
  18. H

    1000w HPS or 2 P1500 LEDS?

    Hello. I have a 4x4x8 grow tent. Currently with 1000w HPS. I have 6 plants using Ocean Forest & Happy frog (50/50), & Emerald Harvest 3-Part Nutrients series. I am interested in switching to led, but do not want to lose light, and or waste money. Would 2 P1500 Viparspectra leds work as an...
  19. ViparSpectra

    ViparSpectra LED Grow Light Discussion

    Hello everyone, As a led grow light manufacture and brand in China, I am very happy that I am here, be a sponsor. Although we have been in this field many years, our official account is set up recently. To celebrate it, we’re going to make a giveaway for our customers. Which led light do you...