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    If you're worried just put the top couple of inches regular roots original then the rest the mix
    Sunny Organics

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    Hey man how's the fading on the plants during flower with your most recent soil? I tried one of your recipes and i noticed some strains did yellow a bit earlier than expected. Maybe it was my teas? Other than the fading, everything came out super dank!!!

    my most recent flowers with one of your recipes - Church Og different phenos that i got.

    My favorites -
    Pheno 1 Very OG like with a fuely smell, caked up and super dense. -
    Pheno 2 Didn't have a smell to her but she was the most caked up out of all of them and pretty dense, started fading purple at the end!! -

    Pheno 3 Had a fruity smell, dense, caked up, sativa dom. -
    Pheno 4 She was an outdoor plant that i moved back in, fluffy, not too caked up, looked like a hybrid and the high was decent. -

    I had some Sour Ds but they outgrew everything, very tall and branchy i guess the soil was too hot. They started burning up so i just cut them down and moved some Bubba Gift that i just harvested.

    Bubba Gift came out with a chocolate bubblegum smell, FIRE super caked up. It wasnt an indica for sure sativa dom, tall and branchy, pretty heavy yield. It's supposed to have a low flowering stage but i let it go 2 weeks longer. Freebie by Humboldt Seed Organization if im correct. Worth getting, it's fire. She also seemed to burn up earlier than the rest, all my sativa phenos did. Haven't taken pics yet, falling from the weight haha :bigjoint:... -

    More to come soon, hope you guys like them. :blsmoke:
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    How early is the yellowing happening?
    You can top dress with more mix half way through or use a bigger pot.
    What ingredients are you using to brew your tea? I found molasses to induce some early yellowing.
    Now a days I've been running my raw salt hydro formula in dwc. So I go full strength all the way through.
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    Yeah those were my guesses too. i used 5 gallon pots im now using 10 gallons. lots of fuckin molasses, i started feeding teas 2 weeks in between and everything went smooth from there. i did top dress as well at their early stages of veg and flower to give them that push, but i don't think that was an issue at all it was the pots for sure and prob the sugars. the sativas started yellowing around week 4 if im correct.
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    This raw salt hydro you're running in dwc.. is it full organics still? Is there a post where I can read more about it? Very curious

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    My SS soil is cooking and I noticed some white mold growing on the top is this something to worry about. What are the best ingredients and how much should I use to brew a tea for flowering.

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    The white stuff is fine just mix the soil briefly before use. If you're gonna use tea just use an aact tea. In dwc I brew with ro water, a tablespoon of ewc, tablespoon of Alaska humus, and a tablespoon of sucanat (dehydrated molasses).. Usually brew with a couple gallons of water and I dump the extra onto my mother soil plants in veg. I keep my mother plants in soil because in dwc things can go wrong really fast if something happens.. I've had plants die in 36 hours. Soil is more forgiving and typically rapid death does not occur.

    The raw salts are considered natural. It's hard to get a lot of things certified organic.. The main difference is soil amendments typically need to be broken down by bacteria in soil before they become available to the plant.. Raw salts are typically water soluble and fully readily available in their current form..
    So essentially as far as the plant is concerned it's the same thing, it's just salts work immediately because they're in their broken down form.. Amendments need to be broken down.. But once their broken down, it's the same chemical makeup as the salt, the plant doesn't see a difference in the two. As long as your salt source is pure, it can actually be considered cleaner than organic soil..
    I just like dwc because Its cleaner and easier to maintain because I don't have to lug and mix heavy bags of soil which hurt my back condition. Plus you're controlling everything that is going into the plant at the precise amounts that you want.

    I don't log on this site. I keep a journal on another private sure that is invite only and I don't believe I have permission to invite. But I have a thread on here called "hydrobuddy" where I put the recipe I use in there.
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    Thanks for sharing sidewing! I'll check the hydrobuddy thread but appreciate all you've shared here!:joint:
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    My SS has been cooking for 2 weeks and there are flies all over it. They don't look like Fungus Gnats,
    they are yellowish and black with wings much smaller then their bodies. Do you know what they are and how to get rid of them. Once again thank you for all your help.


    sidewing Well-Known Member

    Don't know what they are. You can try spraying them with azamax and putting the yellow sticky traps all around to trap them.

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    I dont know if its been said or not but I use nemetodes on the regular when I'm mixing soil, especially with a new batch seeing all soil is usually blessed from where ever its been made, warehoused, and stored on retail store floors where they usually have half dead plants showing off their lights/tents/growing systems that are also usually covered in bugs along with whatever other growers track into the grow stores and/or nurseries with them.. so they usually come loaded with some kind of bugs... but the nemetodes seem to help the situation... If I get any kind of break out its usually right after a transplant and within a week they're no longer around once the adults die because the neme's kill the eggs or larvae before they fly... in my case anyhow, everyone has different issues... I dont know exactly what kind of bugs your talking about but most soil born bugs will succumb to the nemetodes as well as whats brought in with good compost and vermicompost...
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    wow i never thought of that, thanks man haha. cheers! :bigjoint:

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    QUOTE="budman678, post: 7785168, member: 419637"]FFOF usually has gnats....sux. im fucking with gnats right now[/QUOTE]
    I'm on my first grow now using OF and def got gnats I figured its cause I'm a noob and been over watering have since been treating soil with DE food grade of course and mosquito bits and gnats are slowly dying off but def dit some damage to my girls

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    I got rid of all my gnats in my SS while it was cooking by putting a dish with apple cider vinegar and
    a little dish washing soap. it was amazing the flies went right to it and died. The larva which are super small came out of the soil and right into the vinegar killed them dead. there were thousands upon thousands of larva. By eye they look like tiny hairs in the vinegar but if you look at them through a digital microscope you can see them clearly. You might try the vinegar and soap on the floor in a dish and spray a small amount right on the soil for the larva. Hope this helps it worked for me.
    I'm on my first grow now using OF and def got gnats I figured its cause I'm a noob and been over watering have since been treating soil with DE food grade of course and mosquito bits and gnats are slowly dying off but def dit some damage to my girls[/QUOTE]
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    I have a question if you wouldn't mind answering. for the humic its powder form correct? And would it be the humaplex? I'm looking and have most on ebay decent priced and free shipping but they only have granular humic red box it also shows acidic in blue box has ore in it looks like blueberrys on the box. If anyone can help thanks. I'm using for my ss but wanted to try subcools method out but costs upfront I can't afford right now this will run close to $220 (thanks btw sidewing for this very valuable and informative thread much appreciation!!!) I'm a noob trying to grow my own meds. I bet for everything .subcools would be probably well over $500. I got pic of my frist grow still in veg very bushy but am just getting rid of gnats I used FFOF n happy frog for topsoil won't do that again lol.

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    Thank you very much for the reply I'll def give that a try right on my plant soil if they decide to live thro the diatomacious earth and mosquito bits!!!!

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    They all look amazing!!! I just bought everything for this except waiting on fish bone meal (shop was out) yea my intown grow shop has literally everything and he's a very nice guy kinda fckn awesome lol only thing I had to get that was different was potassium sulfate instead of 0-0-50 I got DTE'S 0-0-22 so my question is if anyone wouldn't mind helping me out should I double the amazing and end up with a 44? Close enough to the 50 right? I know I'm a noob I just want to make my own soil and grow my meds n not hav to use snake oils that could possibly hurt me or ppl I donate to thanks for your reply anyone!!!!!! I put up a pic of current first grow in veg bout 1mnth n 1week in most recent is in my other comments lol

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    I know greensand Is in at the very least one of the items I bought and it is a DTE brand well most of the stuff is all DTE anyhow

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    [QUOTE="sidewing, post: 9742600, member: 2030]heres a couple of pics of phantom cookies (phantom = gdp x cherry pie.. and the cookies is: bay 11 x platinum cookies). this strain was popped from seed that i bought from the GDP collective in the bay area. it is my new favorite strain. it retains the smell of phantom, taste almost like phantom but with a touch of the og/sour from platinum and a little more sweetness from the bay 11 and cherry pie (ive had all these strains individually so i know what traits they carry). it yields better than blue dream (which eveyrone knows is a high yield) and is almost all bud with very little leaves. frosty as all hell and rock hard dense as can be. the high is pretty clear, it can get intense on heavy use but its great daytime smoke. also useful for evening smoke, i reserve something else for right before bed though. i never thought i'd find a strain i liked more than kens GDP.. but this one is right there with it.
    View attachment 2867312
    above is the top
    View attachment 2867313
    the above is right below the top (the top on the first pic is at the very top of this pic)
    View attachment 2867314
    heres some first round cut outdoor of girls scout cookie s1. it was grown with just hose water in the ground, where i dump my old soil.

    to answer some questions that were on the past few pages:

    i am still using rice hulls (for silica and also better drainage). neem also, and since using neem ive noticed it handles everything gone wrong in the garden. i had some mold/fungus growth on the bottom of the cups and on the soil. hit it with neem and sprinkled some neem around the base on the water saucer.. gone within a week. i had some mushroom spores in my bagged soil that started growing on the vegging plants. neem killed em. fungus gnats i do see 1 or 2 here and there. but the neem keeps them WAY under control. i had some larvae (maybe thrips?) on the bottom of some leaves in veg, i gave the plants neem as a top dressing and sprayed the leaves with azamax, one time.. they are gone now.

    i did want to note to anyone using bottled silica to be careful because they tend to be high in salt content and can cause ph issues and lockout issues if used too frequently. i'd just use rice hulls. they are cheaper and work just as well.

    i never ph my water.. ever, not even in my ez cloner. my tap water is hard too. ph ranges from 8.5 to 9. and over 200ppm

    i dont use any bottled nutrients anymore. straight tap water all through flower.. its easier. i dont have as much time in my schedule so i did it for convenience at first, but results are still great so ill stick with it.

    soil mix is final, no reason to change it anymore, its perfect for me. i just wish i didnt have to mix it haha.

    here is the final soil mix:

    (cook moist soil in covered garbage can for 1 month minimum)

    • 2 large bags - roots natural and organic soil large bag (1.5)
    • 1.5 cu - EB Earth Worm Castings
    • 16 red cups (about 1kg) – organic rice hulls
    • 420g fish bone meal (down to earth 3-16-0)
    • 420g bat guano (happy frog 0-5-0)
    • 420g blood meal (down to earth 12-0-0)
    • 100g neem seed meal (down to earth)
    • 80g potassium sulfate (0-0-50)

    • 200g ancient forest alaska humus (general organics)
    • 200g xtreme mycorrhizal granules
    • 200g azomite

    • 100g sea kelp (algamin 1-0-2)
    • 70g dolomite lime (30% cal 3% mg or 75/12)
    • 50g alfalfa meal (down to earth 2.5-1-1)

    • 20g humic acid powder (down to earth)
    • 8g Epsom salt

    then i usually put aprox 8 tablespoons of neem as a top dressing when i move them into flower, mostly for gnat prevention. doesnt have to be exact, just a dusting across the top layer.

    oh and also i did want to note its important to not use pot size too small if you want to maximize your results and the soil performance. i think i use 10gal pots, its been so long since i bought them. basically what subcool recommended in his mix is what i use (i think it was #7 nursery pots which were 10gal pots)[/QUOTE]
    Hello sidewing and THANK YOU!!!! I do have 2 questions if you wouldn't mind helping me complete I got the DTE brand potassium sulfate 0-0-22 should I double the recommended amount as it calls for 0-0-50? Also I got garden lime and dnt have a pic of it on me but will post it asap n was wondering if you could tell me if it will work? Thank you for your time and your knowledge sidewing very appreciated!!!!!!!

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