Why subcool left RIU?

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    Tell me about QAR?

    subcool Well-Known Member

    Queen Anne’s Revenge

    Chernobyl’s Red Sister

    We used the mother of this strain to create the ever popular Chernobyl, it only made since to out cross him to our Space Queen male “The Dude” Incredible resin production and mold and mildew resistant The Queen is new on the scene.

    Bloodwreck X Space Queen

    Sativa/ Indica 50/50

    Harvest Window 60-63 Days

    Heavy Producer

    Cherry Terps Galore

    I love the complex high that the Bloodwreck hybrids offer and it was only space constraints that prevented us from creating this new strain until now. Tested heavily during and after the fire the remaining stock burned in the fire and now recreated by TGABadger in his new breeding facility.

    Reaking of Cherries and Sandlewood the resin heads are crammed so tightly together they appear to touch. Heavy resin production and a strain created for extractions.


    Plants at Harvest appear maroon and orange and all the colors of fall.


    Medium height and stretch with large flower clusters


    Heavy Hard buds almost white caked in large resin heads

    Recommended for Indoor and Outdoor.

    Best way to grow:

    Large multi topped plants produce heavy yields and large colas.


    60-63 days




    Bloodwreck X Space Queen

    High Type:

    Strong and sedative great for pain relief and stress. The extracts are strong and the high last for a very long time.


    Trainwreck, Sandlewood, Limes, Margarita, Cherries and a woody smell like a well stocked. humidor

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    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    I'll have to check for availability. She sounds like my kind of girl!

    Is it an F2?

    Baqualin Well-Known Member

    Will you be dropping any Pina Rita seeds again soon?

    gb123 Well-Known Member

    I bought some of your sub cool strains from the Ontario seed bank like 12 years back now maybe?
    anyway...something berry......... named after yer Girlfriend I think....(:

    5 seeds
    5 completely different phenos
    easily done as they are seed after all.
    They were said to be real nice and stable from the person at the seed place ,,
    who after separating seeds and putting them in packages..
    said they couldn't separate seeds :lol: The fat fuck he was :roll:
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    Diesel0889 Well-Known Member

    You obviously don't need RIU to promote your business id be willing to say you are already doing fine without us but some of us DO enjoy you popping in from time to time and hope you continue to do so. Everyone is full of hate and if they dont like your gear they should just move on and not flame you for their taste in weed. ( or poor growing skills). Plus not every seed is a winner right?

    I have found/seen a few good pheno in your seeds over the years that were great. Not all in my crop but seen it none the less or help pick them.. I think you have done more in the weed world than MOST of us here will ever accomplish and you should be proud of that. Everyone is welcome to have there opinion but should state it in a nice manner.. I own no swimming pool grow (very cool) but I do ok in my small garden and will someday try some more of you creations. My state sucks and is behind the legal move so my small garden is all I can have for now.

    Hope the best for you and your business and glad you survived the fires and are back on track. Hope to see more of you here on RIU. And also tell them mendo dope boys there music is kick ass lol def a favorite of mine.

    Happy growing:bigjoint:
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    ik this was old, but antioxidents do not help like the suppliment and holistic ppl lead you to believe. john sinclair was on rogan recently explaining why so i won't attempt it as i don't remember all the deets, but if you are interseted in that sorta thing check out that podcast, the manis a leader in the anti-aging field and the real science in these areas moved away from antioxidents, they just don't have the benefits you would think is the jist i got from listening to sinclair

    outliergenetix Well-Known Member

    sheeesh usenet, now there is a blast from the past. i remember using forte agent newsreader back in the day lolol. i haven't heard anyonemention usenet in a decade. i remember being 18yo mid 90's cruising usenet at a wopping 64kbps lol, that said there was probably a cannabis BBS pre-internet, but that is even before my time.
    fyi, your avatar and name makes me laugh erry time i come accross it
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    outliergenetix Well-Known Member

    wow, i just read this entire thread front to back. some of y'all need to find jesus or soemthing lolol, it was entertaining tho. i am admittedly a nobody, and definitely on the outside looking in regarding the acheivements and knowledge of most ppl on here, but imma add my two cents anyway, mostly because i just read this whole thing and recently listened to sub on the potcast.
    first off i never grew his shit and have no idea if it is fire, reliable or what but i am gonna asssume it is dank af simply because you cannot deny his aceess to whatever he wants to work with, even a pollen chucker would make magic with the status he created for himself. now, with that in mind i think even he would have to admit his entire gene pool is littered with bro grimm work. his notorious strains are literrlay bro grim corsses with a questionable romulan mixed in. i don't claim this to be a bad thing, but i do see contradictions in his own words like he stopped breeding with apollo 13 out of respect for soul but it's a little too late for that don't you think given as i said all his breeding stock has bro grimm running all thru it, again i have no issue using other ppls gear, but when in the same thread you said out of respect for soul he later brags about creating space queen and vortex, i mean that seems hypocritcal to me a lil. present day tho this is irrelevent imo because he has worked so many things from that stock and others he definitely deserves a lifetime acheivement award.
    i wasn't even gonna write all this but i've never been the best at biting my tongue so i hope nobody takes it as offensive just letting out my opinions on the spur of the moment is all. i didn't want to write it because the potcast episode i mentioned earlier kinda endeered to the guy tbh. i am rooting for him big time. being a recovering dickhead myself i admired him admitting his faults and stint with alcohol abuse and the downward spiral it caused after his diagnosos and all. i was a little disapointed to see that side of him raise it's ugly head in this thread again, but i don't hold it against him, if i had to read this entire thread and it was about me i woudla snapped on a bunch of y'all prolly. hopefully he realizes that. i also know what a messy divorce or custody battle in my case is like so my heart goes out to him, in this time of struggle, but he is a resilient bastard if nothing else and i think he will come out on top again. perhaps that dickhead side is why to so lets cut the guy some slack he is a stoner from nowhere like the rest of us, who happened to make it to the pinnacle of this industry love him or hate him. anyway. good luck @subcool on your fututre ventures, i'll report back one day when i get around to trying your gear for myself, but i think that will be a while, i hjave too mnay things atm lined up to even consider buying new gear from anyone other than who i already deal with. perhaps if i had your 80,000 sqr ft that be a diff story ;)
    oh and sorry for necroposting just this was a fun read
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    Observe & Report

    Observe & Report Well-Known Member

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    outliergenetix Well-Known Member

    i take back what i said about "the struggle" ig lol, lucky bastard... score one for us old guys tho
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    Cellardwellar Active Member

    Dont pity this man! Have any of you ever heard of fire insurance? If by any chance he didnt have fire insurance when his home burnt down then he is the biggest idiot on earth......

    subcool Well-Known Member

    I did and its always severely underpaid.
    The 4 million cannabis seeds however cannot be insured now my personal items like pictures of my parents,
    Nice kindness you show though thanks I wish you the same friend :)

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    subcool Well-Known Member

    Kind Words
    Let me know hwne you ready for something new :)

    On The Topic of Brothers Grim technically it all started with a back of Vic Highs Space Queen many of my crosses started with that one male
    Later I outcrossed Urkle to Space Queen again to make a new male that would turn things purple.
    JTR also a breeding male was created with Space Queen as well.

    You have to start somewhere.


    I dont run the Apollo-13 cut any more as I said Soul came back on the Scene as well as Duke Diamond and I am now exploring new males.
    We will always work with " The Dude" Space Queen male one of a kind.

    GrowRijt Well-Known Member

    Yeah. The value of that seeds stash is probably mind boggling. Sorry dude. Insurance is a full scam and probably wouldn’t even cover a full rebuild on the same property. And PGE going bankrupt is total BS.

    outliergenetix Well-Known Member

    you absolutely have to start somewhere, that's why it doesn't matter in the long run, it's what you did with it. thanks for the reply man
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    Diesel0889 Well-Known Member

    Insurance is a scam as others have said. I would not wish that to happen to people I HATE let alone respect. I imagine if your house burned down you may not feel the same way. Bottom line is it sucks period insurance or not. You are going to loose shit that you can't replace even with money. No disrespect to you at all man just think if it was reversed and your house that burnt. It sucks period. Happy growing!

    Diesel0889 Well-Known Member

    Imo if you get into the breeding game people will breed with your shit at some point and in a sense it should be taken as a compliment lol. Not saying asking dont go along way lol. I'm SURE someone has used subs gear to breed at this point. You get where I'm going with this. Almost everyone that has wined about it has committed the same "crime" lol. Think it's the nature of the beast. No one breeder is guilty anymore than the other. Long as im making money and can feed my kid I'd take it as a compliment someone choose my gear over someone else's. But the right thing to do is ask first. JMO happy growing!!!

    Cellardwellar Active Member

    Anytime I see or hear Subtool,my BS detectors go off.
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    outliergenetix Well-Known Member

    I totally agree, however the grey area is selling that gear before you made significant changes or selections. for example if you are selling f2's of someone's gear I feel their approval should be gotten as a courtesy. I like F2's but to just F2 and sell it as that strain to an ignorant consumer is not good for anyone. I do agree tho if you really don't want ppl using it then don't release it because not everyone consults ethics before cashing in
    seed companies should have more transparency imo. they should spell out for ppl if it is an s1 or f2 or elite clone when they say they made a cross, yet many don't. this has a snowballing effect on consumer impressions on strains. ik starins are not a "real thing" yet consumers don't and I think many breeders use this ignorance to their advantage. if I get an s1 chem 91 for example and cross it with a reversed s1 of cookies and sell it as chem91 x cookies then I am in essence lying. in this case the selection process should be in the product descritpion
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