Veg time 2 gallon smart pots?

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    dtrip Well-Known Member


    Im thinking about when I could be ready to flip to flower. On some places I read its ”1 week per gallon” and on other sites its 1ft plant per gallon etc.

    This is my first grow and I have been having problems with underwater, salt-buildup, ph-problems and so on and my best girl is 6-7 nodes and the bad is 4-5 nodes tall. 7-8 inches at best.

    I could easily use the double with lst but maybe I choose to small pots?

    There is very small roots with hairs poking outside the fabric pots but they fall off pretty fast. Last time I watered I ”leached” them and it hasnt gotten dry yet and its 5 days ago.

    Can I go longer? Dont want to flip and get almost to no harvest but dont want a plant thats dying halfway thru flower either

    Aby55 Well-Known Member

    With the old plastic flower pots the saying is a gallon for every month of grow. So a 5 gal would go 5 months before having root issues. Supposedly anyways.

    Fabric pots dont get root bound like plastic pots.
    I would flip soon or find a way to get them in bigger pots.
    Once there in flower they will drink more so in 2 gal they are going to dry out fast.

    Hard to transplant a plant in a fabric pot but i would get a 5 gal smart pot and plant the 2 gal in it.
    The roots come out the sides anyways.
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    CaptainSnap Well-Known Member

    The fabric pots are suppose to air prune so it would make sense any roots poking out fall off easy! That's a great sign to see healthy roots poking out.

    Planting a fabric inside another fabric works but makes it a pain when your all done with flowering. If you want to use fabric pots and keep transplanting easy check out EZ Swap Pots!

    bigsteve Well-Known Member

    Choose veg times by size, not time. You can pretty well figure the plant will double in height during flower. So veg until she is half as tall as the pot will support.

    Good luck, BigSteve.
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    Vinny1989 Active Member

    Definatly true! Due to deficiencies and stunted growth my plants arnt even 1ft tall an they're 7 weeks old on Monday!

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