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Ya, she seems to like worm cast tea! She looks so happy after it, almost like she’s glowing. Lol that sounds stupid but I swear!
Ok, so this gal is supposedly alien og. So far the clones I got off this guy have been legit but a total hassle. I have read that it should be like an og, pine, citrus and og funk. I have had allergies lately, the smoke from Cali and Colorado are here too. Anyway I don’t know if it’s just my smeller is messed but I swear it smells like sour apple candy. I might just be loosing my mind.


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Dad chopped the Christmas last week I guess, he couldn’t stand looking at her anymore. He was beside himself that it yielded just over 6 oz for a 30 inch plant.
Here is the ECSD outdoor at dad’s, fox farm nutes soil was amended with ocean forest, pearlite, lava rock, and some old compost. The base soil is caliche top mixed with loamy residual as it is just along the Rio grande river. Now I have to run her again and nail it, I’m definitely getting terps I didn’t get the last run. Also a new toy!
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How do you like the new glass? I remember when I added ice to a bong back in the 70s. It was a whole new experience. No more harsh coughing. Then the 80's happened and there were designer buds with astronomical THC. One hit and I was done.