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    mr.Tank Active Member

    I was told that this would be a good place to start a thread for SHN.

    Seeds Here Now is a US-Based Seed Bank that stocks some great gear.

    The only other thread is about a single experience and I believe that Seeds Here Now deserves a Review Thread for everyone to come to and discuss their experience.

    I personally love SeedsHereNow. I switched to them exclusively from a bunch of other seed banks I had tried over the years and had mixed experiences with.

    They Guarantee Customer Satisfaction 100%, they always follow through for me and they've never let me down.

    Shipping is Fast and includes Tracking.

    Prices are low for some, the same or a few bucks extra. But I'd rather pay an extra $10 for piece of mind and know that if there's a problem that it'll get fixed immediately. Haven't had one yet.

    Have grown a lot of genetics from SHN and they've always been 100% legit. Mainly Top Dawg Seeds, Brothers Grimm Seeds and Exotic Genetix Seeds.

    There's no reason to curse or swear. Whether happy or angry. If you must, please use asterisks (*). I'm sure if you're really happy, you wknt mind using asterisks. If your upset, cursing/swearing won't fix anything.

    Please post your Experience and any Photos you have. If you have questions, I'm sure someone from SHN or someone knowledgeable will chime in.


    I have no affiliation with Seeds Here Now. I just like to make my posts neat. Especially when starting a thread. I do it with everything I write online. I take my time because I like my stuff to look good and I want everyone to be able to understand what I am writing about.


    alaskachic Well-Known Member

    IMG_20160514_182349.jpg Great prices & people!! Looking forward to this!!
    Mr Jabilo

    Mr Jabilo Member

    Does anyone know if Seedsherenow provides a stealth option when shipping overseas?

    Been trying to get an answer from them via email but to no avail.
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    eastcoastled Well-Known Member

    Ordered weds night, order was processed Thursday morning. In my mailbox on the east coast today(saturday). no one ships faster in my exp. They even threw in a free pack of Ethos genetics P1000058.JPG

    alaskachic Well-Known Member

    Hi. Yes they offer stealth its @ the end when you check out. I totally trust them!! Much luck to you!!
    Mr Jabilo

    Mr Jabilo Member

    Thanks alaskachic !

    That's good to know. Are the seeds well hidden?
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    alaskachic Well-Known Member

    Hi. Idk
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    mr.Tank Active Member

    Many of the seed banks don't like to publicly list their Stealth Methods because it makes it too easy for anyone to find out and use it in a counterproductive way. You know what I mean...

    If you are looking for specific way to ge your seeds shipped to you and you're in the USA, I am sure you could just call or chat with them online from the SHN site ( and make a request. If you click on that link, it should take you to the first page of the SHN site where you can find out ways to contact them.

    I can tell you that I have ordered from Seeds Here Now many times and I have never had issues receiving my seeds from them. Ever.

    I get a lot of Exotic Genetix, Crockett Family Farm, Top Dawg and Brothers Grimm genetics from them on a regular basis. I order for a small non-profit grow that I run and I make large orders with them all the time.

    $2500-$6500 every month or so just for upkeep and to provide great genetics to our patients who like to grow their own or try to grow their own. I have been spending this much on genetics through SHN for almost a year now. So if you do the math, you can see that I have given them a whole lot of money over the past. I personally have never had an issue with them (out of the hundreds and hundreds of packs I have purchased form them).

    I just recently saw that SeedsHereNow still had some Top Dawg Seeds Star Dawg IX in-stock for $199.00 ! !

    I ended up ordering 3 packs of the Top Dawg Star Dawg IX (for myself) last week and I just got them today. No problems at all.

    If you want, you can always send me a message.
    dave chull

    dave chull Well-Known Member

    dave chull

    dave chull Well-Known Member

    i seen a guy get banned for advertising for seedshernow must be same dude
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    mr.Tank Active Member

    Why are you talking to me like I am not here?

    Not advertising my friend. Just stoked on how good they are to me. The only other thread was titled negatively towards SHN and I thought it was unfair.

    I don't understand how hating on a site, technique or brand is okay, but when someone treats you right and you want to share your experience, it's all of a sudden wrong.

    The majority of people who go online to write about a product or an experience are mostly going online to be negative or whine about something.
    I do both equally. I put just as much time into my good experiences as I do my bad experiences. If this was a complaint about SHN, I am sure nobody would be upset.

    I write for a living and always put a lot of time into my posts. All my posts. Doesn't mean I am advertising. You should really look at my other stuff before accusing me of something I ain't doing.

    Whats the problem with laying things out and making things look nice?

    So these would be considered advertising too? For what exactly?

    - if-you-are-new-to-led-and-want-help-choosing-what-to-buy-post-here

    - riu-links-from-google-search-results-broken

    Are these Posts not similar in their layout?
    And these were from awhile back. Not even Threads, just Posts.

    I take pride in what I write and I am sorry if it offends you. But accusing me of something that I am not actually doing is also offensive.

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    dave chull

    dave chull Well-Known Member

    lol not hating on ya just lil curious how youve grown out brothers grimm that fast, thats all jus got released to shn few months back?
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    mr.Tank Active Member

    You're making this assumption based on a post or two where I include Brothers Grimm in a list of genetics.

    I am sorry I wasn't more specific and didn't list the exact time frames and dates I purchased each seed pack. I am sure everyone knows that Brothers Grimm was just recently released. I was on Seeds Here Now's waiting list for them and got them faster than fast.

    I will include more information in my Grow Journal (that you're welcome to check out once its up and running).

    ALL of my Brothers Grimm Seeds are in FLOWER as we speak and they look GREAT.

    Yes, people grow many different ways depending on a lot of things

    I ran them in SOG for our 501(c)3 because of the many patient requests we've had in the past for Brothers Grimm strains. I am planning on keeping the clones going for a longer VEG and FLOWER period next time around. For now, I am just trying to get our patients a sneak preview of what they've been asking for.

    However you want to look at it, making accusations against anyone isn't cool.

    There's no reason to keep this going if you're going to pick apart everything in my post. Which won't do anything but waste your time and mine.

    I've been polite and asked you nicely.

    just drop it and move on.

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    redzi Well-Known Member

    $199 for pack of seeds is NOT for me. Last 2 times I spent a bunch of money for a pack wan Sensi seeds Nothern Lights and Greenthumb (greedthumb) for some JH strain. Sensi germination rate was 50% and 0 for Greedthumb. The only pack of beans that I would spend north of $120 is Serious seeds. They have earned it..just go to all of the major seed banks and see if Chronic and AK47 is in stock. If you want bang for the buck check out Sannies. Both Serious and Sannies have in my own personal experience a germination rate of 100%.

    Is that 3/16 the on Star Dawg the date?...Sweet seeds is the only bank that I know of that does that. It only makes sense...bough some from Herbies and the pack was over 2 years old with a germ rate of 40%. Must of been an isolated case because that was the only time that I had a problem with Herbies stock.
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    deeproots74 Well-Known Member

    how could you get them faster then seeds here now when they themselves were taking pre orders and didn't have then at the salem show last month in oregon

    abalonehx Well-Known Member

    High priced on a lot of their stuff.
    Compared to TDT & SVoC, avg. $15 to $20 more a pack for Archive, Crockett, Exotic, Bog, Mota, LPL...
    PLUS, they charge $10 s/h (for me) whereas the other places are free. And where are the promos?
    Granted they do have some breeders you can't find at the other places (for now).
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    dave chull

    dave chull Well-Known Member

    be weelly weelly careful he is being polite

    mr.Tank Active Member

    I did not get them before Seeds Here Now got therm. That is what I am trying to say. I got them from SHN. I did not Veg them for long at all (for reasons that aren't anyone else's business but my own).

    They are in Flower like I have tried to explain before:

    "ALL of my Brothers Grimm Seeds are in FLOWER as we speak and they look GREAT."

    When Seeds Here Now first got the Brothers Grimm Seeds, they were on Pre-Order Status. I paid for them in advance and received them once SHN received their order (or decided to release them?) and shipped them to me.

    "I was on Seeds Here Now's waiting list for them and got them faster than fast."

    SHN released the Pre-Orders on 4/20 I think. Then they shipped them out shortly afterwards.

    Can we move on?
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    redzi Well-Known Member

    Let me see what does this remind me of .... a few trolls saying these strains are the best thing since sliced bread, $150 for 10 seeds.......Looks like Dr. Greedthumb all over again. BUT unlike GT You have to have some balls to ship product over state lines.

    ForRealz Well-Known Member

    You should take pic of the large order next time you get it, that'd be mouth watering!!!

    SeedsHereNow is legit, fast shipping, and owner seems cool. Downsides, as mentioned before, selections can be priced higher than they are at other banks and there is limited promotional activity.

    @mr.Tank Try not to be discouraged by all the haters, but there really is a profoundly large number of them present here. I started a thread once... <-HaHa that should be the title of a thread, maybe I'll start another.

    No, seriously though, I stopped bothering w the thread once I realized "Damn, there are an awful lot of fuxtards Im encountering, I created this thread for the benefit of community, Im not even gaining anything from the endeavor, and I dont think I'll bother wasting my time any longer."

    May your effort be more rewarding bongsmilie

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