Thoughts on Subcools seeds and "business"

Discussion in 'Arizona Patients' started by Philosophist, Aug 25, 2012.


    Philosophist Well-Known Member

    Hello nerds!

    So what is the deal with Subcool??? Half the growing world SWEARS by his gear and say he is the second coming of Jack Herrer himself..... the other half say he sells herm prone, non-stabilized strains, and that he sell himself out just to make some cash.
    I know his gear's phenotypes are all over the place, and from what i understand phenotype selection is what the breeder is supposed to do, not the grower. I read that is phenotypes are all the place because he doesnt really bother to stabilize the strain. Leaving us grower with a hodge podge of different plants from the same seeds......

    Thoughts on Super soil?? worth it or overrated hype?

    just sort of curious on what you "pro" growers think about his company/gear.

    Personally i find him annoying as FUCK. His "weed nerd" videos go ON and ON and ON and ON and ON and ON and ON and ON and ON and ON and ON and ON and ON and ON and ON and ON and ON and ON and ON and ON...... he plays bad music for the 1st half, then talks drama for the other half. I have learned VERY little from his "informative" videos..... he just wax's poetic about lame ass shit that means nothing to me. VaderOG is WAY better for learning and watching imo.....

    So is he a joke? Or am i sorely mistaken about him and his gear??
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    calicat Well-Known Member

    I plan on finally trying his gear after I finish my Liberty Haze and some other strains. Want to do Agent Orange. Hopefully mine will be a good experience.

    ThegrowerMOJO Well-Known Member

    So if his show is so annoying why do you watch it? personally i like it and have been a subscriber since the one of the first ones.His strains are at the top of most grower's list and another forum member's Tga grow was featured in High Times just this month.So all of your thought's on his strain's and technique are pretty much way off! As for the show everyone has an opinion,personally i would like to hang Dr.Phil and oprah and the rest of the fucking know it all's on tv but hey millions watch that garbage every day.As for the hater's always going to be one such is life.

    Philosophist Well-Known Member

    You cant say you learn much from his show though.... They are all 30+ minutes, and MAYBE 5% information.... its just him bitching about stuff smoking weed/hash and playing bad stoner music.(imo). I dont know man, i guess i just dont get the hype.
    Glad you enjoy it so much though hahah

    DustBomb Well-Known Member

    ppl only talk shit because they dont understand how to take care of plants... they think since they have a few grows under their belt they can grow anyhing... just like with CC they push these plants above where they need to be and hermie them then blame sub... i've done a bunch of his gear and i would def grow them again... as for his super soil i've never tried it... but its just a hot soil... nothing special

    fxbane Active Member

    I think you've already made your mind up about the guy but I will add some cogent points.
    I have tried a few TGA strains lately and I personally like what I see, there is some variance with the strains I have tried but people have to remember these are poly-hybrids. Subcool has never lied about the variance in the strains, he is one of the few breeders to list the more common phenotypes you can expect. I salute him for that, others attack him just for that reason. The vigour of all the strains I've tried has been outstanding. I did have a couple of hermies but I've had hermies from other breeders. It happens, its a dioecious plant.
    There is only one way to tell if something is overrated hype and that is to try the damn thing. Have you tried any of the TGA strains?
    A lot of people seem to judge Subcool by his accent, his music taste, his facial hair, his fuck-you attitude. Personally I judge the guy by his growing style and the product I've tried.
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    1337hacker Active Member

    I've run like 30 strains in the last year, so keep that in mind when I make this comment.

    I have had 3 plants hermy on me ever, one was an unproven PK cut that I was working with. I definitely had a light leak with that one going on that I discovered after the fact so this very easily could of been the problem. The other 2 have both been TGA strains. Unfortunately I can't pinpoint any type of stress like a light leak with the PK... as far as I can tell they just decided to hermy...

    They both hermied late in life at a time when they weren't quite ripe enough to harvest. None of the other strains I ran in the room (even light sensitive SD) had any hermy problems

    Now, generally I wouldn't care bout the hermy, but the buds weren't mature / frosty enough to hold a light to my other strains at the same time, so that ticked me off. The plants weren't able to finish properly and ruined my experience with them;\

    AND, it seems like every pheno is different, I got 3 different Plushberry phenos in my first pack of seeds, all EXTREMELY different and not alike at all. All of his flavors have "ranges" like flavor description can range from citrus to sweet pineapple (well that's a lot of fucking possible flavors)

    For my money I will be growing seeds from other companies / growers that I have been meaning to run... been there done that with TGA.

    oh and his supersoil isn't bad (a tad rich for my liking), it's similar to what I run in my vegetable garden (but generally for a couple seasons of plants). Actually since I built supersoil for a garden at my parents house 5 or 6 years back, they just this year re-amended for the first time. I think it also has it's place... I would never run a short life span plant in it (like a plant from clone) but if I were planning on veggging for a while, getting a large plant and then flipping into flower, his supersoil is all the sudden much more attractive.

    Philosophist Well-Known Member

    No i have never grown his gear at all. I was thinking about it but i am a VERY new grower(pretty much just as you described, a few marginally successful grows under my belt) and dont really know what is truth and what is clever marketing, and its VERY obvious Subcool has the marketing game down pat. That coupled with the very polarizing effect Subcool seems to have on the growing world i am just looking for opinions.

    Redbird1223 Active Member

    I am certainly not a "pro" grower, but I will be making my way through most of their menu eventually. I don't know any other breeder as popular as tga, and i say that because no one else has their own section on rollitup or growers dedicating their entire grow space to that breeders gear. Nugbuckets and hovering both mess with tga and they seem like pros imo

    I'm currently growing my first tga strain and it was in clone form, so I know this doesn't help much. I've heard him say a few times that he breeds for recessive genes, and I don't know my head from my ass when it comes to breeding, but the word recessive gives me the impression that more variation/expressions would come into play. As soon as I can afford it, im gonna mix a 1/2 batch of SS and I will share my results for sure, I have wondered the same thing for a while (reports of nute burn) but i figure all his pics are gorgeous and all he uses is SS so ill have to find out for myself.

    people do retarded shit, then blame it on SS or his genes when its likely their own fault, I'm reluctant to believe a stranger that bashes, especially cause people like to hate cause of the weed nerd. actually Beavs the only one ive seen say bad about him that I would consider listening to, but i dont know what his reasons/ experiences were.

    Please dont think im some dick rider either, I'll grow any breeders gear if someone i halfway trust says it's legit. but when you go to a site like attitude, there's like 2,000 pages of different strains to choose from, that shit expodes my head. PWAAAAH!! lol so after following many tga grows the past year or so, combined with the massive following tga has, I figured id start there

    jkar Member

    I have some TGA but I dont get the hype their are so many strains out there and I know I probably wont grow them all I would like to try lol and the dude who had his pic in high times with the Qush only runs TGA cause he swears their is no other breeder on Sub's level well he's wrong.Sub does have good strains but thats no reason to just run TGA, if Sub would release Black Cherry Soda I would invest just for color alone but him hiding that is BS cause he found it in growers garden, the dude who was in high times told me that he goes by Blayzed and he talks to sub so it could be right it could be wrong but I believe every grower should have the chance to grow any strain in the world but people like sub hide strains for a few years then say oh their elite strains now lets charge a shit ton for a pack of seeds. And super soil ya it would be nice just to water your plants with no feeding but my hydro works better for me just a preference.
    KAL EL

    KAL EL Well-Known Member

    Breeding recessive genes means he uses the male that shows his sex last, that is all.
    I do the same thing.

    Redbird1223 Active Member

    Ive always been nervous about ordering seeds til i was a cardholder, so i stuck with the lucky beans i found in chronic sacs, ( i still have a blue dream, a blue diesel, and 2 random purp seeds I found) or grew clones from my peers. just know regardless of what it is, if I ever find something awesome I will be trying to share it to all of you.

    Philosophist Well-Known Member

    to what end??? what s the purpose of doing that?

    Redbird1223 Active Member

    I 've heard him say one of the ace of spades phenos is almost an exact representation of black cherry soda.

    Breeding recessive genes means he uses the male that shows his sex last, that is all.
    I do the same thing.

    I thought that was for taming/suppressing hermaphroditism . and recessive meant breeding with the extreme pheno expressions. those of you that know about breeding, lets start another thread so you guys can teach me, surely there are others who would like to learn as well. General guidelines, references to good books you've read. proper breeding is the only area im still clueless in

    cc08150 Well-Known Member

    I've run only single pick and mix TGA seeds, so I can say nothing about all the different phenotypes of his strains. But, of all the strains by him that I've grown, including 3D, Vortex, Qrazy Train, Pandora's Box, and The Flav, only one gave me poor results (Pandora's Box) and that was due to me using recycled soil from a previous grow, which resulted in a rather petite harvest of only 1oz from a 3 week vegged plant. It was KILLER weed though... Whereas normally I would get 3-4 ounces from the same plant....but that was MY mistake so I take that blame. My favorite strain that I grew was Qrazy Train which is my profile picture....purple tinted slingshot ammo buds. The least potent strain was probably The Flav...rather large stretchy phenotype, but I did yield 5oz in 5 gallons, so can't talk too much shit.

    I can't say that all his strains are stable, because a lot of them are not and have many phenotypes, some good and some bad like many of you have already said. But Qrazy Train is a tried and proven strain, so go for that for a first time TGA grow if you have any doubts.

    As for his SuperSoil, I don't follow his recipe completely to the tee...I add a few extra's like kelp meal and take out rock phosphate because it's just a waste for indoor growing, but for a base recipe it is pretty good. You can't go wrong with it....just mix the shit up, let it cook for 3-4 weeks and turn it regularly and its ready to never have nutrient defiencies that you have to diagnose, and you just water with pure water...takes all the guesswork out. It's great for newbies as well as pro's who want to streamline their routine so they don't have to spend time mixing up 10 different bottles of nutrients into a rezivoir...

    jkar Member

    Ya but I doubt any pheno of Ace Of Spades will have a whole cherry colored cola like Black Cherry Soda but I would run the cut if I could find 1 but im not gonna order seeds just to find that 1 pheno TGA is not that special to me

    Azoned Well-Known Member

    I read Sub's philosophy and like it....I think he may have become a victim of his success, though
    run his .having a serious hard time mentally justifying $10/seed.
    I did BUY some Pandora's Box X DeadheadOG seed and am impressed with the looks. A cutting [Aug1] on an early bloomer is OK to good....getting better as it cures out

    sine143 Well-Known Member

    believe what you will. sub states he sees 1-2 dollars a seed making it an industry problem. You dont ship things across the ocean twice for cheap..

    Redbird1223 Active Member

    run his .having a serious hard time mentally justifying $10/seed.

    Some other breeders seeds are closer to 15, and local clones are 15-20.......i just never found that more unreasonable than anyone else gear, seems average
    ......hemp depot is a little cheaper

    Azoned Well-Known Member

    I was quoted $80/5 seeds locally.

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