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    Yep. Ditch the air pumps. I knew thats what Canna would tell you. Theyve said it before. Ive been growing for almost 30 years. And unless your dwc or some other recirculating water culture system... air pumps in tanks (especailly heavily organic additive and myco tanks) are asking for trouble. Even with recirculating water based systems I would just use a standard base nute and no additives except hydrogen peroxide when using air pumps. Your Canna line with the addys are fine sitting in a dtw tank for 5 to 7 days. If you size the tank right and have the feed times set should be ready for a fresh tank and reset by then anyways. Good Luck.
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    Your going to have residue no matter what with the Canna organic addys in there. Or any other nute line with the addys. I clean my tanks and pumps once a month. Mostly dusty mucky black and brown humic/fulvic acids that settle out of solution. You might wanna think twice about even stirring with a smaller water pump. They add heat. Heated water holds less oxygen. I think your worrying about a trivial issue to be honest. I would clean out the tanks..refill with cold water and reset according to the Canna light/normal feed chart and be done with it. Size the tank or solution level to be refilled and reset every 5 to 7 days. Also..I think 1.6 EC is almost certainly too strong for your plants still in veg. A sweeter spot (my guess - I dont know your conditions) is closer to 1.2 or 1.3 EC.
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    @since1991 called it.

    I got an ionizer in the room right above the res so germs die. I don't have no problems with mine so I apologize if I am not on point. Didn't think about the variable's.
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    Every system operation and grower is unique and different. Aerating your tanks work for you. I got grower pals that grow like me. Drain to waste with tanks/timer/drip manifold amd use coco coir amd rockwool blocks/slabs as the substrate medium. But some got air pumps blasting air stones. Works for them. But for alot of cats...its a no no. Especially high co2 rooms. You could be blowing in alot more carbon dioxide to oxygen than you want which opens up a whole slew of problems. Even if you tanks and/or pumps are outside of where the co2 gas is being dispersed. Leakage amd whatnot. Over the years and in general I found that keeping things simple as you can with hydroponic based systems is the best route. Limits the variables. And for newer growers they have enough shit to figure out. They dont need more. Certainly dont want to be brewing an unknown compost tea in your nutrient feed tanks. Which is in essence what you may be doing.
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    I usually add Luke warm water. Probably over half comes from my hot water tank I suppose. That's probably a nono too?

    Thanks for clearing all that up guys. Saved me alot of work Thankyou
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    I'm using cold fresh water and put an aquarium heater at 74 because it's ice cold and I need to feed.. Like an hour ago

    And a small water pump to move itaround
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    Try and keep solution tank temps about 65 to 70 degrees. Perfect. My basement and tanks outside the grow rooms are 50 - 55 without heater probes. I got to use 4 of em this time of year. Titanium..fully submersible. Active Aqua brand. Alot of growers dont realize how crucial nutrient solution water temps are for indoor hydroponics. But it is. Root zones dont like cold ass temps that slow growth to a crawl in winter nor warm temps above 75 in the summer that are doorways to a full blown pythium root rot infection.
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    I'm using the same heater

    My res sits right on the floor so it stays cool. IL check Temps and add a res heater if I have to. to keep it around 65-70

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    Bingo bango. There you go. Smart move.
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    They look really happy now their back down to light feed schedule, thanks for the help, here's some praying pics haha

    The last pic is the top of the coco pot.

    Roots are blasting out upwards all over the top of the pot. I've got highhopes ;)

    Think it might be smart to throw some clay balls on there to block light and prevent drying a little

    DSC_0709.JPG DSC_0710.JPG DSC_0711.JPG DSC_0713.JPG DSC_0712.JPG
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    If you have a problem with fungus could use an inch or 2 smaller sized Grow Stones brand or even perlite to top up to the rim of the pots intead of clay balls. Makes it harder for the flyers to get in there and lay the little larvae that will feast on your roots. I get fg all the time and ive done this before. With yellow sticky cards at pot level to catch flyers too. I hate them little fukers.

    projectinfo Well-Known Member

    No bugs yet.. Knock on wood..

    Just trying to be proactive. I've got lots of perlite and sticky cards.

    :) a little prevention goes a long way and this is my first run in coco
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    I agree, I also clean my tank once a month, and yesterday was one of those days. No slime but the dark residue from the Golden Tree. Dumped the two rez's over my three compost bins, cleaned both containers and filters, refill and add all new nutes.
    I just add to my lower rez every other day, recirculate a number of times during the day, then just before lights on I pH the solution and at their 9:15 feeding it's ready to go.
    My rez runs in the 66 to 73 range and to date no probs. I don't really get cold enough to need a water heating gadget.
    I am very near the point of having to add another cycle to my run. I am at two cycles at present, 9:15 PM and 4:45 AM, each run 2 min. So by adding a cycle they will run 9:15 PM (2 min), 1:30 AM (1 min), and 5:00 AM (two min). That schedule worked great last run so will set it up again.
    I have had my issues with FG's before, the little bastard cost me a grow. I do a hand watering once a week at my 9:15 time and add Great White and SM90 at preventive rates. Started that after my loss and have not had issues since, fingers crossed!
    Glad you got your shit cleaned up, hopefully smooth sailing from here.
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    I have been running coco now for numerous runs, at first I would pack the coco into the pots/bags. but was told they should not be hard packed.
    I have been backing off packing since then. On this run I barely packed them at all and although I have roots coming out the sides of my smart pots the solution seems to just pass right through the pots. I have started hand watering at the first cycle of the day instead of using the drip system. Doing multiple small amts which seems to saturate the pots better, not completely, still only damp on the lower third of the pots.
    I use a DIY manifold and drip ring. The drip ring is just 1/4 inch rubber tubing with 3 1/4 inch tees emitting water without drippers, they plug to much. Here are a few pics.
    20171116_115226 (4)_LI.jpg 20171108_140142 (2).jpg
    In action 20171108_140640 (2).jpg

    The system is driven by a ECO 1056, which is 1085 gallons/hour, with 9 foot of lift. These is no lift as my rez sits about 3 to 4 feet above my pots.
    So, basically looking to better wetting of the coco.
    Any suggestions?

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    So no one has an answer?
    Is this a dead thread?

    projectinfo Well-Known Member

    Not dead. I swear IL respond in the morning. Dead...
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    gr865 Well-Known Member

    Don't swear, nothing is that important, especially this.
    I was just getting anxious.
    I just need to sit back and do a big bowl of LSD.

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    Cx2H Well-Known Member

    Maybe something like this next run. I am pretty sure they are in a dollar tree somewhere. One guy here is using something just like that.
    FloraFlex - FloraCap (8" [3 Pack])
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    My coco run I was really excited to use fabric pots and I read so many good things about it but the more coco grows I lookat I notice watering issues as they get older.

    So I just figured, fuckit if this is supposed to be hydro I'm going for it so I went plastic square pots and straight coco.

    I have a 1/4 line with a tee at the end.

    16 plants

    396gph eco pump

    I water for a minute, Just befor lights on.

    And then for another minute , about three hours befor lights out.

    I find my coco is alwase damp right to the top and I do also try to do a hand watering every week so remoisten the corners, and when a pot is already wet it takes the water so much easier.

    People say not to over water coco but I'm thinking it's best to keep these soaked. With no perlite and no fabric pots.

    My 2c
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    projectinfo Well-Known Member


    How are you applying your sm90

    I mix up a 5gal bucket with 1ml per liter
    And soak all the plants.

    Then I grab a bucket of the res food and soak em with that.
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