Since this could help all the growers in Az

Discussion in 'Arizona Patients' started by HB DC, May 13, 2013.

    HB DC

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    Aftermuch debate and thinking... The 25 mile prohibition lawsuit is over. No amended complaint being filed (though it is ready for filing). I wish there was a better answer to give folks but I don't have one. I value my privacy and most importantly we will be able to cultivate soon just not through the 25 mile prohibition lawsuit.

    What then?

    Apply for MMJ Card
    Get denied
    Request a Settlement Conference
    Request an Appeal of the Departments Decision
    Administrative Court will affirm the Decision that denies MMJ card
    File a Judicial Review in the Superior Court (This is where we filed lawsuit instead of review of the decision)

    "Our Greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time."
    -Thomas Edison
    pharma farmer

    pharma farmer Member

    I wonder how many years it'll take for someone to navigate that course successfully...
    Lucius Vorenus

    Lucius Vorenus Well-Known Member

    No offense but numerous people told you your approach was all wrong. Not only did you lose the case but you pretty much destroyed the path for qualified people that wanted to help the patients fight for this. Good job.

    irieie Well-Known Member

    The last two words nullified your first two words and draws attention away from the truth in between.
    HB DC

    HB DC Active Member

    All of whom have not invested in several lawyers for advice and are not lawyers, including you. Sorry but even Mr.Humble gives "sage" advice like so many others instead of coming together and working together many folks think it is better to belittle anyone that is fighting for a better option for all patients.

    Only if you knew... Doing exactly what we planned to do(since day one) and continueing what we planned to do (today & tomorrow & the next day & so on).

    Maybe read (transcripts) what is going on instead of assuming. Wish folks luck but all the answers are there for you. Now that there is something (caselaw) to work from I believe more folks have a better chance of fighting this now. When the judge reviews the decision made by cooper they will disregard it and develop a new basis for their decision...... wink wink.. So maybe we did lose this lawsuit but did we lose the fight? IMO we are winning and I assume this includes patients like yourself? Because this doesn't help the "hurt parties" such as dispensaries (though the impact of home cultivation will have no effect on the revenues of dispensaries - at least not numbers to worry about. But it will bring a flux of supply (over time) and the supply will be high and the result is lowered prices for patients due to low demand - ding!)...

    And may I ask...


    Lucius Vorenus

    Lucius Vorenus Well-Known Member

    Thanks for policing the forum. Again.
    HB DC

    HB DC Active Member

    I think he menat to say your last 2 words nullify your first 2 sentenses and "draws attention away from the truth in between."

    Assuming that your 2 sentenses were valid -

    "No offence but numerous people told you your approach was all wrong. Not only did you lose the case but you pretty much destroyed the path for qualified people that wanted to help the patients fight for this. Good job.

    Your first sentense is valid though most folks are not in on all the details for a good reason nor has anyone came-up with a better plan other than doing nothing. But what about the second sentense? Untrue as the rain in PHX today.

    Anyways... It is a sham that folks are bickering back and forth over non-sense and not talking about growing non-sense.

    irieie Well-Known Member

    No I meant what I said. I know arizona is very low when it comes to education. The first two words were "no offense" the last two words were a sarcastic and childish jab, "good job". You two deserve each other.
    Lucius Vorenus

    Lucius Vorenus Well-Known Member

    As always its always great to have little 20yr old douchers policing an internet forum. Keep up the solid work kiddo.

    irieie Well-Known Member

    Yeah ok bro keep running your garbage, out your mouth and out your "flower" room.
    Its ok I understand that your mad. I would be also if I was a grown ass man getting schooled and outgrown by some kiddo on the internet.
    HB DC

    HB DC Active Member

    I Gseus its the lcak of ecudacoitn in Az.

    Professor answer me this...

    What are you doing to help get grow rights back? (other than using homeless people and fudging addresses or what ever tontine you have came up with)

    Some folks are left in the dark for reasons...

    Thank you professor Dunning Kruger your insight is always a blessing.


    Nice cola...
    You must be the only person in Az growing that good of herb. I don't think anyone else has ever grown herb as good as you. Seriously!
    And that is why I call you Professor Dunning Kruger.


    FYI - Lemon juice does not make you invisable...

    irieie Well-Known Member

    You can mud sling at me all you'd like. Haters gonna hate. It does not change the fact that you foolishly wasted a bunch of peoples money and hope and probably any prospect of being able to legally grow their own medicine. The worst part is now that everyone including the state courts confirmed you were and still are wrong and you still think you are right. What's more dangerous is your telljng people to use some made up bullshit scheme crafted by the same minds who just got this case thrown out of court.
    Maybe a focus on getting patients affordable clean and effective medicine better serves patients needs than some foolish and egotistical crusade which publisizes yourself as an "activist" and being right when in the end you just look like an ass and makes all those who gave you money feel stupid and hopeless.

    thecoolman New Member

    I am going to stay out of this but I will say this.
    I do agree with the following statement.

    I think doing as HB suggested in regards to this would be a bit past stupid.

    What I do want to know is what happened to your drive HB?
    You were going to keep the fight. Did the "pot lawyer" take all the money saying he could win but now wants no more of it except for a nice vacation on your dime?
    HB DC

    HB DC Active Member

    Still trying to figure out what I have "suggested" or "advised" folks to do. :confused:

    I have said over and over that folks should get a lawyer and NOT take my word for it.

    Drive? Same as it was since day one. Differance - I will keep it to myself because fighting for my rights seems to offend folks.

    I just want to grow - legally. I thought there would be more support and positive input from people... What have I gotten? A bunch of blah blah blah.. Maybe 3 people have stepped up and are making a change while many others are simply in the dark - and for good reasons.. The folks that are the biggest critics are usually the petty dope peddlers that don't care about helping others just profits.

    Lets hear a better idea?

    thecoolman New Member


    thecoolman New Member

    It certainly doesn't offend me I always respected the fact you were fighting the assholes!
    HB DC

    HB DC Active Member

    I can take a sentense from here and there and make just about any assertion such as what you have done...

    I did in fact tell folks to stop participating in the bogus program.. Yes indeed I have - hypothetically! But by no means am I or was I giving advise to folks. It is my personal opinion that folks should not participate in the MMJ program but I didn't "advise" anyone to do so. If someone ask me how to not participate in the program I will tell them how I am doing it.

    personified Active Member

    I commend you for your efforts and thank you. I believe the latest rulings move us closer as each judge seems to point the next direction with out ruling out of court.
    HB DC

    HB DC Active Member

    Don't thank me...

    It is Official -
    [TABLE="class: zebraRowTable"]
    [TR="class: even-rows"]
    [TD]Judgment Of Dismissal as of[/TD]
    [TD] :arrow: 3/4/2014[/TD]

    Took well over a year to get here...

    Plan A Failed. Plan B Failed. Plan C?

    Chimone Well-Known Member

    Plan C? Im already trucking along with Plan C

    Invest heavily in Pot Stocks, collect insane profits, not give a shit about Az stupid laws anyway and plan to move back to Denver

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