Waging A Real War On Christmas/Synchronized Hyperspace Event (S.H.E.)

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    You should start that pitch out with..
    Hello! I am a Nigerian prince
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    At this stage, it can only be used for purchasing sexual favors from the priest.

    Thank you for your enquiry.
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    And for anyone that needs this completely explained, I am about to completely explain it.

    So, what problem am I Solving here? Why isn't Steemit enough?

    Steemit is not an end result, it is an example. And to prove how wrong the implementation was (not detrimental, just impairing), you need look no further than the Namesake. Steemit is meant to be a Copy of Reddit, but with Money being given out for Votes. And that is a great idea, I am not discounting that.

    But here is the Problem I am solving. There are already websites where people make Money. People make Money on Youtube, people make money by using their Twitter Followers to advertise for Tide or Iphone, or whatever Snoop Dogg can sell on his feed (nothing against Snoop, and I am not finished explaining yet), and people are on Instagram all day hoping to make a Brand that they can sell, or become a Model; then on Facebook people are using their Pages and Feeds to sell things.

    And Youtube, that is the best example of the Problem that needs Solving. YouTube has Adsense which allows you to be paid, directly to a Bank Account. But you have to apply, and give them your Social Security Number, then actually earning money on YouTube is nearly impossible unless you get a sponsor, and join a network of Youtubers who you can have your videos attached to. And it doesn't matter really how many likes you get, or comments, it is all about views. And on top of that, you have to put ads in your videos that have nothing to do with your videos at all, and people don't really watch or click on anyways. Steemit is the example, Youtube is the Problem, are you starting to undersstand the Solution?

    Now, further, Forums. Most people don't use forums, but there are examples like the Joe Rogan Forum, where there are MMA people, and DMT people, and Conspiracy Theorists, and random people, all in 1 place. And Joe Rogan has a Podcast, where he has Advertisers who pay him money to sell you things. But you do not make any money off of Joe Rogan. To Joe Rogan you are a product that he can sell to Audible, or Snack Boxes or whatever company he is selling things for that day. But if he created a Blockchain for his Forum, the whole community could be creating wealth for him and themselves. Same for any other Youtuber, or Podcaster, or Blogger or anyone with a Forum.

    Then, not just YouTube, a website like BlogTalkRadio could put their website on a Blockchain, and everyone making Podcasts there could earn money straight off the Blockchain.

    Once every website that wants to offer you money is on a Blockchain, you will be able to not only be able to Democratically earn money on a Website like Steemit by liking other people's Content and getting likes. But you will Democratically be able to choose which website you want to earn on.

    And if anyone is wondering how this all = money. It is through the exchanges. You trade these coins for Bitcoins, then you can cash those out into your Bank, or you can do things like buy Gift Cards on Gyft.

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