The Official Canna Coco & Nutrients Thread

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    The Official Canna Coco & Nutrients Thread.

    Hello Canna lovers and haters, just wanted to start this thread so everyone that has or needs information on Canna Coco, Nutrients, or Additives, has a place to share info and ask questions.

    I feel that I personally will be able to answer a lot of your questions regarding Canna's Coco Line and Cocoponics in general, and hopefully we will get some other pro's on here to help me where I can't, and with some of the other lines of nutrients made by Canna.

    If you hate Canna, thats okay too... I'm interested in hearing why?

    A great thread on growing in coco already exists on RIU so I would like to keep this one Canna specific.

    Let's get started...

    jberry Well-Known Member


    CANNA was awarded first prize for its revolutionary plant products at a prestigious annual expo in Holland for hydroponic and soil growers.
    We are the Dutch experts and internationally recognised world wide leader in intelligent plant technologies for cultivating your favourite plants in cocoponics, hydroponics and soil.
    It's a combination of common sense and uncommon dedication. Since 1979, our founder has searched the planet for active plants and minerals for plant health and well being. Years of experience, indigenous inspiration and the latest high-tech plant research have culminated in effective formulas that guarantee everyone, including inexperienced growers, can achieve amazing results! The use of our cutting-edge, nutritional plant products are clean, simple, easy to use and do not harm the environment.

    Each CANNA product has been lovingly created to offer you the greatest yields possible when using a specific growing medium or method. The secret behind CANNA's intelligent products is found in a carefully balanced and integrated blend of the finest main and trace elements for each growing medium and fertilizer combination.​
    Today, CANNA is available throughout Europe, Australia, North America, the Middle East and Africa. We have been voted by growers around the globe as the world's No.1 brand in plant technologies. Quality proves itself!
    'Be modest'

    is a saying that just seems to be made for Canna. Patting ourselves on the back is not our scene. We prefer to let our products speak for themselves. The fact that professional growers in fourteen countries swear by Canna, an adequate proof that our philosophy bears fruit.


    Team spirit and love for the plant are just a few keywords that characterize Canna's business philosophy. It must be obvious that Canna is much more than just a producer of fertilizers. Unique in the green market is that we keep the whole production process in our own hands. From development and research to the unique environmentally friendly production line and our delivery department. As the only producer of nutrients, Canna has its own laboratory and research areas where specialized scientists daily unravel nature's secrets. We think that only by keeping as many factors as possible in our own hands, will we be in a position to offer a product of a consistently high quality.

    Forward with care

    Based on 22 year's experience with growing and intense collaboration with other pioneers, Canna has assembled an enormous reservoir of knowledge that cannot be matched in the green market or even beyond. This rare combination of professional knowledge and enthusiasm has, in the course of seven years, led to a series of very high quality products. No single Canna product is simply placed on the market. Only when we are 100% certain that a product will have an optimum performance do we bring it onto the market. But for us that is still not enough. To be sure that there will be no unpleasant surprises, we also need to be certain why something works. In addition, we first undertake an extended investigation with people in various countries who are in the growing business, in order to list all the possible conditions. Therefore, we shall never introduce a product too quickly to the market. However tempting that may sometimes be in a market where the issues of the day all too often lead to short term hypes.

    Made for professionals

    We believe that the serious expert knows how to estimate the value of our professional approach. We are of the opinion that he who takes the grower seriously, treats the development of a new product with equal seriousness. And that is not a process that you can complete within a few weeks.
    For Canna, research is also of essential importance. After all, this has extensive consequences for the end user. Therefore we take as long as is necessary for the development of a new product, actually two years on average. A period in which a team of highly trained specialists tirelessly sifts all aspects of a new product. That we place so much emphasis on this means that we can stand four-square behind our products. And that does not end when a product has once passed over the counter. After-sales service is for us an indispensable part of the business. We keep in close contact with the end users via our dealer network and take their problems extremely seriously. Feedback from the field is not only a welcome addition to our research. The greatest satisfaction derived from our work is still always a client who is satisfied with his end result.

    Quality proves itself

    Then dissatisfied with the existing range of fertilizers, he developed a nutrient that rapidly became a success and of which a shop proprietor noticed that the quality of crops grown on mineral wool that was offered to him was dramatically improved in this way. So well were the results received, that Canna's first-born twins, Canna Vega and Canna Flores, were quickly in production. This marked the start of a business that within just a few years was to develop the most innovative and reliable constants for use in grow-land. This innovative approach was to prove itself not only in the production of concrete products. Also in the details it seems that Canna fulfils a pioneering function. One result is the standard mixture ratio of 1:250 for nutrients that is in general use, which was introduced by Canna.

    theSDcollective Member

    hey, good thread, I am just moving my seeds from plugs to pots, and starting the cogr a+b along with the rhizo, on the feeding schedule it says use 8-12 ml/gal of a+b but is that 8-12 of each or 8-12 total? I just gave them 12 total ml/gal.
    also, how many feedings should I do a day? I am just on day 2 of pots, but am thinking every 12 hrs?
    I am new and want also to figure out the best way to measure ec levels, any advice?
    I should be able to have a 20 gallon drum of water and nutes premixed in my room right? just check ph regularly.
    and last one, can i mix all my canna nutes together, like my cannazzym rhizo vega all together for 1 feeding?

    thanks for your help,

    jberry Well-Known Member

    yes mix the coco A and coco b in equal amounts... 8-12 ml of EACH.

    you need a EC meter or at least a TDS/PPM meter and a conversion chart.

    yes the nute mix will be good to use for about a week... I keep mine covered to block the light.

    yes you can mix it all together, i add the rhizo first because it changes the PH the most, and it seems to mix a little better.

    hope that helps a little for starters.

    kevin Well-Known Member

    just started growing in canna coco, 4 plants all together. been using the parts a & b nutes and the dude at the grow store said this would carry me thru the entire grow. i'm having great results so far. one plant is 6 weeks into flowering. what's your thoughts on feeding with just the a & b?

    i've done several soil grows using mg and ff
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    jberry Well-Known Member

    u CAN use just the A+B but i would at least use the PK 13/14 in addition to your A+B.

    it's only $20. a liter.... if u do use it, i suggest using weeks 3,4, and 5 at 4ml per gallon. or just week 4 at 6ml per gallon.
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    atxbudgrower Active Member

    i was wondering about the biocanna is this product any good? im thinking of picking up the whole biocanna line next grow or so i would like to get some input regarding this line as well

    jberry Well-Known Member

    if your wanting to grow %100 organic than it is a great line. It is truly organic and it's even %100 vegan as well.

    also if you buy the bio terra plus along with the biocanna nutes than you will not need to adjust the ph ! The bio terra will also hold and release nutrients based on how much/often you feed ! -very smart and advanced stuff and very high quality ingredients.

    so if u want true organic/vegan than its a great line to buy... having said that, it should be noted that most experts agree that you cannot get as heavy of yields with %100 organics as you can achive with synthetics... the choice is yours.

    if you have specific questions i might be able to give you some better details.

    atxbudgrower Active Member

    thanks im probably going to stick with the biocanna im get some when i run out of fox farms do you know if growing organic produces more thc? id rather have quality over quantity to me very high yields isnt to important and im growing autoflowers so they dont produce that much bud to begin with

    jberry Well-Known Member

    some people claim that it brings out more flavor but it's up for debate.

    atxbudgrower Active Member

    if where to use the synthetic line of nute from canna but for soil which ones would i get cuz i read theres like parts a and parts b and i get confused on that

    SnowWhite Well-Known Member

    Use their Terra nute range for soil. Coco A+B nutes are designed for coco.

    Hey J, cool thread. I don't have any questions right now, just interested, so subscribin'....

    Here's what I got going on in my canna coco at the moment.....


    SnowWhite Well-Known Member

    tried to rep you again J, but I gotta spread the love! LOL. Have this instead man.....:joint:

    bloatedcraig Well-Known Member

    yo man just found this site and thank fk i did,

    Have you tried the new coco boost stuff that is on the market. It cost a lot of money and is it really woth it?

    I love the coco growing and have only used a and b this time (first time) and the results are below. Did not even use the pk.

    The only other 2 things are molassess and a product called RIPEN. But i will be doing a full product grow journal and see what we get.

    Costs so bloody much though.

    Peace out!

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    jberry Well-Known Member

    yep use the canna terra line as snow white suggested... it doesnt have the part A+B like the coco line does...

    you would want canna terra profesional plus soil, canna terra vega (for vegging), and canna terra flores (for flowering)... works good and easy to use.
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    atxbudgrower Active Member

    im thinking of using those how much of a yeild difference would there be between the bio and the normal line

    jberry Well-Known Member

    honestly i dont know, but if i had to guess i would guess around ten percent 10%... totally just a educated guess tho.

    atxbudgrower Active Member

    cool cool thanks yea i know it was gonna be a hard guess just wanted to get a number that was reasonable

    macwmv Well-Known Member

    used the bio line up pretty good but kinda pricey

    SnowWhite Well-Known Member

    Hi J....I have a question mate. Suffering a bit of cal/mag deficiency with my Blue Cheese as I'm not using tap water. I was going to raise the individual cal and mg supplements a bit more for it. But I have quite a bit of Biobizz Alg-a-mic left over, it makes a great foilar feed and can be used as a soil drench too. It contains cal and mg as trace nutrients. What do you reckon mixing a little of this along with my Coco A+B? To provide a little extra cal/mg boost? Just be interested to hear your thoughts dude. Thanks. :joint:

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