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    dregs Member

    I know this kinda goes against the point, but I am running Lucas in hempy and things seem to be going well... Has anyone ever had any luck with using any of the Bulking agents out there, if so, which?

    Lifted1 Active Member

    Is the FloraNova a one part. do you need anything else? how many ml per gal of this stuff?


    Lifted1 Active Member

    as far "bulking" agents i use gravity and my nugz are super solid.

    however i run several different strains and the g13 i run is either a crap pheno or its a fluffy strain. i'm not keepin any of these genetics.

    genetics are everything.
    KusH 420

    KusH 420 Active Member

    im very new to growing and this is the system i will be using with my hempy buckets

    im wondering how to actually mix the nutes, could u just buy a gallon of RO water open the cap and pour the correct amount of nutes and just shake it to mix and just use that until it's gone letting it sit w/o doing anything to it

    that is the way im percieving some of the info im getting, if i got this totally wrong please help me out

    im also wondering when to start adding nutes to seedlings/babies

    trouble9039 Well-Known Member

    Is everyone still running the lucas mix? I was looking to swich over and have been doing some research on it and is it as good as it sound's? How are the yeild's from it?

    doogleef Well-Known Member

    Yes. Lucas formula is great.

    The whole point to it is that yield is much more dependent on proper lighting, co2 levels and ventilation than nutrients. As long as you have a complete base nutrient that gives the plant everything it needs you don't need lots of magic sauce additives.

    Environment is everything. :hump:

    trouble9039 Well-Known Member

    Well that will work great for me then! I am gonna give it A try on the next batch.

    vh13 Well-Known Member

    Just got my GH flora bloom and flora micro hardwater and fed my young plants in hempy buckets with a light Lucas Formula.

    I've brewed some great organic teas in the past, but I'm looking for a cleaner, easier solution indoors, especially something my girlfriend or a babysitter can handle.

    Also, I'm gonna experiment with both cloning and bubble buckets for the first time. Tomatoes and basil will be the first cuttings.

    I'd like some words of experience on this one too. If I could mix up a big batch for use over a 1-2 week period that'd meet my goal of babysitter friendly.

    After two to three weeks, starting with 1/4 strength is usually what I do.
    Dr. VonDank

    Dr. VonDank Active Member

    Don't over think it.. The whole lucas formula is just basicly turning a three part nute into a twp part---easy!!!---
    Woodland Dave

    Woodland Dave Member

    I have been using the lucas formula for my first grow and it works great but if you only add 8 ml of micro and 16 ml of bloom you will only get a ppm of about 600. I've found that just keeping a 2 to 1 ratio of bloom to micro is the only thing you need to know. I have been increasing the ppm about a hundred a week and I have had no nute burn currently at 1000 ppm. My plants are about 9". I plan to top off at about 1400. My point is, I think the formula could be simplified by saying; keep a 2:1 ratio of bloom to micro. Measurements depends on your desired ppm. Correct me if I'm wrong, I am a new grower.

    notpatient Well-Known Member

    yea Ive always had trouble getting the 1300 hundred from the 8-16 ratio so I started with the 10-20 and I get there pretty quickly

    doogleef Well-Known Member

    When looking at PPM from this recipe you MUST consider the conversion of your meter. 8micro/16bloom with RO (optional unless you have bad tap water) should give you about 900-1000PPM on meters with a .5 conversion. On meters with a .7 conversion the same mix is closer to 1300. Don't overfeed or you will force the need to flush and possibly burn.

    As for mixing it up ahead of time ...Yes. Just put a small airstone in the bucket to keep the solution aerated if it is kept for more than a couple days.

    fatman7574 New Member

    Most American sold Conductivity meters are set up for a convesrion based upon a NaCl (sodium Chloride) calibration. i.e. If you put 0.5 grams of non-iodized table salt in a one liter measuring device and add distilled or RODI water untill] you reach the 1 liter mark and mix until all salt is dissolved you will get a reading of 1000 uS/cm or 1.00 mS/cm or 500 ppm or 500 mg/L for a reading. Essentailly they all mean the same thing. At least you should get one of the above readings if your meter is calibrated to your probe.

    moash New Member

    ok,i put technaflora in the calculator...the bloom is not much diff from the grow...just a lil more P and K
    there flower solution came out to:N-183 P-79 K-341 Mg-39...that dont sound very good

    if i do 8 boost and 16 bloom its:N-122 P-85 K-322 Mg-41.....but the ppms come to 850,thats a lil better but alot of K

    i also noticed that magical is the same thing as the boost but with less N and no K...
    so with an 8 magical and 16 bloom its:N-94 P-79 K-265 Mg-69
    would it be ok to try kinda skeptical since i have found nothing about technaflora and the lucas formula
    does it matter if the ppm dont get to 1300 when using the lucas formula with diff nutes?????????

    doogleef Well-Known Member

    the "Lucas Formula" is specific to GH nutes. You can substitute in the AN 3-part and it is the same but techna is not part of the program.

    I love the fact that you are using the calculator to find a good mix of the nutes that you have available. That is what it is for. :clap: way to grow!

    As far as the PPM question goes you have to keep in mind that the PPM will vary from meter to meter depending on the conversion that the manufacturer uses or how it is configured.

    It has gotten to the point that i hardly use my meter at all anymore. I trust the nutes will come out to the same ppm and ph every time.

    moash New Member

    ok,could i use the formula mentioned above(the last one) since its close to the 100/100/200/60
    im not sure what my meter measures to(.5;;;.7) doesnt say...the solution i use to calibrate says NaCl...whatever that is

    doogleef Well-Known Member

    NACL is .5. Your nute solution should be around 1000PPM.
    KusH 420

    KusH 420 Active Member

    can't believe, after 2 months, that there isn't an answer for this simple little question

    moash New Member

    i never noticed it....if i did i would have answered it
    but anyways u r correct with ur assumptions,just dont let them sit too long.....if it smells raunchy,dont use it
    strain stalker

    strain stalker New Member

    ...Micro first (stir up good), then bloom (stir up good)...then ph adjust. Micro first to prevent lock up. Place a bubble stone in to keep oxygen mixed into solution.

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