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    That's mycelium def not trash! Doing exactly what u want it to! Yea getting a mix together again myself whooohoooo
  3. What is your Veg stage like? Soil? Nutes? Pot sizes?

    willing to try this recipe!

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    Hello all,

    Reviving an old thread.

    Hydro has done well, but continually rising costs of electricity have pushed me back to soil. Running multiple air pumps, keeping the ac below 70 degrees add up. With soil I can remove all the big air pumps and keep the thermostat higher.

    Anyway, here's the plan thus far, keeping it simple:
    1 bag roots original
    2 cups of the following:
    (These are all dte brand)
    Blood meal, fish bone meal, sea kelp, green sand, seabird guano, alfalfa meal, azomite
    Then 1/2 cup Epsom salt

    Mix all the stuff, cook for 1-2 months and water initially with aact/labs before cook.

    I'll be water once a week with aact and labs in flower.

    Blood meal-
    down to earth 12-0-0
    Nitrogen and trace minerals
    1-4 month release

    Fish bone meal-
    Down to earth 3-16-0
    Phosphorus, calcium and trace minerals
    1-4 month release

    Kelp meal-
    Down to earth 1-0.1-2
    Potassium, trace minerals, growth hormones (cytokinins)
    1-4 month release

    Down to earth
    Potassium, marine deposit consisting of iron-potash-silicates and marine trace minerals.
    4+ month release

    Seabird guano:
    Down to earth 0-11-0
    Phosphorus, humus
    0-1 month release

    Alfalfa meal-
    Down to earth 2.5-0.5-2.5
    Nitrogen, calcium, trace minerals, growth hormones (triaconatol)
    1-4 month release

    Over 70 trace minerals
    4+ month release

    Epsom salt:
    Magnesium and sulfur
    0-1 month release
    (Im using ro water and having some cal/mg deficiencies on my first soil run.. Note this run that is half way done wasn't a soil mix. It was base soil and top dressing, which wasn't sufficient. I'd venture to say if you're using tap water Epsom salt may not be necessary.. In fact it may not even be necessary with ro water with the soil mix in place. But I have and it's cheap so I'll try it)

    Brewing 24 to 72 hours using mycogrow soluble powder (bacteria, fungi, mycos, humic, kelp, etc) and a handful of sucanat (dehydrated molasses)

    Lactic Acid Bacteria Serum
    LABS – EM1 Recipe

    Ingredients & Required Materials

    · 1 cup of rice

    · Regular 16oz mason jar w/ lid

    · 2 cup (16oz) non-chlorinated water

    · 1 coffee strainer (metal reusable)

    · 1-gallon milk (2%)

    · 1-gallon container with lid

    · 1 tbsp sucanat


    1. Phase 1:

    a. Place rice (1 cup) and water (16oz) in mason jar and shake vigorously until water is cloudy white.

    b. Strain off rice kernels (cook for dinner?)

    c. Cover mason jar loosely with cap (so it can breathe) and store in cool dark place for 5-7 days.

    2. Phase 2 (5-7 days later):

    a. Sift off top layer and pour serum through metal reusable coffee filter to strain the serum

    b. Add 1-part fermented rice liquid to 10 parts of milk (2%) into a 1-gallon jar

    c. In this instance, 16oz of rice water to 1 gallon of milk (1-gallon total to fit in the 1-gallon container)

    d. Cover container loosely with lid (so it can breathe slightly) and store in cool dark place for 5-7 days.

    3. Phase 3 (5-7 days later):

    a. Sift off the curd on top (save) then settlement on bottom (save) by pouring through metal reusable coffee filter (put this curd settlement/coffee filtered material into your compost or bury in yard.. You can break up and top dress, it will attract fungus gnats tho)

    b. The light-yellow serum left is your inactivated serum (pour into 1 gal container)

    c. Add 1 tbsp sucanat (to feed and keep the bacteria alive) and refrigerate.

    d. Inactivated serum is good refrigerated for 6-12 months. (this is 4 plants / 8 weeks’ worth applying once per week)

    4. Phase 4 – Activate and Apply:

    a. Add inactivated serum to room temperature non-chlorinated water at the rate of 1-part serum to 20 parts water (can be used as soil drench or foliar)

    i. 1/2 cup serum to a gallon of water for soil drench

    ii. 10ml serum to 8oz of water for foliar spray
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    My hope is by using aact/labs prior to the 1-2 month cook it'll break down (or at least get a good start) a lot of the amendments, especially the longer release ones such as green sand.

    I'll be watering weekly with aact and labs to keep the soil alive and thriving through flower.

    I'm using smaller pots this time because its easier for me to lug at the end of flower.. Hopefully the mix will be strong enough to carry them through. Will see how things go.
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    Welcome back to dirt! :eyesmoke:

    Love your contributions. :clap:
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    Thank you.
    On another note.. I had shut down for roughly 6 months while dealing with some personal issues. All clones were killed. I started collecting seeds from seedsman and they've proven to be a quality seedbank. I had some good runs of skunk 1, power Africa (Durban poison), gorilla glue, misc high cbd strains.. I've settled on 2 strains thus far as my keepers:
    Royal gorilla, which is royal queen seeds version of gorilla glue 4. I've grown and smoked many different batches of gg4 and their seed version is spot on. It's almost too strong for me initially.After about a hour of holding on for the ride it mellows out, then i crash.

    Purple orange cbd:
    This strain is a high cbd strain of California orange diesel. Very high yield, smooth subtle citrus smell and taste, very mellow. I can smoke this and be functional with all the medical relief. This is my go to smoke most of the time.

    Purple sticky punch:
    This one is purple afghani x chemdawg. Very Indica dominant. Smells like blueberry/purple. This is my first run with her. She's clone only. I'm looking for a heavy Indica to put me to bed.. If this has that effect then this will cement slot 3..

    That would give me an Indica, a hybrid, a high cbd.. All that's left is a sativa.

    I have a seed of maui waui started that I'll be flowering on this next round starting in a month. If that doesn't fill that spot, I'm going to pop another power Africa, which I ran twice, 2 diff phenos.. Both were very good bud with this great cherry smell. I understand where cherry pie gets its smell from with its Durban poison genetics.
    I may also do another Acapulco gold, which was very psychedelic. I had also previously ran Cinderella 99 x blueberry which could be a possibility, or even amnesia og.
    I'm looking for a sativa that doesn't induce anxiety/panic in me. The first pheno of power Africa fit this. Unfortunately the second did not.
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    Great Contribution Buddy :)
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    Anyone sourced alfalfa in the uk? I have sourced Lucine pellets but they 20kg,Which is too big, never make that mistake again, I bought 10kg of caltic lime which is going to out live me ffs ha

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