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Discussion in 'Arizona Patients' started by HB DC, May 13, 2013.

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    Colorado is not so inviting... Arizona is home. I will not leave because a few out of state folks move in and made a few shitty laws to benefit their interests (Not the first time).

    Arizona has such rich history when it comes to folks creating monopolies... (Our Constitution is 4 times longer than most for a reason)(Rich Hill, Peralta, Camp Grant, Pleasant Valley, and all the fueds over rights-of-way).

    Three words - Initiative, Referendum and Recall.

    We have a lot of very important issues in Arizona going on and MMJ is at the bottom of the list for me right now. Look up H.B. 2345 & H.B. 2346 introduced by House Representative!

    Be sure to vote:
    Local Election March 11, 2014
    Local Election May 20, 2014
    Primary Election August 26, 2014
    General Election November 4, 2014
    HB DC

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    Okay gentlemen, I've tried to read through the bickering to get my answer but couldn't. Can someone please in simple english explain what the laws to grow in Az are at this time? I'm from Cali but have an opportunity to move to Az & would like to know what hoops I'll need to jump through to have a legal grow in your state? Thank you in advance for your help.

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    As I understand it, you have to have your AZ mmj card, and you have to be at least 25miles away from the nearest dispensary.
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    Yeah, basically what medicalgrowman said. You have to pay the state fees and provide appropriate medical records from previous year indicating your ailment that qualifies you for medical status. This will get you your green card for one year that entitles you to visit dispensaries, and share meds with other patients.

    In order to secure your cultivation rights for 12 plants, you must have an address tied to your application that is outside of an imaginary, 25 mile radius circle that begins at the heart of every single dispensary in the state. Now, this doesn't leave much of the state of AZ to live in while staying outside of these circles of death. Of the 50,000 plus medical cannabis patients in AZ, I believe only 3 or 4 % have cultivation rights.
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    Is there still that exemption for caregivers that live within the 25 mile radius, but supply a medical patient who lives outside that 25 mile zone?

    greywind Well-Known Member

    Yes sir! As long as the qualifying patient is tied to an address that is outside of those 25 mile zones, their caregiver can grow anywhere, regardless of dispensary location.
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