Veg time 2 gallon smart pots?

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    Im thinking about when I could be ready to flip to flower. On some places I read its ”1 week per gallon” and on other sites its 1ft plant per gallon etc.

    This is my first grow and I have been having problems with underwater, salt-buildup, ph-problems and so on and my best girl is 6-7 nodes and the bad is 4-5 nodes tall. 7-8 inches at best.

    I could easily use the double with lst but maybe I choose to small pots?

    There is very small roots with hairs poking outside the fabric pots but they fall off pretty fast. Last time I watered I ”leached” them and it hasnt gotten dry yet and its 5 days ago.

    Can I go longer? Dont want to flip and get almost to no harvest but dont want a plant thats dying halfway thru flower either

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    With the old plastic flower pots the saying is a gallon for every month of grow. So a 5 gal would go 5 months before having root issues. Supposedly anyways.

    Fabric pots dont get root bound like plastic pots.
    I would flip soon or find a way to get them in bigger pots.
    Once there in flower they will drink more so in 2 gal they are going to dry out fast.

    Hard to transplant a plant in a fabric pot but i would get a 5 gal smart pot and plant the 2 gal in it.
    The roots come out the sides anyways.
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    The fabric pots are suppose to air prune so it would make sense any roots poking out fall off easy! That's a great sign to see healthy roots poking out.

    Planting a fabric inside another fabric works but makes it a pain when your all done with flowering. If you want to use fabric pots and keep transplanting easy check out EZ Swap Pots!

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