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  • Yea I gotta get set up again but I should be good to go by September I'd say. Idk when I will get back to growing cannabis again.
    My bad, thought I already respond for some reason :p.. I had success with a zombie tub. I ran out of time and had to toss it though (had a flight in the morning) It was pinning pretty good and they were about 1 inch tall. By the way, Shroomtalk is dead, if you ever go back, go to Shroomology, everybody is there and this time way more secure and troll-free.
    No it was not in my log, I don't even have a log haha. It wasn't a big harvest but hey, I just wanted something that I could smoke, then I can go all out. I am getting that tent really soon now, I will definitely make a log then.
    Oh yeah I'm definitely planning on growing all kinds of edibles.
    I absolutely love the taste of all edible mushrooms.
    Don't love the taste of psilocybin mushrooms but they're not bad.
    Well you prep the grain (wash it all and stuff) and let it dry. Then load up your jars with the grain, then put some water in there (depends on how much grain used/size of jar) and then PC it.
    Indeed. I'm surprised how many grown men resort to high school boy boasting and demonstrating the attention span of a 5 year old.

    I am only 18 myself but sometimes I wonder if these people are seriously twice my age. *sigh*

    We all love a little banter from time to time thoughx
    I'm glad we've reached some kind of understanding.

    The thread is of variable quality. There was some genuinely constructive Q and A going on as well as the poetry, but a few people turned it into a 'I banged this chick once' brag-a-thon/ dragging it off-topic intermittently. I yelled at them however and some sensibility has since returned.

    I shall go rectify the thread now...
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