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  • Hello jberry...Im new to the RIU site..the reason i joined was to gain access to posts by fatman...i was wondering if fatman had a site of his own..or..if he still posts somewhere on the net...Thank You in advance for any insight..
    What happened to the photo section? -WTF are my badass pictures I had on my profile and in my posts??
    Hi m8, i am following the canna guide off the website and it doesnt say anywhere about flushing, i am at the start of week 6 into flower and just about to use pk13/14 for a week. I then have 3 weejs left but does not include a flush period? Any help is appreciated. Thanks
    Hi jberry, I hope you don't mind but im a first time grower and I have a question for yourself??? here I go - I notice that you put a post about canna coco a+b, I was recommend this at my local store?? but i have been told this is for hydroponics, as I am a newbie to all this can you help please

    Can you use it for soil grow and if so would you know the measurements to use???

    I hope this is all the information you need let me know if you need more

    Many Thanks for reading this

    hey jberry, Im a medical grower from BC Canada and have started my first grow in coco, would you have a coco specific recipie thats is based on the canna line, in my reading I come to find the more experianced people say it lacks some things? Any info your willing to share would be great. It is a 60 day strain known localy as Zed like "zeds dead baby,zeds dead". Thanks
    hi jberry i am having allot of confusion with the ec/cf readings i am using canna terra vega and i am getting allot of conflicting information i have seven cheese plants 6 weeks into veg period when i mix neuts i think i am feeding wrong plants have started drooping there are not looking well what kind of cf/ec measurement should i be going for all mixes are done to 10 liters or 2 gallon any help or advise you could give i would be most greatfullthanks green elite
    if my cal/mag levels are too low in coco would it slow the water up take? and if the phosforus levels are too high i think if im correct it would lock out cal/mag which would have the same effect if so how do you tell which is hapening help would be apreciated m8 thought id ask you as you know your stuff and just keep geting mixed answers else where! my problem is i have some plants drinking and others not been trying to find out why and so far have came to this as might being my problem if you know otherwise could you let me know as its driving me nuts now :wall: cheerz!!
    hi i need help growing in coco i have only used soil and want to move on. it is sea of green style
    what i need is a feeding Schedule for canna coco nutes a&b and overdrive and if any one has anything better let me know
    im going to be using 6 liter pots 25pot that fit in 1 m2 (sog) i will use 25 cuttings 3 day veg from when rooted and then straight to 12/12 flowering got 600w hps light 100mm intake fan 100mm extractor fan with carbon filter in dr120 tent reflective walls 2 clipon fans and the strain takes about 12 weeks to flower. been doing it in soil with bio bizz grow bloom but want bigger better yield.
    Thanks for your time
    hey j got a little thred going need ur say in there when ever you gt a chance

    Canna coco - which boost to use!
    Hi bud, got a little Q for ya in your coco thread mate hope you can help, thanks & peace
    hey j can yeh check your canna coco thred i just post a quastion for yeh thanks buddy
    no longer gonna go canna coco. Had to step down the scale of my op considerablly and am going to be sticking with soil. If I have any further questions I will ask. Thanks for hitting me back
    Flowering: * * 1000-1200ppm
    Canna Coco A/B 8-13ml
    Cannazyme 10ml
    Roots Excelurator 1drop/gal
    Carboload *4ml/gal
    CalMg 4ml
    ProTek 2ml
    FloraNectar 10 ml ( on water day)
    Bushmaster@ start12/12 x 3 days only
    3rd Wk
    PK 13/14 3-6 ml ( feed 1 wk only) or wks 3,4,5 @ 3ml & 1/2 base nutes
    Wk 6-Gravity/MOAB 1/2 dose
    Wk 7-MOAB *1-2 tsp

    1st-RO water and Clearex 15-30ml/gal
    2nd-RO water til harvest *
    What's up! J
    Here's what my feed schedule looks like. Just wanted your feedback and recommendations. Maybe you can suggest something else or fine tune my schedule. Your feedback is greatly appreciated, thanks !!
    *Spray Greencure or Neem oil 1tsp/qt, 1/2 tsp Pro-Tek & few drops Coco wet STOP!!! NEEM@ 3rd week flower

    2:1 Nutes-Nutes-Water

    ROOTED CLONES: * * * *300-400ppm

    WK 1-2: **
    RO water
    Canna Coco A/B 2-3ml
    Roots Excelurator * *Superthrive 1 drop
    CalMg 2-4ml
    ProTek 2m
    Great White 1/2 tsp /1gal

    WK 3-4 VEG: * * * *700-900 ppm

    Canna Coco A/B 4-8ml to 10ml
    Cannazyme 10ml
    Roots Excelurator**1 drop/gal
    FloraNectar 5ml (on water day)
    CalMg 4ml
    ProTek 2ml
    Great White*
    shot in the dark here. But I was researching Canna COCO grow and came across your 85 page thread. I started reading all of them and realized there were alot of people who had no Idea what they were tlaking about. Since you seemed most knowledgeable out of the bunch I figured I would just ask you a couple questions personally without the inpur of others. Is there an email adress I can reach you at? (for some reason it wont let me personal message you?) its a pretty basic question
    Hey, I'm new to the site and new to growing. I've recently had the pleasure of trying Blue Dream and, as unsurprising as it is, I am hooked. Now I just have one issue. I'm trying to locate where I can get a clone of this. On top of that I'm not really up to date on all the growing-lingo and slang that is used on the site. I was wondering if you would be able to help me with a walk-through of a growing process for this specific type of plant. You're very knowledgeable and seem to have a lot of experience with it. I respect your decision if you choose to help me out or not and appreciate your time and consideration. Thanks!

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