Thoughts on Subcools seeds and "business"

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    headtreep Well-Known Member

    I've taken Jilly to 10 weeks and chopped her. Never saw any amber as amber is a sign of THC degradation. I just waited until the trichomes were mostly cloudy. I have read somewhere that not all plants will go amber or will take a really long time especially sativas.

    hydrogregg Active Member

    Cool thanks for the heads up. I'll take pics next week (9 weeks) and the following weekend at 10 weeks when I harvest em.

    wendyc420 Member

    I love the strains he breeds. he just uses plant he likes. there is nothing wrong with that. and he gets results, which is more than i can say for alot of breeders now.
    he hasnt sold out and started feminising, which is where all the money is.
    and he keeps in contact with alot of fans online, he uploads and shouts out to most people who want advice or just to say hi. how many breeders do that? saying that, i still dont swear by his genetics like some, but im not that fanatical.
    sub is a talented grower though. that super soil is very effective.
    I mean, I dont have alot in common with him and his taste in music etc. but hell, we're all brothers anyway. we all love ganja here.
    plus i've ran his gear, it tastes phenomenal. interesting turpine profiles on all of them. not all this boring 50 different types of og or chem.

    props to sub he's a good lad!

    check out my journal featuring subs gear.


    headtreep Well-Known Member

    I yielded a half pound plus with one plant with a 1 month veg and 10 weeks finish with Jillybean. You can take her and 9 weeks but she will be way better at 10.

    Mr.Vega Well-Known Member

    Subcool is a damn good HUSTLER....that's all he is...and if u buy a pack of his seeds u just got HUSTLED...good grower...a lot of cannabis knowledge...GGGRRREEEEAAAATTT hustler/salesman....u can find just as good if not better and def more stable phenos w other genetics....I think he doesn't produce fem seeds cuase he can't...or doesn't know how...because for as many ppl that there are out there buying fem seeds I can promise sub would wanna capitalize on the business if he could....I see that in him....hell he was bitchin on one of his shows abt ppl not buying the guitar pics he had for sale on his site...ha...think he wldnt sell fem seeds if he could?...I promise he doesn't care THAT much abt stable genes....I watch his show...appreciate his work and knowledge....but I've nvr and prolly will nvr buy tga seeds...some of my best plants were from unknown seeds...I doubt ill drop $100 bucks on a pack of seeds HOPING to get a keeper....I think most TGA fans are just caught up in the popularity and hype...

    Hemlock Well-Known Member

    Don't know why you hate Subcool so much. But hes shit is much better IMO than most breeders out there. I just got done with a 28 strain seeds run from every well known seeds bank. Outta those 28 4 made the Cut and Vortex was one of them.
    BTW I'm glad hes a hustler, cause so am I.
    Most of this shit you spew is nothing but Opinion. You don't know that he doesn't care about stable genes. Come On. Hes in the business and you're not.
    KAL EL

    KAL EL Well-Known Member

    Better than most breeders out there? Really?
    Go buy a clue!
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    Azoned Well-Known Member

    I'm not going to knock any "breeder...
    but I am still not convinced that bagseed doesn't do as well as the "brand name" genetics.
    When you buy seed, you are paying for a narrowing of variability. Like the difference in tomato seed and "Beefsteak" tomato seed.

    Hemlock Well-Known Member

    Thats Because Bag seed was probably some dank shit at one time.

    Hemlock Well-Known Member

    Yes really. I'll take a vowel for 1000. KAL

    Hÿdra Active Member

    In my remedial view....ANY Seeds can be good, its up to the grower to pheno hunt for truly great plants.
    TGA seesm to rush out seeds with out alot of the "testing" and stabilization that other seeds banks seem to go through.
    I had two seeds of Jilly bean.... they grew two TOTALLY different kinds of bud. a friend got a 3rd TOTALLY different herb from the same pack of jilly mine came from(only 3 of 10 germ'd grrr)
    That has never happened with any other breeders seeds(i have gotten seeds from people on RIU and gotten uniformity of growth patterns and FAR closers tastes smells)
    Which leads me to believe that perhaps TGA is GREAT at matching good flavors together, but expects the grower to search for keepers.
    Other companies seems to do some of that work FOR the grower, because other companies dont have the wild variations within the same strain.

    IS SOME TGA fire?? Im sure, or he wouldnt be in business! Have i EVER FOUND IT ....nope. Never smoked one good bud of TGA gear, not once, not even a little bit.

    Just a bunch of over priced crap is all i have ever got from TGA, I hope to one day be shown the light, but until then i remain skeptical.

    Only my dopey opinion, as i have no where NEAR the knowledge of you guys.

    CWinAZ Well-Known Member

    "I can promise sub would wanna capitalize on the business if he could....I see that in him...." WRONG. Sub is very clear that he thinks Fem seeds are unnatural, unnecessary, and he isn't interested in supplying them, ever, so I'd say that opinion is dictating his refusal to sell them, not an inability to make them. I follow the guy, so I know this as fact. Actually, anyone familiar with the process of making fem seeds would know it ain't rocket science, its actually very simple, with a specific product.

    Hustle means hard work, and I would agree with you that Sub is a hustler. His advice: " diligent in all things growroom related...[growers] are essentially farmers, and that means getting up early and working long days". Good advice, and hits me square between the eyes.

    rckjames Member

    I dont have too much experience with TGA myself. But overall the genetics sound very hit or miss. I've personally seen it both ways. There's a really airy Jilly Bean that's floating around. On the otherhand I see a very nice smelling and frosty Plushberry, that I was fortunate to have my hands on.

    Luck of the draw really, but those rare phenos are definitely keepers and out there. In Phoenix even...

    Hemlock Well-Known Member

    I think thats true with every strain and breeder

    SourD420 Well-Known Member

    He definitely wrong about them being unnatural. Plants self pollinate themselves to keep the genetics alive

    bj1 Member

    Plants spray themselves with collidial silver? That's the 1st ive heard of that....

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