Most stoned you've ever been?

Discussion in 'Stonable Quotables' started by Wax payne, Jul 16, 2015.

    Wax payne

    Wax payne New Member

    Hey guys, share your stories below of the time when you were high as a fucking kite!

    danbridge Well-Known Member

    Lol ok. One time I smoked caviar and I got wasted. I was crossing the street, and i literally stumbled as if I was drunk!! I NEVER stumble when i'm stoned. But that one time, I was so fuckin high, I actually stumbled like i was drunk.

    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    Yea high doses with lower tolerance or taking stronger cannabinoids can have some interesting side effects. It hits receptors hit by xanax ethanol opiates ecstasy hallucinogens etc.
    The loss of coordination is common

    MoMoGrows Well-Known Member

    Due to a few big acid trips when I was younger I just can't smoke as tough as I used to. But in high school once I had an out of body experience while mixing chocolate milk at a friends house. I was seeing myself from above and back a couple feet and was laughing hysterically at myself. My three friends came into the kitchen to seewhat iI was ssinging about. (Just tried five times to correct that double s, wtf) I kind of zing whooshed back into my body and it took me a good moment to come toand realize they were there aasking me questions. ( double a, wtf) I had absolutely no recollectionof ssinging, (wtf) just of laughing at myself.

    MoMoGrows Well-Known Member

    That was strictly weed. Nowadays I have some weird ambien stories. Lots of em hehe
    Chester da Horse

    Chester da Horse Well-Known Member

    first time, hiding under couch frightened of the shadow birds that were definitely coming out of the light shades, and one time where I woke up in a tent pitched in my mates front yard with two random backpackers and one boot.
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    MoMoGrows Well-Known Member

    Hahahahaha yup. Just a couple nights ago I ambiened pretty hard, we have a pile of baby stuff in the corner preparing for baby in a cpl months, car seat swwing
    Playpen that sorta stuff. It was two like 10 year old girl staring and laughing at me. I had to go cover it all with a blanket and even then they were swinging their legs at me all night all rude like.

    Roobarb Well-Known Member

    When I was about 17-18 I was with a friend walking back from a party. I'd bought a Q of old skool Lebanese gold seal hash there. It's about 3am cops came past us, had a good look at us then went up the road a little and turned. I chucked the hash in my mouth( in 3 bits thankfully) as they pulled up and I saw the door opening I swallowed. They spoke to us the usual questions and off they went. Yes I know about de-carbing and all that but I was still so fucked the next day. I could barely walk and felt nailed to the couch all day

    MidnightWolf Active Member

    I had given up the weed for a time, second wife was against it and it wasn't worth the hassle dealing with her. Obviously we divorced! I moved to Co. and had ne sources:cry:. Then one of the guys I worked with brought the subject. Hell yeah I smoke, just don't know where to score I told him. He told me to come over to his house, his nephew was a grower and was selling some. So I went. There were 6 of us there sitting in a circle sampling this growers wares. This grower was incredible, his product was over the top! After multiple bowls of White Widow(my favorite by the way) and some Mike Tyson, Blueberry, and who knows what else, we did our business. Did I mention each bowl was topped with kief? Anyway after the business went down everybody left except me. I was sitting in a chair next to my friend whose house it was when I realized he was talking to me. I could hear what he was asking me but I couldn't get my mouth to work so I could answer him. Talk about messed up.
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    hossthehermit Well-Known Member

    right now is the highest i remember..............
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    MidnightWolf Active Member

    Laff my ass off!!!!! Right on brother
    New Age United

    New Age United Well-Known Member

    When I go a few days without smoking and then you smoke and your body sinks, mind starts racing and you get a little paranoid, that's about as high as I can get off weed, some strains can cause uncontrollable laughter and that's always a good buzz.

    The most fucked up I've ever been was my first time doing molly and acid together. I had a few out of body experiences, we were walking through the woods and my buddy fell down a cliff and we all started laughing uncontrollably with no regard to him that's how fucked up we were. I drank gallons of water and didn't piss for like 10 hours when I finally did it actually steamed up the washroom swear to fuck.
    Carolina Dream'n

    Carolina Dream'n Well-Known Member

    The only way to get really fucked up off "Bud" IMO is edibles.

    130-200mg edible is equivalent to a 10mg hydro to me.
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    texasjack Well-Known Member

    I smoked some shit in highschool that must have been laced because everything turned brown and started swelling until it all smashed together and I went catatonic for awhile
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    MidnightWolf Active Member

    can you get anymore????
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    texasjack Well-Known Member

    Lol ,this was about '93. I remember it didn't look like the Mexican brick that we smoked normally. It was white with orange hairs. Or maybe orange with white hairs.
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    MidnightWolf Active Member

    Back when I started, it was just weed and you could get dime bags of it. Now with so many strains it's like bein a kid in a candy store. So many flavors, so little time.
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    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    In the early 90's in Ky there was still a lot of sativas around. I hate the watered down shit you get now a days. Its all hybrid shit. That's why I keep and grow good ole brick seeds.

    I remember some good times back then. Got ahold of some strains that would give you tracers and blurs, visuals, time distortion. Even got ahold of a few heart pounding, paranoia inducing kind that made me think I was going to die.
    Oh and when I started making edibles. Lol. I made some way to strong and it took hours for them to come on. I ate to many and that was uncomfortable and scary for a little while.

    farmasensist Well-Known Member

    I had some edibles before going to sleep this weekend and woke up stoned for the fist time ever, that was kind of weird.

    The most stoned i've been was about ten years ago my friend brought a joint back from alabama and we smoked it on the way to dave and busters. It felt like i blinked and we were already 5 miles down the road. My friend had a busted 80 something impala and was always getting pulled over so we freaked out when we saw cop headlights behind us getting closer then slowly following us instead of just passing us in the empty lane. After being followed for about half a mile, the blue lights come on so we pull over and the cop hauls ass past us and disppears. Then we pulled over to finish the joint and get out and shake off all the arenaline.

    MidnightWolf Active Member

    I started back in '70. What ever happened to the stuff that gave you the giggles where you laughed so hard your eyes teared and the muscles in the back of your head were so tight they hurt. Where did that stuff go?

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