Thoughts on Subcools seeds and "business"

Discussion in 'Arizona Patients' started by Philosophist, Aug 25, 2012.


    headtreep Well-Known Member

    I like good tasting pretty bud thats gets me high as fuck. I don't care what it's called ;)

    Chronicseeker New Member

    His space queen is used in a fair amount of popular crosses..
    It is possible AZ dispensaries will be have jar upon jar of TGA flowers.
    Bubba & Wifi might be prevalent strains as well, but surely the quality will seriously range.

    MD84 Member

    i've only done agent orange and querkle. both were very good, agent orange was up there with my favourite smoke. pure orange soda with a nice high. variation is goos imo, what floats one mans boat may not float yours. so why take out all the phenos? as for it being average, how many breeders use subs strains in there own crosses? does he pass off clone only's as the real thing in seed form?

    forgotusername Member

    New to the forum, old school grower. Subcool has some interesting strains for sure! I have some friends currently growing. His stuff and its awesome, i guess you either take the chance and buy his seed, or find a ckone from a friend with a phenotype you like.

    forgotusername Member

    New to the forum, old school grower. Subcool has some interesting strains for sure! I have some friends currently growing. His stuff and its awesome, i guess you either take the chance and buy his seed, or find a clone from a friend with a phenotype you like. But liking the guy is irrelevant.

    cc08150 Well-Known Member

    In the past I grew out single regular seeds from TGA and ended up with great results just about every single time. There was only one time I was kinda let down and that was with Pandora's Box.....phenotype I had was very strong high-wise and great tasting, but the yield was pitiful at best....little over an ounce in a 5 gallon container, lmao. But literally every other time I've grown TGA it has been great. Never once have I gotten a male plant (knocks on wood). I got 2 different Qrazy Train phenotypes that are both equally awesome that I'm gonna keep going thru the new year. And I will probably try out some of the newer strains such as ripped bubba and timewreck here soon. You really don't have to have a warehouse to grow out multiple seeds to find a keeper like half these people are saying in this thread.....
    Lucius Vorenus

    Lucius Vorenus Well-Known Member

    his videos are a bit long winded for me but i dig his stuff actually. Only growing his Jilly Bean but hope to grow more down the road.

    I hear the supersoil is great but im not an organic grower.

    cc08150 Well-Known Member

    Yea I don't learn much that I don't already know myself from his videos but i guess they are out there for those that need some tips. His supersoil is great, although I add a few extra ingredients not mentioned in his recipe. Gets you through all phases of plant growth all the way to harvest on plain water if you have the the right amount of super soil per plant container dialed in correctly for each strain you grow. Jillybean is one that I really would like to grow here soon

    irieie Well-Known Member

    I grew jilly bean for a bunch of cycles. Definitely a unique smoke when done right. Very uplifting and kind of light but still effective. A great get up and go smoke. Not very hard hitting. Grows more sativa with good smells of orange and skunk. Heavy yield of sativa buds with good frost and pink hues when taken long enough and cold enough. I am growing out ace of spades now and It looks pretty nice, fast developing and good plant bud structure. Also very hardy and she likes to drink a good amount.

    headtreep Well-Known Member

    I've grown Querkle, Plushberry, Qrazy Train, Jillybean, Spacebomb, Ace of Spades, and Jack the Ripper. My favorite is Plushberry which is a medium yielder. All were very frosty but yield wise I would go with Jillybean or Qrazy Train. I think the key with the TGA gear is pheno hunting which takes time and money that people don't want to invest which is understandable with all the other gear available. I would recommend TGA strains in super soil but most that I listed have done well with hydro type setting.

    cc08150 Well-Known Member

    Ace of Spades is ALWAYS sold out when I try and get it off Attitude, lmao. Half the time, plushberry is as well.

    colonuggs Well-Known Member

    its all hype.... you can aquire good phenos of different strains with just about any good breeder seeds.

    If you just stick to just one breeders product youll never spread the love or diversify your strains

    hydrogregg Active Member

    I'm at 8 weeks today in flower with JillyBean and even though the buds are big, they isn't any amber in the trichomes yet. I found a website selling the seeds and it says flowering: 8-14!!

    Does anyone locally have any experience with flowering time on this strain?

    fatboyOGOF Well-Known Member

    so it says - 8 to FOURTEEN weeks, but you want to know why no amber at 8 weeks?

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    Hemlock Well-Known Member

    I been doing this for 10 years. Just started running TGA Vortex this year. I Like it a lot.
    Two thumbs up for Sub.

    hydrogregg Active Member

    haha...i want to know what anyone with local exp. has for a finish time on this plant. I've never seen a seed company sell any seeds with that long of a guessing game on final product in flower.

    fatboyOGOF Well-Known Member

    yeah that was pretty funny. 8 to 14 weeks? lol

    how sativa do they look? i'd never go 14 weeks again. went to 100 days once on a super silver haze sativa pheno. never again.

    hydrogregg Active Member

    Yeah, anything over 10 weeks throws off my perpetual grow schedule. Heres some pics of the Jilly Bean, the lights just went on for them.

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    fatboyOGOF Well-Known Member

    they look nice. go 10 weeks and cut em. i often cut when they are only at 1/2 clear and 1/2 cloudy. i laugh at the folks who go to a lot of amber unless they believe it helps a medical condition or they need sleep meds. getting sleepy is not the same as getting stoned. good genetics will get you stoned.

    i got in the sometimes bad habit of cutting at 60 or 65 days to keep on schedule, damn the torpedos, but 60 to 65 days gets most of my stuff to what i like.

    Redbird1223 Active Member

    I had a hard time getting mine to finish also. I took most at 73 .

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