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    sidewing Well-Known Member

    the super soil recipe was great, but i have ran this modified version a few cycles now and am much happier with the results. the herbs smell, flavor, crystal content, and stickiness are unbeatable. i will list the recipe, and then explain what i changed and my reasoning. i do a quarter batch from the original recipe.

    2 large bags roots natural and organic soil
    15 pounds Earth Worm Castings
    420g fish bone meal (down to earth 3-16-0)
    420g bat guano (happy frog 0-5-0)
    420g blood meal (down to earth 12-0-0)
    80g potassium sulfate (0-0-50)

    200g ancient forest alaska humus (general organics)
    200g xtreme mycorrhizal granules
    200g azomite

    100g sea kelp (algamin 1-0-2)
    70g dolomite lime (30% cal 3% mg or 75/12)
    50g alfalfa meal (down to earth 2.5-1-1)

    20g humic acid powder (down to earth)
    8g Epsom salt

    i do 420 grams instead of 560 (1.25 pounds) because i felt the original mix was too strong, and it did leave some residual BEFORE curing. lowering down too 420g removed that fixing the problem.. the plants have a very very light beginning of a color fade on a day 63 chop.

    the potassium sulfate is obviously to give the soil a (what i feel was needed) potassium boost. sulfer is also a flavor enhancer.

    the alaska humus has a very large diversity of microbial life that it adds to the soil, and it also acts as a ph buffer keeping your ph around 7.

    xtreme mycorrhizal granules i have used in the past and had great results, so i figure adding some into the soil mix is beneficial.

    i use more azomite because in my opinion from past experiences azomite and mycorrhizal combo have drastically improved yields and plant vigor.

    sea kelp is also for diversity of bacteria being added to the soil, everyone knows the benefit if seaweed/kelp in cannabis, plus it also is a small K boost.

    alfalfa meal i added because of the growth hormone triacontanol basically as long as u arent giving too much of it (which can delay flowering) its just a natural steroid for the plant basically.

    during flowering i use this schedule to feed the plant:
    STRAIGHT TAP WATER (i have gone thru the trouble of filling gallon jugs thru the water filter at a very slow pace and the results are very very similiar.. so i dont take the time to use dechlorinated water anymore.. its my understanding anyway that the chlorine content in water is no where near enough to kill the bacteria in soil. it would have to be at the strength of pool water, which my water is not, im sure somewhere somebodys is though)

    my plants are in 7gal pots, i give em 2 gallons of water as soon as the saucer below is dry. and when i do additives, i give it once a week, on the 2nd jug per plant.

    here is my flower feed schedule:

    5ml liquid karma (day 1-day 14)
    10ml liquid karma (21-49)
    2tbsp sucanat (day1-14)
    3tbsp sucanat (21-42)
    4tbsp sucanat (49+)
    5ml hygrozyme (1-49)

    i started just water only when i first started with super soil.. experimented with things here and there.. the things i found most beneficial were definitely liquid karma, and the sucanat.. hygrozyme is good, but if u need to go without something, keep the lk and sucanat and dump the hygrozyme.

    i pull very well.. no less than 4oz a plant (4 plants under a 1k) on the low yielders (grandaddy) and easily double on a high yielder. the gdp turns purple no matter what the temperature is, because its just the right amount of nutrients to where it starts fading at the end of flower.

    Budologist420 Well-Known Member

    Do you have any pics of plants you've grown in this recipe?
    Sir Stickybuds

    Sir Stickybuds Well-Known Member

    Thanx for sharing, it is always good to experiment and find your own way. Maybe soon others will follow and agree.

    sidewing Well-Known Member

    here is a couple pics of the grandaddy from last round, using cell phone so tried to get it as clear as possible. and then a pic of the grow tent from far back, then a close up shot of one of the buds. these plants are on day 41 right now.. they will be cut down on day 63.

    sidewing Well-Known Member

    heres one more taken from the previous round.. the kens gdp right before i cut her down, i love this pic.

    Budologist420 Well-Known Member

    I just picked up a kens GDP clone the other day and also a ten pack of his seeds :)

    Looks great bro

    sidewing Well-Known Member

    thx.. nice i didnt know he had seeds, i got the cutting 3 years ago from ken and have kept it alive, i been trying to get some seeds off of it, only managed to find 1 in many runs indoor and outdoor.. it is a strain that dosnt like to seed. which is a good thing.

    i had some stress this cycle though between heat and light cycle changes and a couple power outages, and i noticed a few seeds on all my plants this time, but there is still a major amount of good bud, im hoping this will be the round i finally get some seeds just incase for backup purposes.

    im running a master og kush that i did from seed that is real good. also going to run a jack herer j1 and sonoma coma on this next cycle. have some sweet n sour kush seed pops hoping to find a good keeper female.

    i also have been assembling a list of core ingredients and sourcing them because i want to make my own soil mix completely from scratch. i have the list saved, but itll cost me a couple hundred dollars to order what i need and i just cant put down that kind of money on soil right now for an experiment. but as soon as i get a change to make it, im going to do half of the garden with that mix, and half super soil, and see how it compares.. if its something good ill post it on here for people to try as well.. its a great soil mixture.. all the diversity one can imagine. should be great.

    i live a few hours south of the bay area in cali so i dont take the trip there nearly as often as i used to.. but when i had the kens cut available to me i was there immediately lol.

    but yeah u will love that kens gdp, its fire.. it tests always around 20% thc.. outdoor was about 19% for me.. indoor to 20%.. not much difference.. flavor is amazing soon as its dry, and it gets way better after a month cure.. plus when u open the jar its amazing. one of those strains that u stink up a room with just a gram in your pocket.

    the high for me initially is a slight boost followed very shortly after by couch lock.

    sidewing Well-Known Member

    heres some pics from this round that is close to being a wrap. these were taken on day 51 of flower.
    the above is just some bagseed seeds ive had for years, i decided to pop one of them, it smells unbelievably good, like a fruity diesely kind of smell, not sure what it is, but unfortunately it did pop a few seeds itself, but the smell is so damn good it makes me want to keep popping more seeds of this until i find one that doesnt hermi, its more sativa dominant as you can probably tell from the bud growth, i topped and topped and topped and LST'd and did everything i could to keep the height down and she wasnt having any of it, still taller than anything else in the room.
    this is the kens gdp, starting to fade and the purple tones are starting to come out
    this is the mango og kush cross that i sprouted from seed, this is my 2nd flowering run with her, shes def a keeper. smells like mango with a touch of og kush.. flavor is real smooth and a hybrid of mango and og kush, and the growth is a hybrid also, she took traits from both all across the board.. the high is uplifting, but u can feel the indica in there as well.. great for depression, anxiety, muscle pain, and needing to get shit done.

    im going to let these go either day 56 or 63, not sure.. take the tops, then give the lower buds another couple of weeks to fill out better. i was going to take a day 56 of the tops, but after looking at the pics i think i want to see the crystals a little more cloudy/amber. 63 will probably be the winner.

    edit: just wanted to note, i live somewhere where it gets very hot during the summer and temps have been in the 90's for the last month of this grow.. the gdp is turning purple when the temps never drop below 70, and can get as high as 80 in the grow space.. i believe that cold does help turn any strain purple, but if u have the soil mixed correctly the natural colors of the genetics will show regardless of temperature.
    also on another side note, the gdp and the mango og have a few seeds on them also, just a few.. i hope maybe that bagseed pollinated them, and the seeds are a cross, cuz damn the smell of that bagseed is killer, and its aggressive in the way it grows.. could be potentially an amazing cross on some of the seeds this round.
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    Noora Member

    how much did this cost you? how many plants do u have in 7 gal pots? your recipe is enough for 12 maybe?
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    sidewing Well-Known Member

    its hard to say how much it cost.. i buy the ammendments in bulk from a website groworganic dot com that is based here in california.. they are a regular organic gardening site so i feel comfortable ordering from them. id say something like 500 dollars for a few years worth of batches easily. i run about 5 cycles a year. the things i have to buy regularly are 2 bags of roots organic soil and about every few cycles a 5lb bag of happy frog bat guano cuz i cant find a 50lb bag of it anywhere. also have to buy worm castings every time i mix a batch, and xtreme mycorrhizal every few times. other things like the alfalfa meal, kelp, humic acid i just use the 5lb bag down to earth brand. i only run 4 plants under a single 1k, but the mix i use fills a black plastic garbage can about 4/5 of the way.. and when i take out enough soil for 4 plants, i usually have about 1/3 of the can left, so id say u should be able to have enough for 7 plants. maybe 8 maximum.

    i just made some killer hash from this trim, fully melts/bubbles.. and looks like peanut brittle.. amazing stuff.

    i traditionally do a dry trim, hang the whole plant, this time i just cut the tops and im giving the lower half an extra couple of weeks.. and trimmed em wet, and made bubble from it right away.. only the sugar leaves.. so the hash had no impurities whatsoever, the 160 bag that is usually the impurities was completely empty. i switched to a 4 bag bubblebag 1 gallon from the 5gallon i was running.. because now i can fit the 1gal paint container i use in the fridge and freezer so the water is super cold.. the water is like slushy when i run it through now.
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    Bern1 Member

    How long did you veg the GDP? How many inches till you flowered?


    sidewing Well-Known Member

    about 6-8 weeks..
    i run perpetual cycles,so i veg thru the previous flower cycle.

    my plants are usually about 1 1/2 feet tall when i switch em to flower and put em in super soil. and they are established in their roots. i like to keep them short and bushy, with lots of top nodes that are all an even canopy. then when i put em in flower i take off any veg growth below the half way point of the plant, so the top buds are really fat and dense.

    usually i cut my clones small, only about 6 inches tall. and i top it once early, making about 4 main nodes... then after that ill do the 'oops i fucked up' method of topping on the top nodes about 5 weeks into veg to let the bottom nodes catch up with the top.

    i also go from plastic red cups to 6" mesh pots to 3gal pots.. before putting them into 7gal pots of supersoil mix when switching to 12/12

    the gdp needs to only be topped once, if you overtop it. itll stay too short in flower and get crowded out by other strains that are more agressive, but if done right itll be one of the most aggressive in the room, it just comes with time and experience, ive had the strain for a few years now so i know what she likes now.

    other more sativa dominant strains need many topping and lst throughout veg and during flower (lst) as well.

    dabumps Well-Known Member

    So how do you feed during veg? Do you put them in a full 7gal of SS or do you put at least a layer of reg soil as a buffer?

    sidewing Well-Known Member

    not required to feed during veg.. the roots organic soil carries them thru..
    they start in the ez cloner.. after roots pop, they go into a plastic red cup from costco. after a week or 2 they go into a 6inch mesh pot.. after another couple of weeks they go into a 3gal pot.. each time i just transplant into plain roots organic soil. i do however sprinkle layers of mycorrhizal granules each time i transplant. usually 2-3 layers thru the soil. so since the next pot size is bigger than the previous, the new soil u are adding is enough to feed it for a few weeks with just water only.

    then right before i transplant from 3gal pot to the 7gal flowering pot, i fill it 2/3 of the way with super soil.. put a layer of xtreme mycorrhizal granules, and put the plant (which is in the 3gal pot) on top of that.. and fill the little bit of space on the side with just plain roots organic soil.

    you can do water only during flower if you want, but i found better results using the liquid karma, sucanat and hygrozyme all through flower.. no flush, nothing.. just dose em once a week with the additives, and chop when ready.. no need to stop with the additives it does not leave any residual and does not negatively affect the flavor.
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    Beeb Beebman

    Beeb Beebman Active Member

    Will feather meal work instead of the blood meal? Also, will jersey greensand suffice for the potassium sulfate? If anyone has experience with adding these please shoot me a pm.

    intensive Well-Known Member

    ive varried here and there on the recipe i make but ive found that following it closely yields the best results

    remember that super hot'ness helps keep from fading to early and really helps feed heavy during weeks 3-5, I get yields that outdid my very best coco attempts and quality that its out of this world.

    i have been using enzymes every 4th watering or so and the occasional bene tea to really "push" the plants. Im smoking dispensary meds until I chop again, i consider it a tolerance break 8)

    sidewing Well-Known Member

    the only thing im going to consider adding is rice hulls to the soil mix for a silica boost. but im completely happy with the results as of right now the way it is.. adding/replacing/supplementing is one has to do on their own, i personally do not have experience with those things you mentioned. i believe green sand is a potassium (K) source.. and its slow release. not sure if jersey greensand is different.

    the yield was good on the basic super soil recipe, but for me it did not fade at the end of flower.. and for the first few weeks after chop, it tickled my throat when i would smoke the herb.. not sure why. after a month of cure it went away though.. i attributed it to some sort of nutrient residual from the super soil.. so mine is toned down a bit, and it starts to fade around week 8. its perfect for the way i run things, honestly i think everyone has to tweak it for their style/conditions to perfect it for them.. there is no golden recipe.
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    jrockanova Member

    Thanks for the recipe, Sidewig! Just to clarify, are the ml feed liquid amounts you mention for 1 or 2 gallons of water? and do you see any need to flush with straight water and/or perhaps florakleen? or only sucranat until the last watering before harvest?

    Chillintxstlye Active Member

    Bro still have to cook it for 30 days right?

    sidewing Well-Known Member

    yes still cook 30 days. the measurments are for 1gal of water. i used liquid karma, sucanat and hygrozyme all the way until the end.. just water only on the last water, a few days before harvest.. no residual in taste at all. those 3 things are not really nutrients, just things that support the soil life and help uptake and sweeten. hygrozyme are sucanat are OMRI organic.. liquid karma is not OMRI listed, but if you research it, it is very very close, and i think the only reason its not is because one of the additives is hard to verify if is organic. but is completely safe. i do not see any need to flush at all in organic soil.

    this round im doing this time, i did the whole pot with the soil mix when i transplanted.. and i decided to just use 10ml liquid karma , 5ml hygrozyme, and 4tsp (2 tablespoon) sucanat for the whole flowering cycle.. just to simplify things. all i can say is the buds are flowering a little earlier and faster than the last round.. i think its due to the higher dose of liquid karma early on, helps break down/uptake more faster with the humic/fulvic acids in liquid karma..

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