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    Well, for the next year it looks like I'll only be running 1kw for flowering...and space is a concern for perpetual, but I really don't want to lose 3-4 weeks vegging. Going to start flowering in a day when I figure out where to stick a mother. Might need to buy a small tent to contain 1-2 small mothers in the little space I have left in the closet... stupid door opens in and I don't feel like ripping it out. Anyhow have some nice setup pics to show you tomorrow, along with the beautiful girls.

    Strain: 8x Pineapple Express 3x LA Woman
    Medium: Clones in Root Riot cubes. Then into 50% Hydroton, 50% rockwool grow chunks in 2 gal Smart Pots
    Growing style: Flood & drain for flower,
    Hand watered for veg
    Methods: Topping, Super-cropping
    Base Water: City tap, EC 0.3 mS, Ph 8.5
    Nutes: Ionic Grow/Bloom/Boost & Mother Plant for my mothers
    Additives: Silica Blast, Liquid Karma, Hygrozyme, Greenfuse growth & bloom stimulator, Cal-Mag, Great White Mycorrhizae
    pH: 5.5 to 6.5, using GH Ph Down
    EC: Starting .7 mS working up to 2.2 mS
    reservoir size: 30 gallons filled to 25 with nutrient solution.
    Flood volume: 7-10 Gals depending on pots/flood height
    Feeding schedule: Hand watering with drain to waste for veg. 3x floods a day flowering.
    Lights: 2x - 85W CFL 6500K mothers;
    1000W Hortilux Super Blue
    Light Schedule: Clones - 18/6; Veg - 18/6; Flower - 12/12

    Temps: 78-82 degrees f lights on; 74 degrees lights off.
    Humidity: 45-55%

    Circulation: 16" Air King Pedestal on low/medium, 675 CFM Can Max-Fan 8"
    Odor Control: Phresh filter 6x24" 550 CFM
    Size of grow rooms: Veg/clone room - 2' x 2' x 6' space in closet; Hydro Flower room - 5' x 6' x 8' (240 cubic ft. of space); Tent 4'11" x 2'7" x 6'7".
    How long Veg'd: 4 weeks or 12"

    IMG_1549.jpg IMG_1550.jpg IMG_1552.jpg IMG_1551.jpg
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    CinderellaMan Well-Known Member

    Looks good man can't wait to see this grow! I have a similar setup for next round :) One Love!

    #1Raiderfan420 Well-Known Member

    Sweet, I got here in time for a front row seat. ;)

    wyteberrywidow Global

    Yeah this is a nice setup right here.I want to see this express.

    chb444220 Well-Known Member

    woooohoooo. cant wait to see another amazing grow!!! heyy wats the plant thats in the back left corner thats flowering??

    litljohn Well-Known Member

    looks good,glad to see you got the move done with no problems,i have my inspection today so i had to breakdown and hide my grow for atleast a few hours.

    Someguy15 Well-Known Member

    Nice man, your ladies are looking great for your first round, I'll be sure to check that out.
    Glad to have you. Hey I was wondering if you do a full sealed setup for co2 or if you do fill/vent cycles? A/C is out of the question for now because it's a walkin' on a interior wall of the building, but I was thinking maybe my fan could be killed for 30 mins at a time for injections, is it even worth running it in this fashion?
    Thanks, glad to have your support! Girls are getting their first 12 hours of dark right now, 8 short weeks until harvest!
    haha thanks man, the flowering girl is the Afgan Kush...she just wasn't quite ready to be chopped before the move. I'd say she's got about a week left based on the hairs/trics, can't wait to try her. smells intoxicating like the PE but with a whole different scent.
    Yea the girls made it ok... my 30 gal tubs with lids only ended up being 18 inches tall and most of my plants were 24+ inches including the pot height, so they got supper cropped by the lids. But they made a quick recovery and look great under the 1k. Inspections SUCK man, if they did a full one I'd be much stuff to hide. My issue is in flowering... kill the fan for the noise and then the plants just start wreaking. I've decided turning the carbon filter off is never worth it for me lol

    Thanks for stoppin' in everyone, I'll update pics about once a week and let you know my new trials and tribulations in my new place. I have decided to let the LA Woman strain go, in search of better options. So I'll be flowering 8x PE and 3x LA this round...Looking to get a small mother tent and keeping a PE mother and a Afgan Kush mother for next round...but due to timing of seeds, mothers & cloning, next round might be pure PE...o what a tragedy.

    Someguy15 Well-Known Member

    Forgot to upload a important pic. If you look at pic 1 in the first post, this is the other side of that right wall. Looks clean as hell, but it's so loud it would be hard to just say 'o that's just the fart fan'


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    HookdOnChronics Well-Known Member

    damn man looking fucking gorgeous as always! Very happily subd, I'll be watching from the sidelines. +rep it if I can
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    Someguy15 Well-Known Member

    Some shots of the new mother tent. Using a GL60 (2'x2'x5'3") with 2 85 watt cfls and a small fan for exhaust. This gives me just enough space for 2 small mothers and a cloning tray. Now I just have to figure out where to veg for 3-4 weeks under the 4' 8 tube and I'm ready to rock for another year.

    IMG_1554.jpg IMG_1557.jpg IMG_1555.jpg IMG_1556.jpg

    maniacal420 Active Member

    Looking nice and clean as always. I'll be checking in on you! lol

    kickflipdipstik Well-Known Member

    nice veg tent setup! can't wait to see how this one turns out!

    notoriousb Well-Known Member

    high and scribed man :weed:

    Someguy15 Well-Known Member

    Link didn't work. I have been perpetual ever since my second harvest. I like to veg 4 weeks, so I just take clones 2 weeks after I start flowering one batch. I run even 8 week harvests, so 2 weeks to root, 4 weeks to veg and they are perfect to go right into 12/12.
    Glad to have ya along man, should be a good one.
    Thanks guys...give me a few weeks I'll have some nice prebud shots up. Journals with veg suck right? everyone should just skip to start of flowering :lol:

    wyteberrywidow Global

    I have to agree with you there.

    Someguy15 Well-Known Member

    Afgan Kush is looking amazing, smelling intoxicating! Maybe about 4-5 days left on her hopefully. If the smoke is as knock out as I'm thinking it will be, I'll germ another fem seed for a mother. Unfortunately, it will take too long to give up clones for round 6, so I plan to run 25% afgan & 75% PE on round 7. Round 6 will be 100% PE :D

    wyteberrywidow Global

    You just make sure u put up a link i want in.

    Someguy15 Well-Known Member

    Don't worry, for the next year or so I'll probably be using this journal. Go through them too fast at 8 weeks with perpetual, so this will be more accommodating.

    chb444220 Well-Known Member

    yeaa veggin is pretty boring.. =/ only gets interesting about 2-3 weeks into flowering. lol.

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