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  • Captains log 11.29.16
    Where you at? When you get this memo. Hope all is well. Look back and see who was thinking about you.
    If anyone that has been following George aka ( Nevaeh420) knows out to send him a direct email or you know him personally and you can call him to tell him that I need to speak with him. Everything. I'm tasked will clearing up his miss understanding and to put him on the right track. I'm asking anyone that knows and cares for George to help reach out to him email me at Redreaper @ live . Com.
    Nevaeh420, I live in Florida. I was brought to your page. As you have learned there no such thing as, chance, luck, or fait. In this life. Your just following your soul contract and what you have been witnessing the last couple of years was to get you ready for event of all events. Send me a email and I'll reply back with my phone number. We need to speak. Redreaper @ live . Com. From Nathan
    Fair play i get your game pal, In all honesty your trying to save others by saving yourself.
    In like an inverted universe, what if there is someone out there like me "i will not allow this kind of insanity" so you amplify them so to take away it. making you a christ.
    I read a few of your posts and I find them useless. Beyond useless actually. So I'm adding you to ignore. That way I don't accidentally read one of your useless posts.

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