Most stoned you've ever been?

Discussion in 'Stonable Quotables' started by Wax payne, Jul 16, 2015.


    Cx2H Well-Known Member

    Kid's birthday party. This kid kept trying to steal my kids tickets and coin card. His parents were no help and getting all defensive about it.
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    Olive Drab Green

    Olive Drab Green Well-Known Member

    The fuck were you doing at a Chuck E. Cheese? With pot? :eyesmoke:
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    Cx2H Well-Known Member

    Had to get right before I went there.

    I didn't take any contraband what so ever to chuckee cheese. :-)
    Olive Drab Green

    Olive Drab Green Well-Known Member

    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    don't blame ya, i don't think i could get right enough to go to a kid's party at chuckie cheese, but if i had to go, i'd sure as hell try
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    Nugs1 Well-Known Member

    Nice, USMC Radio Comm only got 1 tour in 2004 before I EAS'd.
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    Olive Drab Green

    Olive Drab Green Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your service. Yeah, they medically retired me after only one tour. I still had two years on my contract
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    DesertHydro Well-Known Member

    i once almost died from choking on peanut butter and saltines when i was super baked. i forcibly opened my mouth with my fingers and was scraping it out..........and then i realized i could breathe through my nose.

    abalonehx Well-Known Member

    yikes... that could be fodder for prohibitionists on how deadly cannabis is. Don't spread that peanut butter story around... ha

    Ringsixty Well-Known Member

    Once I got so high smoking alone. I vomited for about 5 min. Then got so paranoid! Chopped down 24 - 4 week old flowering grow and packed all my equipment.
    Laid down to sleep it off. But, freaked out soon after and had to get rid of all evidence. Tossed the bags and dropped my equipment off at a friend place.
    Never experienced anything like that before. I thought LE was watching me !
    My friends tripped out on what I did. Ha

    Wish that feeling on, no one:peace:
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    sunny747 Well-Known Member

    Great Thread... Funny stuff..

    Budzbuddha Well-Known Member

    Saw Jesus ........ He laughed at me and took my stash .... Asshole

    Z3r0Z3r0 Well-Known Member

    Too much THC strains I remeber those 90s strains it was all over. They ok if you already had a few drinks maybe to not freak out. Ill take hybrids and indicas for regular toke, AKs l like they give you the THC with just enough afghani to not freak out and still be in the 4th dimension
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    Beachwalker Well-Known Member

    Senior year High School, mid-70s late for school sparked up a joint of Panama Red, only made it halfway to school (only made it halfway through the joint too) had to pull over, and sat there for quite a while as I recall:leaf:
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    planko Well-Known Member

    Went camping couple years back when I first started growing I made budder. No one really ate it over the weekend so before we packed up and left I took a huge bite out of the brick and a hour later ready to go it started kicking in my buddy road his bike so I followed him out of the woods I'm toasted by now, I swear I could see the future he was going to wreck his bike and die in this curvy ass back roads he's speeding I'm freaking out and can't handle it I had to pull over and make someone else drive....

    RetiredGuerilla Well-Known Member

    New Orleans late 70s g-13 scored a oz. Made you forget where you were. Serious sound distortion. It made 2 friends of mine who over indulged lose control of their bodily functions. I use to see drunks shit themselves in the hood. Well it happen to them. They shit themselves from weed. G-13 was a genetic freak of nature in regards to potency. I have had hash and wax and shatter. Pfftt

    Z3r0Z3r0 Well-Known Member

    G13 existed in the 70s?

    Origin is unknown they say, I have experience growing it in europe outdoors, had a unique smell but not as pungy or annoying as skunk, buds were very compact and dense. High was quite a kick and you can tell a good hybrid although can cause paranoia so the CBD ratio could be better. Dunno legend says G13 is secret US gov strain created by glorious Bill CLinton.... now unless his the american version of Putin who was an agent before being leader you tell me how there was G13 in the 70s :D Hey maybe your right and its been around since then.

    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    There have been a few times in my life

    Once around the mat su valley area like 16 years ago there was a strain floating around called elvis WAS FIRE

    Me and my brother literally slept for a few days off this shit ...smoke a bowl and BAM pass out for 5 hrs then eat and smoke another one and BAM pass out for 5 hrs lol did that for 3 days till we were like god damn we need a daytime weed lol

    Then a few years later i got so taterd off this guys scissor hash that i couldnt go in to the bank cause i had the giggles just could not stop laughing one of my most hilarious days
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    RetiredGuerilla Well-Known Member

    It was liberated from the us gov facility near ole miss as a clone. It came from 1000s of seeds grown from confiscated weed. It spread by grower network through the miss delta.

    Z3r0Z3r0 Well-Known Member

    Yeah I heard about its leak, your telling you me you got a chance to try the leak before it became a known strain in 90s?

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