Mighty Wash and PM Wash. What's in it, and how to make it yourself.

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    I'm not exactly sure what direction I plan to go with this thread, but there is info I have been looking into for a few days now, and would love to hear other people's input. If I start going into items that are common knowledge, I'd love to hear more details about them. I wasn't sure what catagory to use, I figure general is as good as anything.

    Recently I ran into a small Spider Mite problem, and ran across the idea of using Mighty Wash. If you spend a day like I did doing research on it, you will find a range of reviews on it from absolutely rave, to it being a total scam. If you look at the bottle, it basically says nothing. It doesn't really tell you what it does, but it does say something like 99.85% water, plus inert ingredients. It's a foliar spray that is supposed to be 100% safe I think even to drink, and people have claimed it eliminates mites. I personally used a bit of a pesticide on the mites, but decided to also use Mightly wash to give those bastards an extra kick in the ass and out the door.

    I know people use Mighty wash and PM wash on a regular basis, and I was thinking that is probably not a bad idea. It seems like the stuff works, and is a 100% safe preventative. The one serious issue to me was the cost effectiveness however. $75 is the price on 2.5 gallons, which was not enough to cover the entire grow I was working in. Say it would cost me $100 a spray, bi weekly or weekly sprayings would definitely not be cost effective. However I like the idea of being able to hose down my plants with something healthy and not have to worry about poisons around the room.

    This lead me to my search of trying to find out, what is in the stuff, and how can I just make it myself. It's 99.9% water, why not just find what the .1% is.

    Through a few hours of curious searching, this is what I think Mighty Wash is. I am also going to guess at PM wash, based on info from what I will link to a Youtube video I ran across.

    I am by no means a scientist, just an enthusiast who loves researching about this hobby, and also loves a deal. The following infomation is not fact, just my best guesses, and I will continue to research more. If people have more accurate infomation regarding the infomation I provide, please comment and let us all know.

    I don't know any of the science or chemistry behind this, I'm sure some smart guy will chime in with more details, but if you apply electrical current to regular water, you can seperate it into 2 parts, 1 being Alkaline, and 1 being acidic. This seperation has been done for years. People buy expensive machines to create the alkaline water for drinking for various health reasons. I did a PH test on Mighty Wash, and it was approx 9.1. It also has kind of a soapy texture, which initially led me to beleive that maybe it had a soap in as an emulsifier or something along those lines, like soaps that kill mites. I now beleive this is incorrect. When you seperate the water, 1 side would be clear acidic water, and the other a colored soapy feeling water. The soapiness is natural occurance of this process. The video below gives hints at all of the details I've mentioned, and basically also leads me to beleive Mighty Wash is packaged Alkaline water, and PM Wash is the acid half of it. I've personally never used PM wash, or been able to test it personally, so this is pure assumption. I do think I remember seeing a post about PM wash stating it was like PH 2.5, though I'm not sure. If all of my assumptions are partly or completely false, I'll still continue researching, and still attempt a DIY on creating these items.

    The first link is a complicated DIY that I would not be attempting, but provides details about the water seperation process, and the use of said water for plant benefit.


    The second link is another DIY I found. This video was not for plant use, but provided the same type of seperation idea, and was a much simpler design. The video was unfortunately incomplete, however it had enough details to be able to create the device.


    If my information pans out, then maybe we can easily make PM Wash/Mighty wash at home easily and cheap. I was also thinking of ideas of creating your own mixtures. Like what would happen if you add 5% neem oil. Or possibly mix other foliar sprays with this water. The possibilities are endless.
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    great info thnk god i dont have to or ever had to use this lol great job plus rep for sure

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    I bought the stuff cause i needed it unfortunately. But I wanted to use it moving forward as a preventative, not just for current known issues, but possible future issues of many kinds. I'd like to know what the other uses for it might be, but so far it seems like it could be used as a cleaner as well. Imagine being able to just hose down your room and disenfect it with plain water, rather than bleach. I mean NPK industries doesn't even say what their products do. PM wash says nothing about it's ability to kill powdery mildew. It is obviously intended for that purpose, but its not limited to that purpose. The more I think about it, the more I love their products and marketing. It's snake oil, and I'm a sucker for it now.

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    as the label on the mighty wash says, frequency adjusted water .but that article was a little deep and not really on subject, frequency adjusted water must be used for a lot of things.

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    "frequency adjusted" is I believe just a marketing term. I don't think it is necessarily hinting at the contents of the bottle. However using that as a search term is where I started my research.

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    one of these and a nice wetting agent would go a long way in your garden it sounds like, I can do my entire room with about a quart with that device. my rooms small but I can completely cover it and the plants in moments.

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    who knows, it only cost me about 35 bux a month for peace of mind, well worth it.

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    google resonate frequency generators.....cost about 10k..heard someone else in southern oregon invested in one but have not seen any mighty was competitors pop up yet. mighty wash kills soil bugs too. i used it for root aphids and had good results. but i also added met 52.

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    I have the sprayer, but I was thinking of more long term savings, convenience, and creating new products. Like I said the $75 2.5 gallon was not enough for 1 full application where I needed it. If I can find adequate proof that these products can be replicated, then I think I would add weekly foliar feedings to my grow, and use the special water. I an not sure how to really test the effectiveness, but I'd say doing it for several months without bug or disease problems would be reason enough for me to keep doing it.

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    get a rife machine, they're only ranging from 3 grand up.

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    I think I may have seen a tesla reference in NPK industries advertising before, but what leads you to believe that is how they are treating their product?

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    buying the mighty wash is good for me but if you find out and need a partner lemme know! I got time and money.......well, I got time anyway!

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    I'm still planning on building one of these. I found a design I liked even better and easier to make.


    Another use I thought of, other than as a foliar spray for mites/mildew, why not also as a PH adjuster. It should be good and safe considering it is just water seperated into low and high PH parts? All of the sources I was able to find are kind of vague, but I'm still planning to try and figure out how to test this stuff. I think as a safe to spray around room sanitizer alone it could be worth it.

    I don't really know how to test it, if I ever get mites or mildew living again, I wouldn't want to seperate it into groups, I'd just try to squash it fast.

    Interesting article about use with Cannabis and electrolyzed water.





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    Hey roidrage. Have you built and tested this system?

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    Ok. So I bought mighty wash and used it today. I have to say it really works. After I used it, I went back and looked for mites. Everything I seen was dead and not moving. Not sure if it kills the eggs, but I plan to go back and respray in 3 days. I really think mighty wash is EO/ionized water with a ph stabilizer . Either way it really works. I plan to build my own ionizer water unit to test.

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    Good evening everyone,
    Just watched the YouTube video that roidrage152 posted, the first one, and I'll just put in my 2 cents in. Please correct me if/when I'm wrong. This "Mighty Water" seems like it is tap water that has been slightly electrolizied, sp? ( from the first link of the YouTube video). When you pass a current through pure water, need a lot of amps, the electricity breaks water into hydrogen and oxygen gas. In order to do this with less current, just add a small amount of NaCl, table salt, and use less current and the same thing happens. Do the with tap water or too much salt and too high of a current and you run the risk of generating oxygen, hydrogen and chlorine gas, :-).

    The reaction that place in the water when electricity is run through water, tap or pure, is for every 2 molecules of H2O yields 1 hydroxide ion, OH(-), (-) is a negative charge, and 1 hydronium ion, H3O(+), (+) positive charge. The negative ions are attracted to the positive side of the electric source, cathode I think, and the positive charged ions are attracted to the negative side of the electricsource, anode. Since this product is a partial electrolizied water, both the positive and negative ions are still surrounded with normal water making one batch acidic, low pH the batch that is used to water the plants I think, and the other batch alkaline, high pH. Any solution with a hight pH when you touch it with your skin reacts to the fat in your skin cells turning the fat into a soap, hence the soapy feeling.

    I am wondering since you spray the plants with the acidic solution, that the same results can be achieved by diluting vinegar and water. Plants are protected by their cell walls, which surround their membrane. Their cell walls are cellulose and their membranes are primarily fat like our skin cells. I would think that not too many living things besides bacteria can handle such low pH enviorments, why we have stomach acid is to kill bacteria that we eat with food, plant cell walls can handle harsh conditions for a little while unlike spider mittes.

    Fequency adjusted sounds like a marketing ploy, you can polarize material but in order to keep water polarized you need to continuous add energy or else it will go back to a random order.

    Hope this makes sense. Please add anything or correct me.

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    What spatan said....i also think its otherwise....something no to hard to make at home wich is why they dont list the ingridients...they thought,lets sell it high,make some money before they find out how to make it them self...but ay...it works wonders...
    After all,best things in life are simmple matter

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    so... has anyone tried alkaline water for mites?

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