Waging A Real War On Christmas/Synchronized Hyperspace Event (S.H.E.)

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    Btw, if you type "Waging a Real War on Christmas" in google, it already auto fills it for you because of my original campaign.

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    It is the Christmas season now, and a few years ago I was the (I am pretty sure the first) person who responded to Bill O'Reilly's "war on Christmas" claims by declaring a war on Christmas. So I thought I would mention a few things. The war on Christmas is not about ending Christmas, it is about taking it back. Many Christians think that Christmas is a Christian Holiday. And while Christmas is widely celebrated by Christians, it is not a Christian Holiday.

    First. Jesus never said to put up a tree on his birthday. And the Bible says that to put up a tree is "the way of the nations" to practice "heathenism" and should not be done.

    Jeremiah 10:
    1 Hear ye the word which the Lord speaketh unto you, O house of Israel:
    2 Thus saith the Lord, Learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven; for the heathen are dismayed at them.
    3 For the customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe.
    4 They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not.
    5 They are upright as the palm tree, but speak not: they must needs be borne, because they cannot go. Be not afraid of them; for they cannot do evil, neither also is it in them to do good.

    So if you have a Christmas tree, you are not fighting against the war on Christmas, you are fighting against Christmas. Non-Christians should all put trees in their houses. It is the way of the nations.

    Also. Santa wears a Phrygian cap. Phrygian caps come from an ancient place in modern Turkey called Phrygia. Then if you notice, there are many Arab nations/Peoples which use Red, Green and White in their flags. For example, Palestine, Oman, or the Kurds. They all have Red, Green and White in their flags because before the Ottoman empire converted them to Islam, and before the Byzantine and Roman Empires converted them to Christianity, they had their own cultures outside of these more recently created religions. The God associated with the Phrygian cap and these colors, as well as the traditional J shaped Oman knife, is Mithras. I am not saying Jesus is Mithras. I believe Jesus existed, but I am Hindu. Mithras, also Mitra in Hinduism, is the God of contracts and promises, hence the gift giving.

    The war on Christmas is not a war on gifts and trees, it is a war on the idea that Christmas is just a Christian thing, or even really a Christian thing at all.

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    Now that your case against the DEA was dismissed, I suppose you're focusing your energy on your case against the police? How's that one going? Preparing for trial?
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    17th Century Ban on Christmas by Christians

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    I left Austin and am letting both cases get dropped. I will file them again soon though, I am in Dallas now and don't feel like going back and forth.

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    You didn't "let" the DEA case get dropped. It was thrown out, despite your objections.

    Then you should dismiss the lawsuit against the police so that you're not wasting Court and taxpayer resources.

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    What...in the fuck...is this. Jesus....lmfao
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    "Behind our black mask, behind our armed voice, behind our un-namable name, behind what you see of us, behind this we are you. We are the same simple ordinary men and women that are repeated in all races, painted in all colors, speak in all languages and live in all places. Behind this we are you."
    -Unnamed Zapatista

    In any Demonstration during a coming Revolution, there are people that are there to protest, and people who know they are there to further the Revolution. The current Government believes that by killing Fred Hampton and scattering the Panthers, dismantling the Chicano Movement, the American Indian Movement, that they have killed the Revolution. But look at Ferguson, Baltimore, Charlotte, etc. The Revolution is not dead, and Trump is throwing fuel on it.

    A few things to know when protesting:

    Choose your targets carefully. A few examples would be in the 30s people loved it when Banks were robbed because of the Great Depression, in the 60s and 70s people wanted to see the Military dismantled because of Vietnam. The CIA wrote a manual about choosing targets and mentioned that with the support of the people even assassination of judges, etc, can be seen as the right option by the community.

    Before protesting, email local news outlets and end the message with "###" at the bottom in the middle of the page. This is called a Press Release.

    Find a lawyer or group of lawyers that is down, and write his/her number on your wrist and spread the number to others.

    Pass out a flyer or slip with a list of reasons that everyone is there, or a list of demands, so everyone knows why
    they are there.

    Police will do something called a "Show of force" which always includes a line, but can also include stomping and banging on shields. Improvised musical instruments (large trash cans, etc) can be brought to use as a counter show of force.

    Mineral Oil can inhibit the effects of Mace Pellets.

    Gloves can be used to throw gas back at Police.

    Hand Chops/Judo Chops can be used more effectively than fists when getting out of Police custody, and when someone frees themselves or is freed from Police custody it is called a "de-arrest".

    If a ring of people with arms locked is created behind the mass of the crowd, they can not run when the Police confront them.

    Smoke bombs can be created using Sugar and Potassium Nitrate, 1 lb or more can fill a whole city block.

    When protests move towards jails, it makes the Police nervous because they are already outnumbered by the people in there.

    Tasers, Mace, etc (things Police use) can be brought by both sides, Police are not the only people with access to these things. Sling shots can also be useful.

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    I am breeding a new Marijuana Strain using African Strains and Flavor Strains to create new Flavors and High THCv content. I use Marijuana Religiously, but think about this. If it is going to be Recreationally Legal should you Mom or Grandma not be able to walk in and say "I want the Strawberry one, the Banana one, and the Blueberry one", at any Random Dispensary they choose? I am creating strains and will be giving out free seeds and clones to make that happen.

    Here is my website, we are a Non-Profit organization in Colorado.

    If anyone does not know what THCv is, here is the best explanation of what it is that you will ever get in a quick read.

    First off, THCv is a Cannabinoid. Similar to THC, another Cannabinoid is Delta-9-THC, THCa, CBD, CBG, CBA, etc. THCv is the only Cannabinoid that has reverse effects on appetite. Instead of giving you munchies, it actually makes you not hungry. Examples of Strains that are Common that have THCv are Girl Scout Cookies and Durban Poison (Girl Scout Cookies is also half Durban Poison). Most THCv Strains get their THCv from Durban, and only 2 Popular Strains have been Bred specifically to have high THCv content, Willie Nelson and Doug’s Varin. THCv can also be used for Diabetes because it actually has an effect on Insulin.

    But the Highest THCv Strains in the World come from Africa, that is where Durban Poison is from (Durban, South Africa). And while most THCv Strains found in America and Europe are crossed with Durban (due to the South African connection to the British and the Dutch, hence Amsterdam), there are actually tons of African Strains that are all very Diverse Genetically, but all contain THCv. The theory behind this is that it is a Defense Mechanism from the Sun’s UVB rays, and you can actually increase THCv content by using UVB lights in your grow. Examples of African Strains are Malawi Gold, Durban Poison, Drakensberg landrace, Apando Mystic, Nigerian Hash Plant, Kilimanjaro, Senegal, Swazi, etc.

    An example of another type of plant is “Kush”, Kush plants come from the Hindu Kush Mountains and from India, and again are pretty popularly in use because of the Indian connection to Britain and the Dutch (and again hence Amsterdam). Kush strains are Indica Dominant, and the pure Kush strains are 100% Indica, meaning that they have no THCv but high THC content, and sometimes high CBD content.

    Similarly to Willie Nelson and Doug’s Varin, but in much larger numbers, Strains are being bred for their CBD content, and now there are strains with pretty much only CBD and very little THC. An example of this being done with THC would be White Widow; White Widow was the Highest THC Strain in the World when it was created and is a cross between Brazilian Landrace and Thai Landrace. Then White Russian was created by crossing White Widow with AK-47, and that became the Highest THC Strain in the world. And now every year just about there is a new strain that is higher in THC than ever before, and the same thing is happening with CBD. But that is not happening with THCv.

    Hardly anyone, if anyone right now, is Breeding Strains specifically to get Higher and Higher THCv content, but that is what I am doing. So these strains, and the strains that come from them will be some of the Highest THCv containing Strain in the World.

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    Jamele Hill was NOT Suspended to take something from her personally, she was Suspended as a Warning to any other Black person who has checks being signed by a White Man in a suit. White people are now saying to Black people "She should have done it in the way her company would have most appreciated" when she was talking about if someone wants to Boycott, don't Boycott the game, Boycott the Advertiser.

    She is meant to be made an Example of. So anyone who supports her needs to turn this "Example" into the last time they "Test the Waters". She was basically just saying "Bill O'Reilly was fired due to an Advertiser Boycott, if you want to change something, maybe try that"; and she gets Suspended.

    This is not a Court Room, they can not just Unilaterally "Make an Example" of her, unless we decide that we are not going to "Make an Example" of them.

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    How to Wage Non-Violence

    Can you imagine if White people still had a Super Bowl or Championship Finals with just White people.

    Posted Aug 8th
    Spike Lee should turn what he is doing into a black boycott of the NFL. If black people didn't watch or go to NFL games they would lose money, but if black players started boycotting the NFL they could rewrite the rules of the NFL, they could start making demands.

    Collin Kaepernick protested by Police Union

    Beyonce Protested by Polce Union

    Collin Kaepernick kneeled because of the Police Shootings and Shootings like Treyvon Martin. He was basically saying that he was disappointed in America, not that he hated America or hated the Military. And if he had kneeled at any other time it would not have meant anything. A Navy Seal suggested he kneel after he sat on the bench and said it was meant to be like Prayer. It is like when you kneel for someone who broke their leg on the field, but it is for Treyvon Martin, and Mike Brown, and Eric Garner, and Sandra Bland, and everyone that got shot and then the discussion turned to "Look how violent the protesters are" instead of actually looking at why they are being violent. He took a knee FOR America.

    So then everyone decided to make it all about the Flag and the Military, even though the Military and the Police are 2 distinct things. Go look it up, there are videos of Vets getting into shootouts with cops. Part of the reason America rallied around the whole "Support our Troops" thing is because during and after Vietnam no one did support the Troops, and they became Homeless and many joined Gangs and shared their Military training with their friends from home. And it was a Draft, so there were a lot of people going and coming back.

    Then Trump said "I'd like to see the owners fire these guys", which sparked a huge number of people doing the first weekend.

    And then he drew a line "It's ok to lock arms, not ok to kneel" so it's not about to stop happening.

    Lt Gen Jay Silveria at the Airforce Base in Colorado just gave everyone an archetype, a model to follow (and one of my little brothers is actually going to school there right now and joined the Airforce, so may have been in that room). The Owners of the NFL teams may have been disingenuous, but at least what they did meant that the Protests are not going to be attacked by the League.

    If the Owners had stood up and made a statement all of them being called Son's of Bitches for kneeling, like Lt Gen Jay Silveria basically did today, then there would not be a question; and more people might think "Maybe it's not even about the flag".

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    Lewis and Clark went around the United States setting Plains on Fire because it was a signal to the Tribes that they were there and they wanted to meet them.

    Hannibal Barca and his International Afro-Centric Military burned the fields in France and Italy to let the population in the area know that Rome was not there.

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    The United States was founded on a Revolution. Many people believed that Thomas Jefferson was an Anarchist, because he created moments of Anarchy, but in the end he helped create a “More Perfect Union”. The Revolution most people think of when they think of Revolution is a Communist Revolution, or the Counter Revolutions to the Communist Revolutions; and that is because the Communist Manifesto is relatively new in terms of Human History. But Revolutions have previously not been about Communism, and a Proletariat class V a class of Capitalist or Feudalistic self indulgent overlords who actually spend time thinking of ways to make the Proletariat do more for less. Most Revolutions were about Liberty, and were based on ideas similar to the of Plato’s Republic. The Liberty Cap and Liberty Pole (also called the Phyrgian Cap) is a common symbol in this form of Revolution, and Assassination is a common theme in this form of Revolution (“Sic Semper Tyranus” or “As Always to Tyrants”).


    Federalism is the idea behind the United States Constitution. The idea that we are Voluntarily Governed, and that there is no “Ruling Class” in this Country, no one is in charge here, and anyone can be taken out of office (no Assassination necessary). The idea that there are 3 Competing Branches of Government in the Congress, President and Supreme Court. The Acknowledgement that no one is probably right when it comes to Politics, and Religion, and anything like that, so we will have a Government that Acknowledges all the Factions within the Country, and works to make everything as equal as it can for all of them. An example of how far we have strayed from this concept is that we can’t figure out how to teach Shias and Sunnis anything about this concept, and we seem to think it is just all about Voting and Democracy. Republicans and Democrats are Factions; they don’t do anything that lasts Centuries and they may even be the downfall of America. Classical and Neo-Conservatism and Classical and Neo-Liberalism completely Hijacked this country, Abraham Lincoln may have called himself a Republican; but he was a Federalist who preserved the Union; and now we have a “State of the Union Address”.



    This Paper linked about is called “Slicing the American Pie” and it is about Federalism V Personal Law Systems. So Federalism is not just a random 3rd ideology in America, like Greens or Libertarians. Federalism is literally the Legal System we operate under as a Nation. The Paper explains the 2 systems, and I will summarize here. The best way to explain Federalism is to first explain the Personal Law System. In a Country where there is Personal Law, like India, every Religion has their own rights; for example, in India Muslims are allowed to have multiple wives, but Christians aren’t. In America the State is the “Personal” part. Colorado Law is different than Texas Law is different than New York Law is different than California Law, but they all Submit to the Constitution and the Supreme Court.

    Most people don’t realize this but there are actually 3 forms of Law:


    First is Fundamental Law, this is the Constitution which sets up the Rules for President and Courts and Congress, the Constitution is the thing that makes those people have a job. Without the Constitution you have no Contract with those people, and if they violate the Contract it can be invalidated and replaced.


    Then there is Statutory Law, this is the Law that the Constitution says Congress can write, such as Law for “Commerce between the States, Indian Tribes and Foreign Nations”. The Controlled Substances Act, or the Patriot Act, or other Acts of Congress like that are what create “Statutory Law”, which is then Codified into the USC.


    And last, but absolutely not least, is Case Law. This is the real Law. The Constitution may say something, but you may not interpret it the same as the Supreme Court, because they have been seeing cases for about 300 years now, and have been seeing situations in which the Constitution becomes more clearly defined in their eyes, and it gets passed down into case law.

    The reason it seems to most people like your lawyer doesn’t do much and the Judge just makes Arbitrary decisions is because it takes time and effort to go through the years and years of Case Law, and actually find out if there is an argument for your Case. Your lawyer would much rather just look at what happened in that County, over the past 5 years or so, and just go based on that, and not deal with it any further, and you pay him. And maybe he’ll try to see if the Judge will answer a motion to Dismiss if you are lucky and got a good lawyer. If these layers would actually put in the effort to read all those books on the shelves in their office, from Cover to Cover, highlighting all the stuff they found to be profound; we would have a much better legal system.

    Look up “Writ Writers”. Every lawyer should be able to write a Writ, but almost every single Writ Writer in America started as a Jailhouse Lawyer. Meaning: someone who was in Jail and learned the Law there, and not from ever stepping foot in a Law School. If you look up “Writ Writers” on Google it is going to bring up a bunch of stuff about people who learned Law from inside Jail.
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    "You can't form this with no education. Let me give you an example. Jomo Kenyatta formed the [Kenyan] Revolution with no education, and in the end Jomo told those motherfuckers "I'm your brother I'll help you lead the Revolution but now I'm gonna oppress you". Another example Papa Doc in Haiti hated everything white, you couldn't put this white piece of paper in front of Papa Doc's face. But he moved all the white people out then he took over to be the oppressor, because of no education. If the people had been educated they would have said, we don't hate the white people we hate the oppressor, whether he be white, black, brown or yellow. So we need an educational program to find out what it's going to be in the finale. Jomo Kenyatta is called not a Revolutionary but an Ex-Revolutionary, so is Papa Doc, they brought on successful Revolutions. That thing in the Mau Maus and Bantu Freedom Fighters, all that kind of action. What we are talking about is the end, you don't judge Castro now, no one in this room can judge if Castro is going to be a Revolutionary. We're talking about things with China, the People's Republic, and even at the stage they're in now talking about going further into a Communistic State. Without education the people will take this local foundation and start stealing money because they won't understand how it is the people's thing anyway. You might get people caught up because they are poor and they want something, and if they aren't educated they'll want more, and before you know it they'll be capitalists and before you know it we'll have black imperialists" -Fred Hampton

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    "They’re not really aware that-They know some shits going on in this country somewhere but a lot of people out there don’t know where it’s at. They think it’s the black people doing it, you dig? That, “All those riots are causing my life to be miserable in all areas,“ you know. And they really haven’t focused in on the fact that it’s the pigs and their lynchers, the people who control the pigs, the power structure. Those bald headed businessmen at the chamber of commerce, you see. They’re not turned on to that power structure, they just know that life is becoming increasingly miserable for everybody.
    But when they find out who it is that’s causing trouble, and who it is that’s making life miserable, and who it is that’s responsible for all their sons being murdered in Vietnam; when they get tuned in to that they’ll now be just like the Panthers. This is what we’re tuned into. We see what’s going on and more and more people are turning on to that.” -Eldridge Cleaver

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    Call the White House
    202-456-9451, 202-456-9453, or 202-456-9431

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    And in case anyone is unaware, we have a 100% Win streak in the War on Christmas.

    Year 1, Christians started declaring on YouTube that they would no longer put up Christmas Trees. The whole point is not to end Christmas, it is to prove that it is not a Christian Holiday, and form a Political Movement of Polytheism. After I created the #Fuckabee, we also got Megyn Kelly to take a hard stance on White Santa.

    Year 2, "Waging a Real War on Christmas" became so Searched, that Google now Suggests it for you and Donald Trump actually picks up the fight. Then not really anything to do with the War on Christmas whatsoever, but Bill O'Reilly is fired.

    This year, I will be creating Marijuana strains and I created the Non-Profit Organization, the Shaivite Temple, and we will win the War on Christmas Year after Year, as the Christians put their Pagan Trees in their Houses, and Idolize a Fat Elf for 2 Months, and call Hindus Idolaters.

    Also, have you ever heard of Jack Herer? When I create these strains I will be following after his model, and I will be giving away Clones and Seeds for Free. He actually went to different places and set up Hydroponic and Indoor Soil Grows for people, but that was before States were legalizing it, so it was harder to spread. And he single handedly outdid the DEA day-by-day, meaning, every day he put more plants up than they took down. This is just one example of how things can get started. Everyone can be a part of it and find their own way to make a difference, this thread is full of ways to do that. I will be guiding anyone who wants guidance, and for example if you wanted to be part of spreading the strains, I will send you seeds when we have some. And we will be doing much more than that.

    But we have Won every year, and we will continue building.

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    I actually missed a Year in there, we have been winning the War on Christmas for 4 Years now.

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    So Trump seems to know he has 3 more Years before anything happens, and probably knows that the Congress has Elections next Year, so can't reach out to him as far as they are now, unless their constituents give them a Primary challenger that is a Trump or Joe Arpaio type person.

    But I don't think Trump realizes that the Year after that, people are going to start running against him. He needs to start paying attention and thinking of Nicknames now if he wants to continue to be President. They are going to be coming to Debate him with information about things he has done (or hasn't).

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