Why subcool left RIU?

Discussion in 'Subcool's Old School Organics' started by Gbuddy, Jul 25, 2015.


    subcool Well-Known Member

    Lost one female plant only Pinot
    All Else was backed up in multiple locations

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    subcool Well-Known Member

    I have Apollo-13 and I stopped breeding it out of respect to Soul

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    subcool Well-Known Member

    When you have been growing and making seeds for 40 years you can judge me.
    This shit is why forums are dead.

    when you have 80000 sq feet to grow in get back with me ok>

    too larry

    too larry Well-Known Member

    That is great news.
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    Gbuddy Well-Known Member

    What about another zero at the end of that numbers^^^???
    Would you get back with me than?

    I have no problem with arrogance but its most of the times the people who got a bit and think its a lot to show arrogance.
    You should know best, I guess, that it dont need a Farm to grow a good crop.
    I mean look at your new house you grow in a swimmingpool.
    Thats cool but thats not the sice of a corn farm isnt it ?

    Guess there is the answer why your forum and webpage isnt running like RIU. Arrogance.
    I see enough of it at work so why should I spend some sparetime to chat with more arrogantly people?

    Now lets tell me how many Members do you have.
    Dont tell me you want only a lil group of Members. Because thats not why anyone would start a Forum. ;-)

    I am 27 years in weed world now and I have seen a lot.

    Tell me how many of you so called breeders are growing a entire farm?
    How many select their breeding stock from numbers like in other Industries?
    Now all you doing is still kindergarten untill you use that 80000 sq. Feet plot just to select one or two parents from one Strain.
    Untill that day you guys are also just only backyard hacks.
    Goals.are dependent to luck if you have to work with regulations.
    You dont run 10.000 plants per Strain yourself so why are you so arrogant?

    To select the Concord grape the man.grew 22 000 plants.
    He selected one Plant out of this.

    Tell me how often you selected from that numbers?

    I know you can find a winner in a pack of five but that is just luck.
    You can breed with that and its fun.


    So get back with me when you select one mom from one strain out of 20 000 yourself, I could say...

    But I dont do it becausevI dont want to sound like a prick, its just not nice and social. Its arrogant.

    Sorry but had to say that sub.
    Even to older man.
    Its just because you dont look good in that shoes!

    Keep your Roots in Soil they not made to fly.
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    Gbuddy Well-Known Member


    I know people who created Strains that would even knock us pot snobs down the chair everyday.
    They just never got a chance to release it to the community.
    There are many unnamed forgotten heads out there.

    You are just lucky Bro.
    Enjoy it, love it, live it, but dont become a arrogant shmog please.

    Let the Idiots talk shit. Dont care!
    But dont become arrogant please.
    It dresses nobody well.
    And its the behaviour of the weak.

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    Gbuddy Well-Known Member

    Once a dude told my buddy, he was a pro in ten different disciplines.
    My buddy answered that he is only pro in one thing, kicking him out of the window.

    I found that soooo deep

    ANC Well-Known Member

    Listen to the Allan Dun show, half of the shit out there is just people working with other people's genetics without even a nod to the source.

    Tim1987 Well-Known Member

    TBF this whole thread was all a bit of a rub in the face, for the identity in the heading.
    Especially the last page or two.

    I wouldn't like people slandering me, in my own online domain, or home. Would you?
    How is it any different from trolling?

    I didn't create this thread.
    But wouldn't Toke n' Talk be a "slightly" more appropriate place? If appropriate at all.

    Not deliberately taking any sides here. But FFS.
    So disrespectful!

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    subcool Well-Known Member

    Yes Your 100% Correct I am not a breeder and not much of a grower.
    Weve established your not a customer and that is awesome.
    I'm sure your the real legend in this game I bow down to you.
    I created Jillybean and Vortex and Jack the Ripper with a 10 pack of seeds i asked someone to grab from a funeral. ( Shrugs)

    Good Luck


    Weve deff established established your a god among men.
    I met a few cats when I lived abroad we didnt talk about you though.

    Yeah I am just lucky


    Joshua Tree Mickey Kush X Sour Strawberry Male
    Doc Holidaze
    Huckleberry Cookies Dynasty X Hell Fire OG Afficianado
    Afgoo Overdrive Afgoo X Space Dude
    Sangria Vintners Monnshine X Querkle
    Astrosnaps Frisco Snaps X Space Dude
    Cherry Cordial Hells OG X Space Dude
    Peace Train Vitners Moonshine X JTR
    Kandahar Afghan X Space Queen Wizzard Fart
    Amnesia X Space Queen Rip Dankwinkle
    Royal Pheonix X Space Queen The Czar
    The Zest Cali Orange X Alcatraz OG
    Harliqueen Harliquin X Space Queen
    Citron Soother Zest X Pennywise
    Banana Hooch Jacks Cleaner X Banana OG Kush
    Candy Cleaner JC X Pennywise
    King Jack Royal Phoenix(Urkle X Chernobyl X Pennywise
    kaffar Lime BLR X JTR
    Zinger Sour Strawberry X Space Queen

    The Joker Chem D X JTR
    Sniper Moonshadow X Dude

    Badger TGA
    Jack The Ripper
    Pandora's Box
    Queen Anne's Revenge
    Dairy Queen
    Space Bomb
    Starwdawg tester Laika
    Vanilla Tart Cookies And Cream X Dude
    Dazinnche Zinn X Cherlumbian X Space Dude Chizen
    In NOW

    Jack the Ripper
    Queen Annes Revenge
    Pandoras Box
    Dairy Queen
    Vanilla Tart

    In the Making
    Strawberry Daiquiri
    J C 2
    Cherry Lemonade
    Start Dawg X JTR
    Cookies & Cream X JTR
    GG4 X JTR
    Cosmic Glue

    Feel better buddy

    The Weed Nerd

    vertnugs Well-Known Member

    Pandoras Box??

    Coming back??

    Gbuddy Well-Known Member

    Dunno Sub seems like online activities arent that good for your Karma.

    I am out of here.

    Cya all in better threads.


    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    @subcool I for one am glad you're here and I appreciate what you've done to make the cannabis world a better place.

    You know you've arrived when you attract haters.
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    Lucky Luke

    Lucky Luke Well-Known Member

    Tall poppy syndrome. People like to knock those more successful than they are.

    Fk em and do your own thing. Use the ignore button and grab a beer and have a yarn to those that matter.
    Bad Karma

    Bad Karma Well-Known Member

    It's recently been re-released. I just picked up a couple of packs from James Bean Company.
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    ANC Well-Known Member

    Hey SUB, if one had to go through all the risk of getting shit through customs in two hostile countries, which of your strains is the ONE that would be worth it for the connoisseur?
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    Cx2H Well-Known Member


    subcool Well-Known Member

    WE ship from Most countries fyi

    Queen Annes Revenge and Grape Inferno would be my current pick

    subcool Well-Known Member

    Seems your a miserable troll that cant stand other people doing well

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    ANC Well-Known Member

    I've always been grape curious... never tried a grape type.

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