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    doogleef Well-Known Member

    Cool. A Lucas thread!

    I love this formula. I have read every thread by Lucas I could find, twice. Couple of notes:

    Lucas only recommends using the 0/5/10 ratios if vegging under fluro. If vegging under HID it is 0/8/16 all the way.

    The updated preference is GH FloraNovaGrow. Same nutrient mix as the 0/8/16 in 1 bottle. Mix well. Use it at 8ml/gal of tap water (under .5 EC or RO) comes out to 2.0EC and 5.8PH. Perfection.

    The addback works great. No buildup for the whole cycle. The only other thing I add is H2O2.

    Here is the link for the nutrient calculator if you wanna run your current nutes through it to see what your really feeding:

    If you cant figure it out just post the chem breakdown from the backs of your nute bottles and I will run it for you.

    AN 3part would work fine and in theory you could do the addbacks with any nute combo as long as what you are feeding is all in the right concentration to not build up as it is taken by the plants.

    FNG is 2% Mg so MG def is rare. A very slight N def can occur during the stretch but it clears on its own.

    mrduke Well-Known Member

    so dogleaf your saying with floranovagro that is all you need @ 8ml per gal. Do you add any bllom agents orother supplaments?

    doogleef Well-Known Member

    Correct 8ml/g. No supplements needed or recommended. ! part does it all. Simply beautiful.

    badbert Active Member

    I have recently inherited 5 gallons of "europonics optimum bloom" I have 3 gallons of b and two gallons of A. I would like to convert these over to use the Lucas Formula. The labels wrap halfway around the bottle, so I took two pics of each label and combined them. Hope you can help me convert them!!

    Thank you so much for your help!

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    doogleef Well-Known Member

    Target = 100-100-200-60
    Yours = 120-86-263-43

    That's decent stuff. Has plenty of Cal and Mg too where lots of stuff does not. Mix that stuff with equal parts till you get your desired PPM and got to town.

    badbert Active Member

    That's cool! It is some old school stuff my pal used to grow some wicked original haze years back. Been sitting in a dark room on a shelf since then.

    Please forgive me for being such a newb... is there any way to use the calculators to convert these nutrients to the equivalent of GH. For example
    8 ml of micro with 16 ml of bloom = 1894
    how many ml of each of these would I use to reach the same level?

    doogleef Well-Known Member

    Use them in equal parts. I ran it at 8ml each. Should be around 2.0EC

    NoRegrets Well-Known Member

    I originally started with 3 part Fox Farm (got tired of trying to figure it out). I read about the Lucas Formula and I havent looked back. Somuch easier to calculate and add-back, I couldnt beleive it :mrgreen:. The only thing I add is Cal-Mag (if I see its needed), H202, and a little SuperThrive.

    Lucas Formula FTW!!!

    I still have 3 full bottle of the FoxFarm that I will likely never use now.

    DRJAYNE Active Member

    Could u please tell me what the [email protected] 7.0 conversion means..?? I use the lucas formula w/gh micro and the bloom.and does that flowering formula 0-8-16 come out to be about a tspn and a half of micro per gallon of water and the bloom is about a tblspn per gallon of water right??? I am using a 18 gallon resevoir which toppe off to bottom of netpots is right at 12 gal. So am i to add a tspn and a half per gal. And approx. A tblspn of bloom per gal.??? It seems to bring the ppm up to about 1500 ppm and this seems to high, what do u think or anyone about this?? Thanx

    scrxbandit Active Member

    its good to know that theres a "formula" to what ive all ready been doing. Im using GH and chaching bloom enhancer, ph and tds corrected.
    Are you absolutely sure about removing the grow solution? I understand that if the plants are using less nitrogen than other nutes, youre going to get toxic nitrogen levels after a few weeks... prob harder to diagnose than nitrogen deficiency, but if its proven ima try and return this 2.5 gallon grow i just copped...

    dankman02 Member

    can i use that formula with Botanicare 3 part ??

    doogleef Well-Known Member

    No. Different formula
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    notpatient Well-Known Member

    Im sure you can, its the same formula, do yourself a favor and google ASK LUCAS its somewhere in the 1st 5 pages
    Santos L Halper

    Santos L Halper Member

    Yes, it has all the N they need. I use the Lucas formula with Floralicious Plus (N) (1 ml/gal) and Liquid Koolbloom (P-K) in weeks 2-4 (5 ml/gallon) and 5-6 (7.5 ml/gal). Both are GH products on the Keep it Simple Recirculating Program. Alone the ppm is ~1300, when I add Koolbloom and Floarilicious it can get up to ~1500. pH is 5.8, drifts up to 6.3 after a few days, that's when I top it and pH down back to 5.8. I have pics in my journal. I don't even know if I need the Floarialicious or not, I might try a cycle without and see what happens... I change the res every two weeks but Lucas adds nutes with addback water and changes once per cycle.

    Lucas Formula is nice because GH makes it simple. I plan on eventually stopping the Floralicious Plus and working with H2O2 instead.

    whynot99 Member

    i grow in soil is the lucas formula used in soil too or just hp i dont understand it either yeah i know could someone explain it to me in laymans terms??

    notpatient Well-Known Member

    wow ,, this is the first time back in a month er so(dealing with a PS3 call of duty addiction) pray for me , please.
    Im not sure of the complexities but the laymans is 8-16 which does not get you to your target 1300 ppm it more like 11-20 and Im there Ive used alot of nutes in my time under the artificial suns and Im sure its the easiest program Ive ever run Im sure my yields have doubled Ive altered the program a bit I change out my rez every 10 days and use grotec's H2o2 for 24hrs , I was really let until I realized that its got nothing to do with the size the density is almost crazy,, guys Im a grow dummy and Im ok with it but Ive got 50 in my AF60 and Im sure that its gonna be a good time 1300 and this time Im using a flavor additive like pineapple rush or grotec new line of tasties

    LUCAS FORMULA= good time

    widow84 Member

    so by the lucas formula 0-8-16 - For Flowering cycle (12/12) G-M-B (Grow-Micro-Bloom)

    I should put 88 ml of micro and 176 of bloom in my 11 gal res ?

    notpatient Well-Known Member

    thats the ticket mi amigo hopefully that gets you to 1300 , I dont want to be insulting but wrap your brain around this if you google - ASK LUCAS- you can get all the needed info and then some just uh make a bag of popcorn or whatever trips your trigger and get the reading done sir or maam

    widow84 Member

    thanks notpatient

    I was just cheking if I was correct :)

    notpatient Well-Known Member

    glad I could be of some assistants

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