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    Most growers buy neem oil and follow the directions on the Bottle.....with horrible results well an old hippie friend helped me out and gave me this recipe many years ago! and it works like a charm. I treat every single cutting in this solution before taking it to my grow room I learned the hard way its better to take care of it on one plant instead of 16!
    Also make sure not to touch any plants out doors and then touch your grow room plants think of these bastards like STD's wear protection!
    Try this mixture next time
    3 cap fulls of neem oil
    a drop or so of some soap (just enough for the soap to break up the oil)
    mixed in 1 quart of Luke warm water
    Spray the tops & bottoms of the leaves
    you must make sure the water is luke warm!
    If you continue to have problems then you can add some pure 100% lemon oil to the mix only about a teaspoon should do the trick this is a little over kill but does help.
    Been using this mixture for awhile now works flawlessly say goodbye Spider mites
    The instructions on the bottle are not correct for what we are trying to achieve!
    The instructions
    1.Use a spray bottle full of this mixture but make sure the liquid is luke warm when you use it
    2.Spray the tops & bottoms of the plants (do not miss a spot you will regret it!)
    continue with normal water if you mist your plants(dont have to worry about washing this stuff off)
    3. Final step wait 48hrs and repeat the whole process this gives time for the eggs to hatch
    you have successfully taken out the microscopic terrorist.
    You may also fill a bucket with is mixture to dip your plants into if it is easier for you.
    I absolutely recommend it if you have a full blown infestation.

    Use this recipe and let me know your results!:leaf:
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    dannyboy602 Well-Known Member

    Nice tip. Can I ask? Do you wait till the lights are off before you spray? I hear stories of burn, which I think is because of that reason. Thx.

    metalmilitia777 Member

    I have actually found for myself that it works about the same light on or off but if your lights are closer to the plants I would suggest light off also remember that you are using an oil and oils don't evaporate as quickly as water, your plants will look dry when really they are not. Also I like to put about 3-4 C02 bags in my grow room the more the better it helps strengthen the plants while also suffocating the mites. Do you always have your exhaust running? if so I would put them on a timer so that at night with the lights off you can really let the C02 do its thing remember that is a gas and it will rise if you have it in your grow room with the exhaust on it will only minimally help the plants with the exhaust off the gas will then surround the plant letting it breath easier meaning bigger buds and healthier plants! :)
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    dannyboy602 Well-Known Member

    Thx for that. Two things though. CO2 is heavier then air and will always sink. I run my burners during the day as the plants are photosynthesizing. At night the stoma are closed and CO2 enrichment is not as effective. This I got from subcool himself. So I take it as gospel. My exhaust fans run at night unless the burners are off. Thx for the oil info. I've never used it. Only E10 Horticultural Oil.
    At a rate of 1%. but I only spray at night so to speak. Cuz Im
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    metalmilitia777 Member

    Thank you for the info I was a little confused lol.
    I would seriously dedicate a good 10-20min with the exhaust off or on the lowest setting with the lights on preferably in the morning when the stoma is most active you will notice a difference I promise :) . Also subs the man I too take his words as gospel
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    Dislexicmidget2021 Well-Known Member

    lol nice avatar metal.
    doug henderson

    doug henderson Member

    Hey metal i was wondering if u or anyone knew how to use neem oil as a soil drench say to control a gnat problem ? or for instance u wanted to use it in hydro and wanted to use it up to harvest just to prevent outbreaks ?

    theexpress Well-Known Member

    for me... neem oil and the outdoor sun havent mixed so well
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    Bwpz Well-Known Member

    Another reason to spray with the lights off is because water+hot bulbs isn't good, and could blow them up :P
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    DrFever New Member

    yea its always good to neem lights off atleast 3 hrs before and have fan blowing on them to make sure there dry before lights on i think on the bottle it says 15 = 25 ml per litre mixture

    metalmilitia777 Member

    My mixture is supposed to be different from the bottle because Neem oil is used as a lead polish read the bottle. Follow my instructions correctly and you will not be disappointed just make sure you have your measurements right and you will be fine BTW I do not advise using anti- bacterial soap it may be too harsh on the plants and with probably kill them considering that stuff dries my hands out think what it will do to the plants I use the neem oil as a buffer for the soap. In theory the oil should keep the plant leafs hydrated after the soap hits it to kill the bugs!

    jawbrodt Well-Known Member

    I've used neem for quite awhile, and have never ever seen a spidermite in my growroom, even though my houseplants downstairs got them bad, once. Good stuff, if ya ask me. I never use it during flowering, only when they are young, then at around week 4 or veg. Also, I veg under fluoros, which means I can soak them with anything, with the lights on, and not have to worry about it. Switching to 1000 watt HID, so I'll probably play it safe and start spraying before lights on, at least an hour, just to be safe. I also believe neem is somewhat preventative against molds/mildew, which is another reason i use it. I also agree with the mixing recommendation, that's pretty close to what I use. I'm not that precise though, just dump some in, add the soap, and shake. Seems to me, like it's quite forgiving, with the doseage. Idk, maybe certain brand oils aren't as pure, or refined differently, 'causing problems for people?
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    metalmilitia777 Member

    Right back at ya!
  14. what if i have a back porch/ long as the sun isnt basking on em they should be ok to spray outside cuz i have carpet and dont want oil and soap everywere

    metalmilitia777 Member

    Outside is very dangerious place for your plants if they already have a pest proble
    You will be making it worse by leaving them to the wolves
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    uhhhhtaco Member

    What if they're 4 weeks into flowering outdoors, would it be ok use that mixture on them?

    metalmilitia777 Member

    I have seen people on here that use it in flower I have specifically seen a post about it in week 4 but honestly I'm not sure I don't use anything on my girls in flower at all just for the fact that neem oil is an oil thc could possible be swept away if you were to hit with some. Maybe some one on here has a better insight into use of nem oil in flower?sorry....................Update I found a link to the thread about neeming in flower

    ynnyang Member

    I am also interested in knowing about usage as a soil drench for soil bugs. These (I think) are fungus gnats, but they never develop into flying pests. However I know these can cause root damage in large numbers. I have been told by several growers that fungus gnat larvae only infiltrate the top few inches of soil, however I've seen these varmints in the root balls at harvest, so I am really not sure what I am dealing with. (they are very small creepy crawlers, silver and about the size of spider mites, and they hop when disturbed). Hydrogen peroxide eventually will knock them down, but I already regularly treat my plants with Neem oil, so I don't want to overdo soil treatments. HP2O is quite harsh.
    Thanks for any help.

    Madagascar Well-Known Member

    just starting using this recipe will post success
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    vostok Well-Known Member

    Neem Oil has recently been proving to be systemic

    as in the plants can drink it up

    if added to the water, it offers considerable extra protection

    cold pressed is the best, keep the bottle fluid

    by storing it near something warm

    also good to add a spoonful to any curries you may like

    used in India for about everything for thousands of years

    good luck

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