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  • Hey bro, I use about 25%, and it works excellent. The easiest way to mix it, would be 3 parts soil, to 1 part perlite. 4 to 1 will work just about the same, it doesn't have to be precise. Mix it all on a big containter, for, like a giant tupperware container, or someting like that. Use a coffee can or something, and add one scoop of perlite, for every 3-4 scoops of dirt, mix, and it's ready to go.

    P.S. Don't let anyone tell you that the tiny amount of nutes in the MG perlite will hurt anything, 'cause it's harmless. Those numbers are there just to make it more sell-able, that's all.lol It won't burn your plants, not even close.

    Hope that helps. :)
    i got a question, i have scotts premium soil and some MG perlite, im keeping it simple and jsut want to grow my own stash, how much perlite should i mix with the soil i got? i post this same question in the help section but no one gave me an answer, i was reading this one thread and saw you mentioning something bout perlite, so if you could help me i would appreciate it, if your wondering how big my pots are or the pots that imma use there a picture of them in this thread http://www.rollitup.org/newbie-central/403829-newbie-here-almost-set-start.html thank you in advance.
    there is an album up on my profile with the pics on it ,called sub zero:D,will start a thread with the same title to see if that works,again thanks for your time.
    Bro, I got so frustrated that I completely shut down, bought new seeds, vaccuumed my room and sprayed everything with bleach water, then started over. If I were you, I'd pull it. When I got me new seeds, I got a freebie in the pack(DNA Rocklock) and it showed a couple bananas at 5 weeks. I didn't even try to pick them off, I chopped it asap. I lost almost 40 plants, due to a hermie that I never found, and never want to waste that much time and effort, again. I lost almost everything. The weed was loaded with seeds that were too tiny to pick out, and made the smoke taste like crap, not to mention that the potency was less than half of what it should've been. I estimate I lost at least 75% of those two harvests, figuring in the bubblehash I made, and what little smoke I did salvage. I'm also going to quit using feminized seeds, due to the risk of hermies. Can you tell i hate hermies?LOL
    Hey man. Saw you had a problem with two batches of hermies... going through the same thing right now. Do you have any advice? Found a few very small male flowers and have been combing everyday for more... one crop got completely pollinated and had to be tossed, but the new crop is only showing signs of slight seed production at the base of the female flowers. Swollen calyx's at the base of the node on some but not most. Buds seem to be doing ok, but the stigmas on hermies are turning orange, while the ones on the females are staying white. Should I pull the hermie, or leave it?
    u just answered on post about the lights with the 5gallon buckets. neway if you had 2 1k lights and 2 400watt lights how many 5 gallon bucckets would you put under that amount of lights? thx
    hey bud, was hopin for some input for my girls, @ 3rd week of flower now, how long ya think we got left, another 5-6? also, its about 13.5/11.5 sun/night naturally around here now, and being 3 weeks info flower, is it ok to leavem outside now without fear of reveg?

    what kind harm does small light inturruptions do? as in, porch light on for 10 mins @ night for dogs to pee, 5 mins max of bedroom indirect light thru blinds, ect. am I being too paranoid? lol

    I'm 99% positive. I've had it on clones before, have it on a rose bush outside, and also on my zucchini plants. I haven't tried any of those remedies yet, so can't say which one will work best, so you might want to try 'em both. Best of luck. :)
    are you sure its powdery mildrew?
    how sure ?
    how can i treat it ?
    the milk thingy or baking soda mixed with some water and dish soap?
    pretty sure u helpd save my babies :) N def and nute lockup seems legit.had someone else tell me that also.
    i flushd real good,waitin for it to dry up and i may do it again.

    thank you though
    just needed 2 know when my nutes change? when to increase?it's been a while since i had a grow room.
    i posed again telling a little more about my setup and situation , i really appreciate your help and patience. im new to this and people like you are helping my chance of success.
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