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  1. N

    I planted germinated seeds todaytemp for first few days

    I keep plastic on little square 20of them. I planted tails. Put plastic wrap over them. Shld they get light and temp? Wat lights shld I use for the first 2 weeks . Like 110 wattvled
  2. kingjackpot23

    Flower time.

    Grabbed a handful of these for my area. Newbie to to this but from what I read and researched, 3500k and below are good for flowering. I don't know if anyone has tried these for supplemental during flower but at 2700k I'm going to use some of theses suckers around my led. Any users of these...
  3. A

    Qustions about Grow Room Setup

    Hello guys, My Grow Room 4m x 3m, 20 plants photoperiod, with 4 different strains. I'll use split AC like this, with 2.5 horsepower I'll make two Carbon Filter DIY inside the room, Like this concept, there are no ducts go outside the room I'll use this tutorial littleloveliesbyallison...
  4. A

    Important Ask about power supply for My LEDs Project for growing room

    I hope all be fine. Now I have LED Project, I'll go with (Citizen CLU048-1212C4) 200 Datasheet Url: https://ce.citizen.co.jp/lighting_led/dl_data/datasheet/en/COB_5/CLU048-1212C4_P3700_0516.pdf I need to run each LED @ 70w and I want to run every 5 LEDs on 1 power supply, I was thinking to...
  5. A

    How can i calculate GPW form efficacy

    i know it's a wrong qustion , but can i calculate estimately GPW form PPFD/W like this graph i want to know estimately GPW for example when i use VERO29 C #1 and CLU048-1212 on same wattage : 100w VERO29 C #1 on 100w > 9.2 PPFD/W CLU048-1212 on 100w > 7.7 PPFD/W how much difference GPW between...
  6. A

    Is Citizen clu048 1212 3500K 80Ra cob Good for growing ?

    i planning to make led setup and i want to ask is Citizen clu048 1212 3500K 80Ra cob is good for growing room ? and how much GPW i'll get from one cob on one planet northen and i'll buy it form kingbrite on alibaba Are there any tips Thank you
  7. Pmurp

    LED Gurus please help.

    I currently have a 300w viparspectra in my stealth grow cabinet. (Dimensions: 15”w x 26.5”d x 50”h) But the efficiency is trash, and it produces a pretty good amount of heat. I used this light to veg and flower, so if possible I’d like the new to do the same. I’m sold on upgrading to a new...
  8. O

    Will this work for supplemental lighting

    I currently have 2 cheap led 25 w panels, 2 GE led plant bulbs 30 watts ea , the ra1000 115w led grow panel and was thinking of boosting the overal light by adding 2 led 40 watt 5000k shop lights. If my math and thought process is correct adding these should set me at 300 watts even. Or are...
  9. 1

    14w LED for seedling?

    Is this setup enough for a seedling to mature? Its approximately 15 inches away from the light, however I plan on moving the plant outdoor when its too big for the box, 14W led..
  10. S

    Led light recommendations.

    I was thinking of buying a 2000w led light from Amazon, but there are a few different options. What should I be looking for in a LED light? I had a 600 watt one before but I know that is not strong enough.
  11. F

    Best Light for a mother plant ? cheapest to run All year ... LED? ,T5s ?

    I’m just curious on the most efficient light to keep a mother or possibly 2 mothers going .. to keep em nice green and vegged .. monthly costs ? I’ll most likely be using my old 3x3 .. also . Is it better to keep mothers on 18/6? or run em 24 ? I’m new to this page . But I know there’s lots of...
  12. 4BigBuds

    Blackdog LED lights? Yes or No?

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone owns our have ever owned a blackdog led light? Is it worth the price or is it just as good as others?
  13. F

    6 DP Blueberrys Growing under LEDs / Regular Seeds

    Hi, I will show you my Blueberrys from DP now in Flower for over 10 Days :) Blueberrys are my Favo Weend I never Grow a pure Blueberry only an "Blue Auto Mazar" back in 2014 and it was great but the pure Blueberrys are a different world... I have bought 3 month ago a 10 Seeds from DP Regular...
  14. Salah82

    How many watts per square foot with Autoflower....

    What's up my LED brothers...... Wondering how many watts per square foot for Autoflower plants? Also 35watts per square foot??? Much love
  15. Axelbro

    New grow tent LED lighting advice needed!

    Hey there guys, So ive always used HPS lights and now im finally converting to LED lights. And this will also be my first grow in YEARS. So it could get interesting Im only doing a small grow of about 4 plants in a tent that is 120x120x200cm The lighting i have is : 2x 120w Quantum Boards...
  16. Longcloud

    First Indoor Grow

    About to start my first proper indoor grow wondering what are some decent mid range lights to flower 4x4 area?
  17. Pakalolo1982

    14" kush bush

    3 weeks left to flower. Grown in 20x30" Rubbermaid. 4x Feit A19 9w grow light 2x Feit A19 daylight 1600lumen 15w Veg-18/6. Fert. Schultz 20-20-20 Flower-12/12 Fert. Schultz 8-14-9 AV Any comments or questions. Plants 12-16" tall Started October from seed Each bulb was 12$ timers were 3$ screw...
  18. S

    Lighting options for 2.5' x 2.5 tent.

    Ok so I am currently growing in a 2.5 x 2.5 x 6 ft tent. I currently have an hlg qb100 4000k for veg cycle, but I want to add more light in the corners for flowering. My first thought was to build 4 cob led lights and put each in a corner. Then I found a thread about the hlg qb elite 96 and they...
  19. CBDseeker

    2nd time grower. Am i doing LST right? Should I not have done it? and other questions

    Alrighty. So this is my second grow and during my first grow I came here and got a lot of excellent answers to a bunch of questions i had about creating my set up and then the issues i was having. the issue ended up being i didn't have proper drainage. Always make sure you put your drainage...
  20. Buds.on.a.budget

    Watts per square foot?

    I recently changed from blurples to quantum boards, I have 240w (2x 288 boards) in a 4x2 tent giving me 30w per foot. Ive heard this is the figure to aim for! My question is, is there an upwards limit? How much would the yield benefit from pumping it up to 50 or 60 watts per square foot?