Mighty Wash and PM Wash. What's in it, and how to make it yourself.

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by roidrage152, Jan 29, 2012.


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    lemme know!

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    yes, i tried using alkaline water bought at store. it works. mighty wash is it ph adjusted water by way of frequency modulation, ...but still ph adjusted. try ph up or down. also the critters dont seem to have the organs to deal with sugar, put a little in your foliar spray and spray every 2.5 to 3 days. ph adjustment will keep the critters nervous system out of whack and wont be able to replicate, pay special attention t their life cycle of 2.7 days or whatever. not trying to burry you in bs....trying to make it simple. a machine?!! come on guys. the atomizer is pretty dope though. dont use this stuff in direct light. much like vinegar asa desiccant if you do.
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    Mighty wash has pyrethrins in it.....Tiny amount but it is there! Oregon banned it for not having it listed on the label. they changed the name of the product for Oregon to beat the law.

    The thing is, with very, very small amounts of pyrethrin. It acts to repel them, not kill them.

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    University of Oregon has tested mighty wash and it has pyrithens in it and not on the label....frequency water, my arse
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    Didn't bother reading all the way through the thread, did ya?

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    reading and comprehension is not my strong point.
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    hey... bought a quart bottle.. hope this stuff works... my plants are veggin n found a few mites, no damage yet to the plants... instead of spraying the leaves n poss missing a few bastards, I put it in a large plastic container, dipped the entire plant, n then used a funnel to return the liquid to the bottle. wont work for large plants, but works for youngin's...

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