Waging A Real War On Christmas/Synchronized Hyperspace Event (S.H.E.)

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    Halloween marks the beginning of a season in America, and has marked the beginning of a season throughout history.

    Halloween marks the first Harvest Festival, then Thanksgiving, the Christmas to New Years, Chinese or Western. Different people in America will celebrate these different ways, and since the Christians in America claim that there is a war on Christmas, I want to wage a real war on Christmas where we take the Holidays BACK. And as Polytheists, we can celebrate AS MANY GODS AS WE WANT.

    The "Thanks Giving" or "Halloween" feast has been celebrated since the beginning of farming. That is when the crops were starting to finish and everyone started to have their surplus harvests to share and store up. 2 names for this time are "Mehregan" and "Samhain".

    Then there is Christmas, which is stolen from Mithras. The Roman empire co-oped Christmas to keep the Rural population happy, because they liked to give each other gifts and go out and hunt for mushrooms under pine trees (aka Christmas Gifts) that is why you bring a pine tree in your house, decorate it (like they did) and put presents under it. It is a ceremony that is meant to call on the mushrooms, now it is used to call on a magic fat man.

    And people put lights all over their houses in America, so why not take advantage of this and celebrate the Festival of Color and Sight, known as Holi. During this time it is customary to smoke Marijuana, or let the leaves sit in Milk to make a Marijuana beverage. And since the Christians are calling upon Mithras with their Trees and Lights, it is only fair that EVERYONE TAKE MUSHROOMS AND LOOK THAT THE LIGHTS THIS YEAR.

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    A lot of people think that the Horoscopes are just random star system that people decided "That one looks like a goat" and "That one looks like a lion" and "That one looks like a guy carrying water", then they randomly assigned months to stars. But that is not what happened. Those specific constellations are the specific constellations that the Sun seems to pass though as we go around it.

    Astrology is actually a distorted misused form of Ancient Religions. Most of the time Ancient people didn't look to Horoscopes for things like dating or changing jobs, but instead they looked to it for things like farming. Where the could "predict" when to plant their crops, and "predict" when they were going to be able to harvest. We still do this today in the form of "Almanac"s the Almanac can predict the weather and the planetary alignments and everything.

    All of this is based on the Ancient "Ogdoad" which goes all the way back to AT LEAST 2000 BC, so it is 4000 years old AT LEAST. And we still use it today, without it (the Almanac) we would not be able to farm properly. Unless you expect Texans and Idahoans and Nebraskans, etc to grow all your food without ancient Egyptian secrets.

    Hindus OPENLY Worship Gods that Correspond with the Planets. If you look up "Hindu Equivalent to Mars" you will find it. If you look up "Hindu Equivalent to Luna" you will find it. The Greeks and Romans had a similar faith, which the Egyptians and Sumerians had first.

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    We have all heard of the child King of Ancient Egypt "King Tut", but why is he remembered? Is it just because he was a child king? That is definitely not the reason.

    Akhenaten was King Tut's dad, and he was Pharaoh before King Tut. He decided that he was God, so he renamed himself "Amenhotep" (Amen is an Ancient Egyptian God, weird that Christians say his name at the end of their prayers). And after changing his name, he had all of the scribes go around Egypt covering up the names of different Gods and changing them to "Aten", who was another God. So he made it where they only Worshiped one God, then he told everyone that HE was that God. In later Egyptian records, historians referred to him as "The Enemy" even though they were from the same Kingdom as him.

    King Tut came after his father and restored the Ogdoad. Basically, restored Science to Ancient Egypt. When Egyptians worshiped the Nile they were using "Nileometers" to measure the height of the waters, then doing pretty amazing math to figure out what the volume of the river would be during flood season, and then digging ditches to move the Nile.

    When they worshiped the Sun, they were making walls that worked as fake Horizons, so they could make marks on the top of the wall and see how the sun was moving across the sky slowly throughout the year.

    The "Ogdoad" and the Temples of the Major Gods simply represent different "Sciences" or "Arts", and religions like Christianity (Monotheism) has ALWAYS been the "Enemy".

    Have you ever wondered why Medicine and Law are called "Practices"?

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    I know I have mentioned the Ogdoad a lot in the past few days, but if anyone does not know what it is, please go to the wiki link and read about it. But basically it tells you this: The Planets were worshiped as GODS in Egypt and Greece, then in Rome... We even still call the planets the SAME names the Romans did.
    So if you believe in Mars and Venus, then YOU believe in the God of Martial Arts and the High Goddess of all Gods. If you use the male and female symbols (the arrows and dashes with the circles that mean male and female), you even RECOGNIZE THE GODS.
    Again, if you believe in Mars and Venus, you are a POLYTHEIST.

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    A lot of people are unaware that anyone's Religion in America has Freedoms apart from Christianity. In fact, some people don't even believe other religions exist, even religions that are 12% of Earth's population. If you have never heard of "Shiva" he is worshiped by certain groups of Hindus and Certain groups of Buddhists. He is also worshiped in his "pre-Shiva" form, which is "Rudra". So if we get into all of Shiva's forms, it could be more than 12%. But Shiva himself is worshiped by 12% of the planet.
    Here are what India calls "Sadhu"s, they worship Shiva by smoking Marijuana or Hash out of a pipe or paper, but usually a "Chillum" pipe. They wear Rudraksha beads to represent Rudra and the Smoke Marijuana to Represnt Shiva. I do the same. Just because I am in America, does not mean my religion does not exist. I was arrested in Texas for this and they acted like ther ewas no way my religion could possibly involve Marijuana. But I was also 14 and 17 when these happened, so it's not their fault, they just didn't want to listen to a kid. But they were and are dead wrong.


    American Laws Protect A Few Different Things:
    Smoking Marijuana in Public For Shiva Festivals
    Religious Public Speech is protected by these rulings, which were both MEANT to defend the most extreme of groups, since they both ruled this way in defense of the Ku Klux Klan.
    NO law shall be made to promote or hinder a religion.
    Laws may not be passed that decide how religious doctrine should work

    No one has to prove anything about their religion in court unless they want to

    You do not have to define a supreme being. They specifically note that Texas law does not define a supreme being.

    This ruling says that individuals do not have religious exemption in the context of a job

    But religious companies can reject laws they do not agree with according to the Hobby Lobby Ruling.

    Also, Ayahuasca has been ruled legal for religious use by the supreme court, and it is protected by the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

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    The Hobby Lobby Case Is Not Just For Christians

    Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, 573 U.S. ___ (2014), is a landmark decision[1][2] by the United States Supreme Court allowing closely held for-profit corporations to be exempt from a law its owners religiously object to if there is a less restrictive means of furthering the law's interest.

    I don't agree with companies not paying for birth control, but I want to point out some stuff that the case opened up (this is not meant as legal advice, unless you are in the Tree of Life School Ministry)

    Let's break this down. any closely held (so non franchise) corporation is exempt from a law its owners religiously object to, if there is a less restrictive mean of furthering the laws interest. Meaning that as long as the law can still be upheld in regular society (the people buy things themselves) then it is fine.

    So as long as the laws interest can be upheld in a "less restrictive way", then the law does not have to be followed within the corporation. So in the example of the Hobby Lobby case they don't pay for the birth control, 100% rejecting the laws on the books and people were forced to go buy there own because this is the "less restrictive way".

    So in the case of something like Marijuana and a Shaivite (worshiper of Shiva), you could ignore the law of Marijuana growing and Possession in your Shiva altar space, but outside of the building people would not be allowed to grow or possess. It would be an American Temple. Business in the front, Religion in the back.

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    Please take this guy off its getting annoying

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    can you make one short tldr post for lazy people? I read the words hyperspace and christmas so you have me slightly interested. Not "I'm gonna read 5 trillion words" interested, though.

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    That is what the video was for.

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    dammit, you win. you owe me drugs
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    If anyone is wondering why I am posting this stuff like a crazy person, the police point guns at me ALL THE TIME for having weed. Not since I have come to Colorado, but in Texas I had at least 10 cops total point guns at me on 3 occasions. Then also people stealing it.

    And the way cops are shooting people now, I don't expect to live forever.

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    And that was all me getting arrested for Marijuana btw, not like waging Jihad or anything.

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    And in case you didn't feel like reading the wall of text, it is my religion they were arresting me for. That is why I made the comparison.

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    Tree of Life School: Classical and Christian home schooling.

    Sounds kinda one-sided.

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    If we all take mushrooms and post about going to look at Christmas lights on mushrooms, they are going to hate what they have done for us.

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    Not many people know this, but being a Mayor, Judge or Sheriff usually has NO REQUIREMENTS except to win an election and be a certain age. I have seen people win elections in small towns won with people holding "Honk if You're Voting for X" signs on a busy corner.

    Our politicians and news anchors freak out when their twitters blow up, just like everyone else. tweet @GovernorPerry "If you legalize weed you could afford to keep weed from coming across the border"
    Share this with anyone that wants to help take back control of the media and politics.

    Here is how to get a political organization started

    Best way to get a Visa for someone

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    @anyone that Thinks America is a Christian Nation

    1777 Treaty that MADE AMERICA.

    America began as a land of Christians, running from Christians. Then eventually it gained its independence from Britain with the help of a Muslim (Moorish) Empire (before that anyone who say a boat with an american flag would sink the ship). Then we started accepting Jewish, Irish and MANY MANY other refugees.

    Here is where the American Flag comes from, we used to be the extension of a trade company.

    Thomas Jefferson had help from a man that no one knows about
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