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Discussion in 'Seedbank Reviews' started by mr.Tank, May 18, 2016.


    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    right here, and I just visited and many many are stocked. some of the older ones are gone is all

    tell me which one you want, or what kind of hybrid you want maybe I can help

    Vato_504 Well-Known Member

    Buyers beware. SHN is threatening to rat on customers. So if you accidentally purchase something you don't want and file a chargeback he'll rat you out. IMG_0634.PNG

    Smokeymcfattie Member

    Accidentally? I'm not worried I don't accidentally order shit.

    Jedi420 Member

    Accidentally or not, that's some shady shit. I won't order from them just because of that fact.
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    kaka420 Well-Known Member

    Your ip address, location, and order information are time stamped and stored with their chargeback protection service provider.

    To me that reads a company that you can not do any due diligence on has your name, address, seed order, and credit card information. Held in a database not owned by SHN. If that doesn't make your butthole pucker then something is wrong.
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    eyes Well-Known Member

    That my friend, is the most f"ed up shit i have seen in a long time. If that is true, a guy like that should not get any business whatsoever. This is why I never use a cc. Cash or MO, snail mail, safe addy done.

    Aby55 Well-Known Member

    I dealt with them 2 months ago. I dont recall any of the emails i got from them saying that. Going to take a look.
    Nvm i just came out of the fog and reread your post. That was prior to email correspondence.
    Wow thats crazy.
    I was just about to order again.
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    Hairiest_Stamen Well-Known Member

    Apparently they have had $100k in chargebacks in the last year.

    I bought a visa prepaid card with cash to order and used a fake name and mailed to a biz address but at least they have don't have my real credit card info.

    Ordered beginning of the week... still hasn't shipped.
    Angry Pollock

    Angry Pollock Well-Known Member

    Good info to know, they need a different way to pay for their stuff.

    brokencage Active Member

    damn I just ordered from them.after seeing this it will be my last.
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    Arkitecht Well-Known Member

    It's also really overpriced.... I've never ordered from them. Never will.
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    kaka420 Well-Known Member

    I find it hard to trust a company who can barely keep their own website up, lol. Then their willingness to put your security in a third party's hands... wow.

    Shame on every breeder that works with these scumbags.
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    brokencage Active Member

    well my order came fast. No freebies @ all + more expensive than anyone the added worry they will tell on me or have my info where it can be easly obtained by others just isn't worth it. hope they enjoyed my biz cause it was the last time

    marmarb Well-Known Member

    they are expensive ass hell fuck them.

    smashcity Well-Known Member

    Just wondering is seeds here now still reliable if your in the states? Seen a strain that only they have in stock and want to know will they send

    Hairiest_Stamen Well-Known Member

    last (and only order i got)... 1/6 seeds germinated, but they sent replacements and were cool.. no questions asked.

    Shipping was insanely slow for the initial order.

    placed 3 orders with attitude since then, fast shipping and a crap load of freebies.

    may try seeds here now again at some point.

    Crippykeeper Well-Known Member

    damn wish I would have found this thread before doing business with these people.
    threatening to report customers to law enforcement shit fuck them they wont get another dollar out of me.
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    Black Thumb

    Black Thumb Well-Known Member

    Glad i found this thread. Def wont order from these guys.
    Should Throw that image up on reddit get the word out.
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    bastardbrigade Member

    Not trying to stir anything up here and I don't want to scare anyone, but all payment processors record your IP address with every payment you make with your card online. EVERY payment processor. Not just PayPal and the annoying ones, ALL OF THEM DO. I only know this cause all our payment processors do this shit (not seeds, I run a couple different online businesses) Whenever we log into the payment processors admin panel to check sales and shit, every payment is there with the IP address. And they record that shit and it actually goes to your bank with the payment. If the bank sees it's coming from an out of state or out of country IP, your bank will decline it depending on the security.

    All Seeds Here Now is doing there is posting public info that is usually in the terms and conditions of every other website. And if it ain't, it's bullshit because all payment processors do it. SHN just added that using the payment processors api.

    I talked with the owner there a few weeks back and he said that the chargebacks have nothing to do with them or the processor except for the fact that he has to pay the processor the chargebacks amount + $90 each time someone calls their bank and says "I never made this order" and the bank refunds their money. It has nothing to do with SHN guys. It's people ordering and then wanting to get their shit for free.

    I agree that their prices are high and shit. And I've read bad shit about every seed bank I've ever heard of. But this is the shit all seed banks are forced to deal with because of the laws surrounding banks and all the rest of it. The banks are quick to chargeback payments to a seed bank.

    James said they got rid of that processor long ago. But that ain't the point because like I said, all the payment processors do it at every online store you're using.

    Best thing to do with any online shopping is to use a rubber (a VPN). They're cheap and you can usually find one that uses an IP thats close enough to where your bank won't trip. A lot of our customers use em.

    That was a dumb call to post that sign at the end, but all the processors do it and they all collect the same info. Shn was just what's really going on.

    It's rough when you got idiots buying thousands in seeds and then calling their banks and reversing the charges. Trust me, I know. Due to the type of businesses we run, we have people pulling the same shit all the time and the banks have made it way too easy to do. Businesses are shutting down every day because if chargebacks. Although they are illegal, they're a pain to process and fight, so the processors don't want to deal with it and instead they make the businesses pay the chargebacks plus fees, and then they make it so the businesses have try to recoup their losses on their own. They know it's hard so they put it on the biz. It's pretty fucked up.

    Hope that shed some light on how all processors work. Get a VPN, I'm telling ya. It's the best thing to do if you buy shit online.

    I ain't trying to start any shit with anyone. And if you don't agree, then that's fine. I'm neutral here. I just know that this is not something new and that it happens every time you pay for something online. That's all. Chargebacks are a bitch though and they really screw things up and I feel shn on that.


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    kaka420 Well-Known Member

    Dude brags about holding customer IPs at a 3rd party. That shit may fly in this new school cannabis industry, where most green rush fucks dont care. The old school crew among us are having serious wtf moments. He's bragging he's just made everyone who uses his service not secure. All it takes is one bad actor to hit that database, oh look joe blow lives in my city. Real EASY way for bad shit to happen. Robbery, home invasion. Lol and this dickhead is the gold standard? What is more upsetting is the amount of breeders working with this tool. Money in their pocket is greater than the community as a whole.

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