Mighty Wash and PM Wash. What's in it, and how to make it yourself.

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    Not BS dude, virus and organisms can be killed when water with the simple cell structure is in resonate frequency with the 'electrical freq' still
    present in the water. Shit is fact for killing simple celled virus so far, so if science has admitted this, then its highly possible. But lets go with marketing for now..

    But this shit works.

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    Probably just water and potassium bicarbonate.

    scooby419 Active Member

    I just decided to give Mighty Wash a try a few weeks ago. I check my plants on a daily basis so I caught the spider mites really early. I was skeptical at first... but man did that stuff do the trick! It would be awesome to figure out what this stuff really is!

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    Just wanted to bring this back up because it's a seriously interesting discussion. Has anyone done any more research into what resonant frequency would actually kill spider mites? Or has anyone tried just pH adjusted water to 9.1 (heard that was the pH of mighty wash)? I'm really intrigued with this as I used to study up on resonant frequencies for killing parasites in the body.
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    1 part milk in 10 parts water for a diy PM spray.
    Or just pure milk for teeth.

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    you say 1 part milk and 10 parts water.... i am kind slow, could you explain in more detail. like what is the measurement for 1 part?

    organicness Member

    ummm... it doesnt matter. 1 mil milk, 10 mil water. 1 cup milk, 10 cups water... get the drift?
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    Sorry I haven't been on the boards in a while. For an update, I did end up building the electrolizing device. I just bought a couple 2 gallon jugs from wal-mart For the electricity, I had an old Printer DC adapter from a Dymo printer that died. I split the wire and looped steel washers on the end. At first my results were bad, but I added the tiniest bit of salt to the water and then the thing really started working well. I don't know the chemistry behind it, but I think adding the salt might release a lethal gas, so just a heads up there.

    Now this device was kind of a pain in the ass the maintain. Also keep in mind, it takes me 3+ gallons of water to give my room a good dousing, and this thing could only produce like 2 at a time. So I never really got to do any significant testing.

    Now I haven't had a chance to do much more research on mighty wash, however, I still haven't really found anyone bitching that they used it and it didn't work at all. I would be interested in hearing if anyone else messed with this electrolizer idea. I've actually seen an infomercial for a device that goes on a faucet, and you adjust a knob on it to change the PH of the water that comes out. I think its mainly for people who think drinking water of a certain PH prevents cancer, but I think there were other options as well.

    If I had a large commercial grow, I'd consider giant res tanks to produce this stuff in, but its Kind of too hard for me to deal with in my smaller room.
    im hi

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    Been fighting spider mites ,i thought i had them under control using Spinosad,then they got resistant,(7th week flowering 9and 10 wk plants.Didn't want chemicals on the girls this late, I googled home remedies for spider mites, and decided to use the vinegar,baking soda,soap recipe I added murphys oil soap and about 3 T garlic juice. (read that mites don't like chives,garlic ,etc) make sure you add vinegar last. NOTE this is very high PH, protect your roots.... Also this MUST be rinsed off after about 20 minutes

    WOW this stuff works,, Melts the adults and eggs,, Residue is then rinsed off, when you wash this off the plants. Plants were unhappy for a couple days but seem to be coming back. be sure to use lots of fans to dry the buds out good,

    this seems to be a little higher in PH than the mighty wash but seems to work about the same. Be sure to rinse. (works good to dunk your clones in solution, then dunk in clear PH adjusted water)

    At ease, and smoke em if you gottem

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    It says right on the bottled its ionized water that kills them on contact and that's why you can spray it on your buds even after harvest cause its just water. Call the reps and ask, theyll tell you whaaaatever you wanna know.
    I also have out mites and eggs under a microscope shooting them with MW they don't explode or incinerate like the bottle says but they die instantly.

    I like it during flower but usually neem, azamax and captain jacks mixed together for about 3 week works wonders for my outdoor garden, and its infestation clean of evvvverryythaaaang!

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    Are these new bottles that say its ionized water? because the one I have doesn't say that anywhere. So its ionized water ill assume but what emulsifier is in it and why is the ppm 900? I can see a oily substance at the top in light, and when is sits for awhile a offwhite separation happens and forms on the top of the liquid around the walls of the bottle.

    It gives a nice oily shine to the leaves as well.

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    I once had the mite issue and it seemed they were a bit resistant to the Neem oil, or I wasnt getting them all. So I try this here Mighty Wash stuff and never seen them bastards again since. I hit the floor and walls of my room with a diluted mixture of what I had left as a preventive measure. No more mites. Nor have I seen anything move more than from the wind from my fans.

    I was very curious as to what was in that stuff but my bottle says nothing at all in that regard. But I'm a believer.

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    Look up ozonated water, I think that's what Mighty Wash is.
    mountain woman

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    I agree with 322special. I don't know what it is, but it sure blasts the hell out of spider mites. It was very satisfying seeing those broken body parts scattered all over my leaves on that USB microscope. It may be 99.83355% water, but it sure does something water can't do. If you can provide the formula, I would love to hear it.

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    Dude never came thru,.
    I've moved on to other things myself, first toxic systemics in veg and Flying Skull Nukem in flower, the nukem is a natural fungicide too. Kills broadmites and MAY be a lot easier to diy yourself since the active ingredient is nothing more than citric acid, inert ingredients potassium sorbate.
    Old thead by the way!
    mountain woman

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    It may be old, but it's what I found when I Googled "what is in Mighty Wash."
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    Not a thing but inert ingredients and water.
    I think someone on here actually drank some but I certainly wouldn't recommend it, it may throw your frequency off.
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    But I'm with you, it certainly does destroy mites and their eggs, anyone claiming it doesn't must have bought some old stuff or they just don't know how to apply it.
    mountain woman

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    NukeEm does kill the mites, but it didn't do anything about the eggs, which is the same with most things I've tried. I may try some citric acid, I bought some just for that purpose.

    That was one thing I liked about the Mighty Wash, you could see that most of the eggs were dead, that's gotta help.

    Lots of stuff kills mites, but it seem that nothing kills them all. They just knock them down to give the plants a fighting chance.

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