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  • Hello, Everyone loved the KaBoom. It was interesting to see that the old timers were the biggest fan of it. They actually begged me for more! I had 3 phenos and two of them hermed. I was pretty ruff on them when they were young so I am convinced that It was mostly my fault. Even though there were seeds in the medicine, no one cared because it was such incredible medicine. The one pheno that I am running now is the one that didnt herm and the smoke is Sweet with a hint of Lime sherbet/cream. I love watching peoples faces turn into a ear to ear grin and start talking non stop as soon as they medicate. Also, I harvested at day 85 , I think. It is a long flower-er. The yield was about 2-3ozs per plant, it was my first grow and in soil. I am running this time in Canna Coco. I will keep you posted. Let me know if I can answer any other questions. I would love to hear how your grow is going. Cheers and I hope all is well,
    Hiya, Jberry....

    Ive started a new thread called MYTHBUSTERS... to be fair Im totally new and I only know what Ive read from you and Slim, as your a fountain of knowledge.. was hoping you'd keep and eye on the thread and comment/help if you felt needed?

    hey jberry like the info on ur posts its very informative for me especially being a newbie at this. keep it up.
    jberry.... Loving your posts but not had time to read them all... wondering if you can answer me one question? actually two?

    When and for how long should i use PK13/14?

    hey j u aight mate, im new to this and was just reading wht u wrote about using canna boost as foliar spray, i was wondering if u could tell me the directions and how often please. thanks mate.
    yah no doubt
    but there are stil llot of good ppl nd info out there

    what do u think of budder have u tryed it
    yea mr.b im over it all and dont want beef with anybody, just kinda wish this site was more professional, thats all.
    hey man ur a cool cat that fdd guy just loves to hate

    hes just shocked i know somthing he doesnt again thx hey man quick question u see my avatar pic have u ever smoked budder
    Great to hear!


    Well than ive heard that LSD was one of the fastest growing plants and my other strain Red Dragon is one of the slowest lol.

    Well see what happens.

    Good luck on your grow!:weed:
    PS your PM inbox is too full.
    Hey Jberry,

    I just received some clones and the are infected with spidermites. I plan to purchase some floramite and Loudblunts said you were the man to speak to about such things.
    I have plants that are a little more then 6 wks. from finish. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
    thanks for the backup on fulvic acid...i dont know why people just be adding like 101 nutrients and additives to their nute soup....

    me and you? we just like to keep it simple. hell we already have all the rest of the bs...why keep adding more, yanno?

    thanks again
    Hey can you post that pic of your grow cert? did you get it from your doctor, the dispensary or the state?
    dont think its a bad idea at all....

    only one way to find out:twisted::twisted:

    i say test it out?

    either way, if you dont get to use your shooting powder, you can use the bud XL, i've seen visual difference and also difference on the scale as well
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