Most stoned you've ever been?

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    Kcbscrogger Well-Known Member

    I miss that shit too!

    modernfarmer New Member

    didnt happen to me, but i sold some herb to this kid in highschool and it was right when kush was new to my city.. it was probably the best weed ive smoked to this day actually, it came in little sealed tuna cans and the first time i smelt it was something ill always remember... haha anyways, I sold this kid some and him and a few buddys smoked a couple joints, they were like 17 or 18 years old.. one kid started tripping so bad and his heart was beating he actually called an ambulance, and went down to the hospital.. the kid never let that down

    CallinCarRamRod Well-Known Member

    About 6 years ago I smoked am ounce straight. 22 joints in 3-4 hrs. It was terribly awesome. Only thing that came close was the first time I dabbed. Holy hell
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    DrBubba Member

    Many many years ago, I lived in Hawaii, middle 70's. I'd bought something called elephant, which was one of the highest potency weed back in those days. Kinda like a Hawaiian version of thai stick, only fresher and fatter and more powerful. I also had a vial of hash oil. I was going to take both back home on vacation with me and put them in the same baggie. The air pressure on the flight home pushed the cork out of the hash oil bottle and all the oil leaked out all over the elephant. When I realized this, I was kinda panicked, but rolled a 'pinner' anyway. I smoked it with a friend and we were totally gooned. No.. EXTREMELY TOTALLY GOONED, to the point of not being able to function with other people. We went into 'hiding' for several hours, trying to become sane again. I was way too high.

    Another time, I had some 'killer' weed for early 70's. I'd never ate it before, so thought I might try that. I got a frozen pizza, and crunched up some buds and put it on the pizza until the top was mostly green, then cooked it in the oven. Then proceded to eat it all myself. 2 hours later I passed out. 6 hours later my friend came over and woke me up... after about 5 minutes of shaking me, I was incoherently responding. An hour after that, i was able to leave the house to go 'party' some more. That high lasted from noon to midnight. with about 4 hours of unconsciousness. Uggh.
    Mr. Bongwater

    Mr. Bongwater Well-Known Member

    lol what the fuck couldn't even handle a strong weed buzz hate to see them drop some acid or eat some mushrooms
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    Mr. Bongwater

    Mr. Bongwater Well-Known Member

    i got fucking cooked off a single bong rip for 5 hours a few years ago, have no idea why since a weed buzz usually only lasts for 30 mins - 60 mins
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    Hazy_Nights.DC Active Member

    Back when I was young..those are the days of a life time..
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    alwayslearning777 Active Member

    I ate waaaay to many brownies, passed out but my dream was insane i was a star burning out and tryn to think of a profound last word and couldnt think of one and when i woke up apparently i was still dreaming cuz my girl at the time was freaking cuz i was talking about shit like i was about to die .. and then i woke up forreal .. kinda wierd, i ate like half a pan of brownies we used a premature plant to make, never happend since but never eaten 6 brownies since either
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    Dogenzengi Well-Known Member

    an afternoon smoking opium.
    I was hitting a bong at a friends house and I blacked out while blowing out smoke.
    I fell and crushed the Bong, it was made from a ceramic house lamp.
    Those were the days.
    Happy 420 to All.
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    RM3 Well-Known Member

    You need a few of my buds

    This is every day for me

    I have 2 strains that do this

    MidnightWolf Active Member

    What strains, and can I aquire them?
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    RM3 Well-Known Member

    My Thunder Express is one, a bong rip is like doin 2 lines of coke 8)
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    RM3 Well-Known Member

    The other my Frosted Flakes, only way to get em is to visit me in Denver or know someone that has, severalmembers from here are visitin in May 8)

    MidnightWolf Active Member

    I'll be in touch. I'm in the Springs.
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    RM3 Well-Known Member

    Just let me know
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    SouthernGrowth Member

    First time I ever smoked. I smoked a full blunt on my own on my way to work ( I was a server in high school) They had just painted the restaurant and I was tasked to put all the furniture back where it belonged. I worked for a couple hours pushing tables and chairs and then moved on to normal everyday activities. Once I was done for the day and my high subsided, I proceeded to tell my coworkers about my dream that we repainted the walls and I had to put all the furniture back by myself. They were pretty much on to me being a pothead at that point.
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    Hazy_Nights.DC Active Member

    Better Kush each day..
    hellmutt bones

    hellmutt bones Well-Known Member

    Man one time my friends where raging about some weed from the north side from some dude named Mexico.
    It was expensive but well worth it.
    I didn't believe them mainly because my dad all ways had fire weed and would brake me off a oz or two. But i decided to try it and we bought a half for what was a high price back in the days of 80$. So we got roasted and i was like fuck im stoned!!
    Whatched the batman cartoons and just faded away.
    The bad part was it was cold as fuq and i fell asleep with my foot sticking out from the blanket.
    Tham woked up like 8am with like the coldest foot ever! And a kink in my neck, fell asleep with one of my arms behind my head. Fuck i literally felt frozen.
    Also turns out that it was may dads connect and my dad had this weed all along but was keeping it to himself and holdig out.
    But he later gave me some. And it was fire!!
    Was called redbud...good times..good times..bongsmilie
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    Rolla123 Active Member

    Once whenever I was making some weed brownies me and my friends decided to start blazing in celebration, I don't use the term blazing often but we fucking blew down. We started off with a couple bong bowls and started rolling blunts and joints, had it all. Then whenever I put the brownies in the pan I ate the cannaoil infused batter, the batter was potent but a half ounce in like a cup of oil. By then I was gone, especially when the oil kicked in but before that we started topping our bong bowls with little hits of cannaoil and smoking them and dipping blunts in cannaoil. Not the best idea I'm guessing but seemed like it at the time just because how fucked up everyone was, we were gone, hysterically laughing at who knows what it was a great high and a very strong one, I can't say how much we had in us but divided between 4 people we had like 5 blunts, 15 bowls, 3 joints, then the cannaoil them brownies when we were done which had 1 gram in each so yeah pretty "blazed"
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    b4ds33d Well-Known Member

    actually a few days ago was the highest i've ever gotten. i just changed the bag on my Volcano to a really big one. that and i turned the heat all the way up. i usually vape on like 6.5 then save the abv for when i'm dry. i'd already vaped a chamber an hour or so previous so i was a little stoney, so i sucked down the big bag. about 30 mins later i had the spins and the flips and got nauseated and felt bugs crawling on me. it was one of those highs where if they were all like that i'd totally quit. weird how it hit me well after i'd vaped and threw me for a fucking loop.

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