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    thank you for your reply

    also, how long is to long?
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    do u have to ph adjust if your using RO water?

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    Lucas is just mixed in a ratio of two parts bl\oom to 1 part micro s you say. The ratio allways remains the same. The 0-18-9 is a ml ammount of each type Grow, Bloom Micro taht is the ml amounts Lucas uses with RO water to obtain the approx ximate EC he desires for that satge of plant growth. The ml amounts cahnge for the different satages of plant growth but the ratio of 2 to 1 always remains the same. 0-18-9 is not a mixing ratio it is a ml amount.

    Yes simple observation and a law of mathematics shows that this is simply a ratio of 2:1 of bloom to micro. By mathmematicals law a ratio is always reduced by the highest factor to reduce to the lowest numerators. As both 16 and 8 cam be divided by 8 (largest common factor) they reduce to 2:1 or the lowest numerators. Simply said a two to one ratio means 4:2, 6:3, 8:4, 10:5, 18:9 etc, etc are all reduced to a 2 to 1 ratio. It is mathematically proper to say a ratio of 2:1. It is not mathematically proper to say a ratio of 18:9

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    Mixing and storing nutes:

    Bacteria will multiply over time, so it depends on the storage time, temperature and how often you open the bottle allowing more oxygen into the bottle. In laboratories the solution would initially be mixed as such. A beaker would be disinfected with chlorine and rinsed with water and then approximattely 60% or 70% of the total RO water amount would be poured into the beaker, then the known amount of nutrients would be added. The mixture would be stirred ina manner that would introduce as little air to the water as possible (slow, easy stirring). Now more RO water would be added to bring the total amount including nutrients to 1 gallon.

    Preferably the nutrient water would not be stored in one large bottle but many smaller bottles. Each time you open a large bottle you are introducing more airborne contamination and oxygen to the reamaining solution. This new bacteria as well as the old bacteria can now grow due to the fe reshly introduced oxygen in the air. Cold just slows the growth it does not eliminate it.

    Bacterial growth in an oxygen free environment is a different bacteria than that in an environment with oxygen. Oxygen that grows in an oxygen free environment multiplies much slower and also requires much higher temperatures to multiply.

    With small bottles you use the entire amount each time and if filled to overflowing and refrigerated there should be only very, very small amounts of bactertial multiplication as the temp will be low and the oxygen will be limited to that dissolved in the water initially.

    The proper way to fill the bottles is to fill them to overflowing as this eliminates an airspace at the top of the bottle that would supply contaminants and oxygen.

    As the growing of pot in a typical grow room is much more forgiving than growing in a research laboratory where everything must be exacting and fully repeatable simply remove the amount of water equal to the amount you intend to add in ml of nutrients and add the nutrients one part at a time. It would be much better to use a rod of some fashion to stir the water nutrient mix rather than shaking so as to introduce less CO2 and O2 while mixing. If you are using it over a long term store it in a refrigerator.

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    Wow, I feel the same way about general hydro nutes- I currently use this formula with Micro and Bloom from AN and its working really well. I will be starting a new grow journal soon>25 Odyssey from Blue Sky in Oakland.

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    depends on how u store it.....
    fatman explains in pretty good detail about this
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    If it works and you're ok with it, use it. But GH is the most digusting
    nutrient provider out there today, I really can't believe there are people
    praising this. In my eyes this is very amateur
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    gh rocks. I am using tapwater, without having to ph or dechlorinate, and having awesome results. I read the whole lucas thread at cannabis world a few times so far. It has a lot of good info any grower shud read. To date using the general hydro nute calculator for veg is pretty much what Lucas advocates and then when flipping to flower not doig a res change, merely adding in the topd off addback water 8/16 for hids or 5/10 for cfls is prefered over the gh formula which is to High in N, I also found. I prefer the scientifc nature of GH, the fact that they take care of magnesium issues which other companies do not and the fact that these are the nutes the astronauts use. It is also easy to make my own npk is I choose, just three or two tsp to get the npk on the bottle, although the gh nutes calcualtor and the lucas flower formula are built to give the right mineral amount. One should also note that by using the three part in veg less ph issues are observes as all three bottles are all made with buffers inside.

    I just read an article that showed off bio hydro and mineral hydro side by side and even tho it was all about the wonderful world of organic hydro the mineral hydro was amazing looking comapred the the organic which looked sickly and kind of dirty.
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    hydro is not meant for organic, it is meant for soil/soil-less.

    Im not impressed by this, just because the plants look good
    doesnt mean they arent being fed only synthesized garbage
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    I am not a veteran grower by any means. A year or so. In soil I establish a complete soil food web and use dry ferts and teas. It works great. The plant thrives. In hydro I like the idea of GH. IDK, seems smart.

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    Plants don't care whether the mineral powders used in chemical fertilizers are cleaned up and processed. Most hydroponic fertilizers are made for refined natural minerals extracted from rocks. Man just does in minutes or hours wghat nature does in years or centuries. If yo checked you would see soil ferto ilizers use more synthesized chemicals than most hydropmic formulatiom. Soil is just fine mimeral powders (rock dust) and hopefully some organic matter. Most soil fertilizers have a lot of man made urea which is entirely synthesized. Plus they use the same micronutrients such as chealted iron as used in hydro. Orgao inic fertilizers are full of mercury and salt as most contain fish that have fed on other foish that d fed on other fish etc and therefore the mercury levels are high. There are no perfect methods of growing as all are palagued with problems. You list as an Avatar Humbolt Fertilizers but if you actually look at the guranteed analysis on their products versus say GH they are no better nor worse than GH. Actually they are mainly alike with just some minor differences here and there.
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    Plants don't care, but the consumers do, you are what you eat,
    in this case, smoke! I don't eat food that has been fed garbage, why
    would I smoke it
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    Very different in composition, Humboldt uses an all natural amino chelate, the same
    chelates which are naturally found in the earth, no EDTA's and no unneccesary salts.

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    What ever turns your crank.
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    Hey man happy growing, smoke your chronic, I'm sure its bomb

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    No complaints.

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    hey what are peoples expierence with the end result of their Lucas Formula? Good taste good stuff? I am curently using botanicas CNS17 and that stuff is not too great its an all in one. I bought some clones Cherry AK and some Blue dream which each had potent smells when you rubbed the leaves a bit. Now that I have vegeded the plants a bit with my CNS they kind of smell more like grass plant really potent/oily plants. Just wondering if this Lucas system is the real deal or not compared to some of the organic alternatives or even stuff specifically made for growing such as Humboldt's products or AN Sensi series. I also heard this stuff is watered down??

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    Oh no, I am a vagina! :-P Ah, you don't know what your talking about.

    It takes many things to produce something good. I gurantee that good pot can be grown in many ways with many different types/sorts or combinations of nutrient sources. Period.

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    I've used it for years now. In reality it is a little light on Nitrogen but gets by on most strains. Soil or hydro?

    I'm making the switch to dynagro.

    :clap: :lol:

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    I have been reading in the dark here for a while now.I just had to register to thank u for the excellent post.The Lucas Formula is just what i have been looking for.I think you have managed to find out what i have been after for quite sometime now a simple nutrient solution.I have been using Technaflora products,but i'm just about to switch to General Hydro like u have suggested.I just wanted to thank u again!

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