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Discussion in 'Seedbank Reviews' started by mr.Tank, May 18, 2016.

    Sour Wreck

    Sour Wreck Well-Known Member

    Following, got some strains I'm watching there. Think I will watch a bit longer

    bastardbrigade Member

    I didn't know dude was bragging about it. I just thought it was the image by itself.

    I feel ya there. Bragging about it is just fucking stupid.....

    But that database of IP's and BS is something that all processors use. There is no way around it anymore. It's a fed thing. Our Charter had the same issue awhile back when the processors told us how they did things and we got rid of them. Come to find out, it wasn't just them. We ended up switching to cash and check only.

    bullSnot Well-Known Member

    I find this site SEEDSHERENOW hard to navigate, hard to research ..and it provides crap for data - Best Seed Breeders and Best Sellers returns the exact same query.

    They need to outsource the building of their site to India - the site sucks- Seriously they want me to believe that A 10 pack of Greedy Seed Company Seeds selling for $560 is the top seller...come on!
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    Giggsy70 Well-Known Member

    I will not be ordering from Seeds Here Now. They are greedy in my mind.They take Snowhigh seeds and sell 5 seeds for what Oregon Elite Seeds sells 10 packs for. They have also come up with strains one day that are out then the next day they have 2 packs of very very hard to get genetics.Just my two cents. With all the legitimate seed banks out there can't see ordering from these guys. Best of luck to all.

    bullSnot Well-Known Member

    Soon with Legalization expanding the Greedy underground basement genetics crap will be long by the board you you will be buying great seeds for 1-3 dollars per.
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    mr. childs

    mr. childs Well-Known Member

    is that the reason behind their 100% germination guarantee ? i have never ordered from them.

    Thefarmer12 Well-Known Member

    Greedy indeed. Their high prices and overall attitude have always rubbed me wrong.

    What's rubbed me wrong the most is the whole IP thing and threatening to call the police on people who dispute orders. Everyone using SHN should use a VPN... you can find them for free and that way they will have a random IP from somewhere else around the world. They will be storing an IP that isn't yours. Best thing to do is just go with another vendor though.
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    bastardbrigade Member

    I am not sticking up for them, just telling you about by experience with payment processors and what the owner told me.

    TBH- I like the owner. But I question his choice in hiring employees that know what they're doing. The social media guy they have is a prick who sucks at his job. He mouthed off to a close friend of mine just because he asked him a question about a sale. Not a great way to make friends. They can't even keep am ig account long enough to build any solid customer relationships. You can't run a business like that...... my opinion: fire that MF. He's a scandalous little bitch. I believe his name is jc. Stay away from him.

    On the other hand, I always get my seeds from them on time and I have never been disappointed with an order. As long as I stay away from the SHN social media and all the other bullshit, I am quite happy overall.

    Giggsy70 Well-Known Member

    A prime axample would be Snowhigh's Kaleidos Dope cost $72.25 on sale for 5 seeds @SEEDS HERE NOW. Same seeds $120 for a TEN pack at OREGON ELITE SEEDS. I do see they carry Relentless at what seems like a legit price, but wandering how many strains he is inflating the price to be greedy.

    ShyGuru Well-Known Member

    The only prices where they are competitive are on bros Grimm strains. Having researched their fem strains from all their approved breeders they were the cheapest per seed. I found one or two places that seemed cheaper but were offering 6 seeds per pack instead of shn which had 8. On virtually every other breeder they are over priced and they offer no freebies but do allow the convenience of using the CC option to pay. I personally have no problems with their charge back policy. In my opinion filing a charge back after receiving the goods is theft. Definitely not my go to company but I've used them twice and would again

    Giggsy70 Well-Known Member

    I am going to have to order some Dark Horse genetics gear from them, seeing as they are really only one that still has a few BB Crosses left (Ghost Hulk Ghost OG x BB#3,Hulk Smash Strawberry Diesel x BB#3 and Joe Fix It Lemon catpiss x BB#3) that I want. Joe Fix It is going to be crossed to a Greenpoint -Jamoka San Diego Catpiss (clone only) x Stardawg

    aiblueskyroots Active Member

    Has anyone every been double charged by this company? I ordered 2 packs 10 days ago. I was charged for an additional 3rd pack of the same exact strain that i did not order. it was also $24.99 more....mind you that it was the same exact strain. I even sent them a picture of my order history which proves the 2 packs i bought. But now, i cant even get an email back anymore. I was told 3 different times that my order will ship within 24 hours guaranteed. There has been no indication of shipment. They told me i should call my bank to solve the extra charge, which is fine. But that would mean that they should have shipped my order and held a pack because it was 2 separate orders. And trying to get a tracking number has been unsuccessful, so im just waiting for a surprise hopefully lol. I honestly dont care about all that and it gets here when it gets here. But it is irritating when a company offers something and then brushes it off as if nobody really cares. This is my first experience with this company, and I really hope its not my last. If you've had a similar experience, was it made right?
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    aiblueskyroots Active Member

    The problem was solved and everything made right. Thanks guys!

    jimihendrix1 Well-Known Member

    Out of 20+ orders from SHN, both CC, and Cash, Ive had 0 problems. Some of theoir stuff may be more expensive, but they have what I want, and I'm willing to pay for it.

    For me, if I can get even 1 KEEPER out of a pack, Ill pay the $$$ for them, as I'll make a mother out of it, and 1 oz sold will pay for the pack..But IMHO a lot of the genetics being sold nowdays is weak, and over advertised. Serious stuff, Sensi, and some others are just shells of what they used to be.
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    aiblueskyroots Active Member

    Agreed. If you dont like their price, there are so many other places to go. I honesty dont mind paying 25$ more for the exact strain i want and know that it will be in the mailbox in a week tops in the breeder pack. Who is really not willing to spend 20 dollars more for a sure thing of what they want. And ITS OK for a company to make some money. Commen sense, but we live in a capitalistic society. If a seedbank that offers you 1000s of strains at your finger tips doesnt make money, then 1000s of strains at your finger tips is no more.
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    jimihendrix1 Well-Known Member

    The other day they were redoing their site, and I got what was known to be latrer, a flase notice/alert that Dominion Skunk was back in stock, when it wasn't.

    I tried to Email them, call them ect, and didn't get a response until early the next day, and Dust was very sorry, and explained what was up, and I told her it didnt bother me any, and to many people get mad ect, at what are really 1st world problems. Shit happens. Oh well is my attitude.

    So she was really happy at my thoughts, and gave me a 15% discount on my next order, which was going to be 2 x Dominion Skunk, and 3 days later, it did come in, and is in stock, so I also sent cash, and got another 10% Discount.

    So for what was basically a $348 order Shipping incl, was $267.00 USD:hump::hump::weed::weed:

    I also have the Granny Skunk on order, and it will be delivered today.

    EveryBlueMoon Active Member

    How did the Ghan do?

    littlegiant Well-Known Member

    Just received my pack of Granny Skunk today. Fast shipping. Wont be popping them for a while though. The only skunk genetics I own. Sure they will be fire! :peace:

    FurryDog Member

    My go to seedbank. Never had an issue except they sell out quickly of the most popular stuff. Trying to catch Elmers Glue is a pain when it sells out in a couple hours. They have the alerts though when you sign up the back in stock alerts.
    Funny how a few haters try to spam them. Must be folks working for other seedbanks.

    I dont understand why US based growers still try to chance international shipping when 99% of the time the seeds they want from a foreign based shop is available from a US bank. But thats less people competing for sometimes limited supplies of seeds. If they cant figure it out then its fine by me.
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    bullSnot Well-Known Member

    Never heard of most of these pop-up breeders
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